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Dear Thursdays Nights on NBC, I am so glad you are back. You are one of the best nights on tv for sure.

Dear L, Well what do you know, you’ve been in school a few weeks and woke up with a sore throat and a fever last night. Someone is getting a cartoon day a day early today!

Dear L’s Doctor, We’ll be taking a break from cartoons to come see you today too ;).

Dear Jimmy Fallon, I hate the word, but you know what?  They are right.  That Lip-Sync battle was epic.  If I ever ended up in a room with you and Justin Timberlake, I would probably pass out.

Dear Breaking Bad, If nothing else, how about we address Marie’s obsession with purple on Sunday night?  Please?

Dear Kanye, Are you for real?  Did you really go ALL CAPS CRAZY on Jimmy Kimmel and make Sponge Bob graphics about this all?  If this is a joke I am highly entertained.  Well heck, even if it’s not I am entertained.  W.T.F.

Dear Starbucks, I look forward to visiting you today.  It’s possible we may need to meet up twice.

Dear the Other Room Mom, Thank goodness you are cool.

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  1. Leana

    Thanks for the Fallon link cause I would have totally missed Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who is pretty much my #1 celebrity crush!

    And yes, the purple is pretty comical at this point. I like it too but I know where to draw the line.

  2. Jenny

    oh no poor L I hope it passed quickly. Speaking of doctors though I need to call and see about getting my boys in for their flu shots while N is tracked out. Hmm I should do that this morning.

  3. I mean seriously… Kanye… WTF. It makes me LOL, though, so I guess it’s entertaining, just not for the reasons he ever intends!! hahaha!!

  4. Sara

    I turned on the Michael J Fox show last night and thought it was really funny, at least what we saw before be time. (We go to sleep at 9:30, Erin has to get up at 4) But we liked what we saw so we will have to check it out on demand.
    Hope L feels better! Mackenzie was in day care for about 8 weeks when she was a baby and had 3 colds, he first after a week. I hated it, but know its part of life.

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