September Mantry Review – “Beer & Bacon”

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September Mantry - "Beer & Bacon"
September Mantry – “Beer & Bacon”

Much to B’s delight, I finally remembered to resubscribe to Mantry this month! I’ve been meaning to do it for, gosh, the past few months, but then I’d miss the deadline and I’d put it off again until the next month. And then, yeah, you guessed it. I’d forget again. Not this month! Just a a refresher, Mantry = the Modern Man’s Pantry. It’s a food of the month club that lets you discover the finest american artisan foods – and gives you ideas of what to do with them.

September Mantry - "Beer & Bacon"
First Look

Mantry ships via USPS Priority Mail and took the standard two days to arrive. Mantry crates fit perfectly inside a USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Box – They were pretty much made for each other.

September Mantry - "Beer & Bacon"
The Crate

The top came off pretty easily this month, which I was happy about.  Some months I have had to get tools out of the garage to open it.  I swear they are just trying to mess with me.  By not getting Mantry these past few months, I’ve been delaying B’s bar building process (he wants to build a bar out of the crates). I better keep subscribing, because he’s going to need some more crates!

September Mantry - "Beer & Bacon"
Happy Birthday / Anniversary Mantry!

The September Mantry marks Mantry’s first anniversary!! I subscribed to their first crate and with the exception of the two I missed this summer, I have subscribed since. I really hope Mantry offers a sale old crates again so I can surprise B with the ones we missed!

September Mantry - "Beer & Bacon"
The Information Card

The September Mantry theme was “Beer & Bacon” and included the following items:

~Anarchy In A Jar (Spiced Beer Jelly) ($8.75):  Beer jelly??  Seriously?  Mantry has a picture of the most delicious looking sandwich in their information card and I am thinking that’s what we are going to do with this.  I always think jelly = toast or PB&J, but why not branch out?  Spiced beer jelly is made from Brooklyn apples + Sixpoint Craft Ale and an infusion of exotic spices.  Seriously beer jelly! I had no idea such a thing existed.

September Mantry - "Beer & Bacon"
Anarchy in a Jar Spiced Beer Jelly

~Beer Flats Pilsner Crackers ($7.99): These are totally good and I would love to get some fancy cheese and salami and make a little meat and cheese plate.  Or maybe with some spinach dip??  That’d be good too!

September Mantry - "Beer & Bacon"
Beer Flats Pilsner Crackers

~SlantShack Jerky (Bronx Brewery Pale Ale) ($13.50): B LOVES SlantShack jerky, however, we rarely buy it because yeah, it’s so expensive.  I am guessing that this will be destroyed tonight!

SlantShack Beef Jerky Bronx Pale Ale Beef Jerky

~Liddabit Sweet Beer & Pretzel Caramels ($8): This is another combo I never would have expected!  But let me tell you, beer & pretzel caramels are where it’s at!  Get some of these!

September Mantry - "Beer & Bacon"
Liddabit Beer & Pretzel Caramels

~P & H Soda Co. Sarsaparilla Syrup ($11.95): I totally had no idea what this was or what I’d do with it.  Mantry suggests making a float.  Vanilla ice cream, sarsaparilla and a little bit of bourbon!  I think that’s going to be exactly what goes on with this.  Tonight!

September Mantry - "Beer & Bacon"
P&H Soda Co. Sarsaparilla Syrup

~Broadbent’s Dry Cured Peppered Bacon ($7.73):  I am not a huge fan of bacon, but if (when) B makes this (I’m guessing it’ll be Saturday), I will certainly try this.  Between B and L (who loves bacon) and WB, this will be GONE fast!

September Mantry - "Beer & Bacon"
Broadbent’s Dry Cured Peppered Bacon

All totaled I came up with a value of $57.92 for the September Mantry “Beer & Bacon”. I know, I know, it’s $75/month. But B loves it. He loves it! It’s a fun way to sample a bunch of goodies you may not have known about or may not be able to find in your local area.

Did you get Mantry this month?  What’d you think?  If you are interested in subscribing or just want to learn more, click here.  Your man will thank you!

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  1. Kindra frank

    So sometimes they allow you to buy older ones??? I loved the breakfast with pops one!! The 2 you missed {I think} were the Indian summer-which I hated! And the Italian picnic which was awesome!! Some of the older ones look cool, so hopefully I can get some of those too!

  2. Reese

    I loved September’s box. I had not seen any spoilers (I avoided RSM today for this very reason — :-)). I could not believe Mantry included bacon in this month’s crate! And, I am so glad to see jerky, which was not included in the most recent boxes. Behind the bourbon-related boxes, this might be my favorite one. I agree with Kindra — Indian Summer was not the best month.

  3. Rona Berry-Morin

    My 2 men would totally love this box. Maybe I’ll treat my hubby, Big Daddy to Mantry next month.

  4. Fen

    This looks amazing, I want the jelly and jerky especially!

    I did find a place that sells both, so let me know if the jelly is worth a purchase.

  5. Emi

    Ugh, I really want to get mantry for my husband but I can’t stand it when they’re under valued. Last one I had gotten him was from amazing clubs and it was a peanutbutter monthly club and it was NOOT worth it.

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