September Unbound Box Review

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Unbound Box is a quarterly erotic subscription box that brings you a collection of 5-7 products devoted to a provocative theme. When the folks over at Unbound asked if I’d like to review a box, I of course said yes because well, B wouldn’t like it if I said no ;). Mantry and Unbound in the same week? B is happy. As I do with all the “adult” boxes, I’m going to spoil the rest just in case you would prefer not to have sex toys pop up on your screen at work.


The Box

Unbound ships via USPS Priority Mail (woot woot) and arrived in two days. I should also mention that Unbound was founded by and is run by women (you can read an interview they did here). I know that matters to some people, so I thought I’d share.

The Box in the Box

The outer Unbound box is totally plain and discreet and your neighbors will have no idea what’s in the box if it gets wrongly delivered to their door.  Unless of course they open it, which, umm, happened in my neighborhood.  Not to my package (I think all my neighbors pretty much know I get all sorts of crazy mail), but to someone elses.

The Information Card

This quarter’s Unbound theme was “Power Play” and is Unbound is “amped “to bring you some of their favorite pick this month which included:

~Lelo Luna Beads Noir ($34): I still have not read 50 Shades of Grey.  Seriously.  I need to get with the program.  If you’ve never seen or held (IN YOUR HAND) ben wa balls / beads in person I will tell you they are heavy.  I suppose that’s the point, but it’s still surprising!

Lelo Luna Beads Noir

~Bijoux Indiscrets Blindfold ($20.23): Well of course you need a blindfold for your power trip!  Unbound describes it as the perfect accessory for your bid for total control.  Or, you know for taking a power nap.  I like the way these ladies think.  Nothing wrong with a little multi-purposing!

Bijoux Indiscrets

~Dead Batteries ($3.95): Umm, how funny are these?  They are the funniest batteries I have ever seen that’s for sure.  If you are buying a bachelorette gift or any sort of adult gift that requires batteries, you must get these.  The graphics are great and I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t save this as a favorite in my browser!

Dead Batteries

~Babeland Arousal Balm ($6): I tested this on my arm and didn’t really feel anything tingly or warm?  Maybe I didn’t use enough?  Or maybe it doesn’t work on your arm ;).  It does have a nice smell though.  It’s peppermint and reminds me of breath mints.

Babeland Arousal Balm

~The Chip: Winner takes all?  Ha!  Actually that’s pretty much what happens when you flip the chip.  It lands on your way, you have the power.

Unbound Coin

~Sir Richard’s Condom & Sample: I believe that Unbound includes a condom in every box and for every condom sold Sir Richard’s contributes one to a developing country.  They say “Doing good never felt better”.  Ha!!

Sir Richard's Condom & Sample
Sir Richard’s Condom & Pink Water Sample

All totaled I came up with a value of $64.18 for the quarterly (I believe this is “Quarter 4”) Unbound box!  Boxes are $65/quarter, but I didn’t include samples or shipping in my total.  Plus, I *think* paying a few pennies extra NOT to go to the corner adult store is more than worth it ;).
What do you think of “adult” boxes?  Do you love them or are they just not for you?  If you are interested in subscribing to Unbound or want to learn more, click here.

Disclosure: This complimentary box was received for review purposes. As always, all opinions are my own and no compensation was received.
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  1. Laura

    My favorite part of this box is the slogan on the luna beads – “sensual pleasure and fitness combined.” Hilarious. I have about twenty inappropriate things I want to write, censoring.

  2. Jenny

    You so need to read 50 shades. I know people make a big deal about it but the “good” parts are only talked about because of the toys and there is a story around those parts. I’ve really read some books without the toys that are alot more explicit. 😉 They are also really easy reads and go pretty fast. Just ahum make sure B is around when you reading. LOL

  3. Frances Tolley

    Got the new unbound today…it’s the best so far and by far my favorite of this type of box…or maybe I should say my hubby’s fave!

    1. Jennifer

      I bet he’s a happy man!!!

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