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Celeb Gossip
My goodness we haven’t gossiped in a while! And my goodness there is a lot to talk about. Let’s get started!

~First things first. Bruce and Kris are separated, but never fear, the show will go on! Or that’s what they say now anyway. And while I know while they deny it, I wouldn’t doubt she is working on setting up some sort of dating reality show for Khloe and herself. I’m not going to lie. I would watch that mess. I would prefer a show with Bruce and Brody and Brandon Jenner though. Love me some Brody.

The Jenners

~Did anyone see Miley Cyrus on the Today Show the other day when she was talking to Matt Lauer and said that people over 40 don’t have sex anymore? LOL! I can’t figure out if that girl is serious about what she says or if she just says and does crazy stuff because she knows people will talk about it?

~I watched Bethenny Frankel’s new talk show yesterday and while I thought her Mario Lopez  interview was good (mainly because he is adorable), I just don’t think that show is going to last. Has it already been canceled? I really like her, but I’m not totally sure she really has the right personality for it. Now Wendy Williams? That’s a good talk show! She just doesn’t care and I love it.

~I mentioned it earlier, but I can’t get enough of that Kanye crazy from Kimmel last night. I cannot even imagine what it’s like to hang out with him. Does anyone “get” him? What in the world do he and Kim talk about? Themselves? Each other?

~Has anyone been watching Teen Mom this season? I watched a few episodes but I can’t seem to get into it ;(.  Has it gotten better?  Do I need to reinvest my time into it?  Or should I just start a letter writing campaign to get some of the old girls back on the show?

Teen Mom 3
Teen Mom 3

Anything else going on in celebrity land?  The Biebs has been pretty quiet lately.  It can’t last though ;).

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  1. Ashley C.

    1. I never really could stand Kris Jenner. Kind of glad Bruce got out of that mess. Maybe its for the best?! Khloe, though? I kind of feel bad about that situation.

    2. The new Teen Mom is a little … dry. I love Briana but Mackenzie? Oh. My. God … she drives me nutty!! I get she’s the youngest of them all, and still just a junior in high school. But crap … quit complaining about not seeing your man and either leave him, or deal with it. Ugh! She’s so whiney!

  2. Lauren

    I started watching Teen Mom but gave up because they were all so flat and boring. I find the gossip about all the Teen Moms and 16 & Pregnant girls way more interesting. I’ve also always liked 16 & Pregnant better because I think it’s more real.

    The season is over, but did you watch Dance Moms? That is my #1 favorite trash TV show. I am obsessed with how crazy all those moms are, and I love to see the girls dance. I’m tiding myself over with Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. I’m just in awe of those kids skills.

  3. Alena P

    This may be the best post ever (okay not really, but I LOVE it!) I watched the Kimmel interview this morning after reading your Thursday Thoughts and I was confused… He called himself a genius… he said Kim should have a star… I don’t know, there is something about him. I got tickets to go see the Bethenny show, but I decided not to go. I like her but you are right, something is not there!! I also have a feeling Kris and Bruce have been long separated and for some reason it is coming out now!

  4. Lisa D

    lol you are too funny. I tend to watch the Kardashian crap too. As for Miley Cyrus she is a lost soul.. I tell ya. What was it Jamie Foxx said right after Hannah Montana stopped, he made some comment like ” in the next five years that girl will be on a stripper pole” poor guy had to apologize on TV for that comment….but he nailed it. She will regret what she is sayings sooner or later. As for Teen Mom…eh I could do without. But that train wreck Honey Boo Boo…I tell ya….it gets me every time. Kenya I have no time for- he is the most egotistical person out there. Kim and him are a perfect fit.

  5. I have been watching Teen Mom3….but I agree, I just can’t get into it…It’s not the same. Don’t waste your time!

  6. Jessica R.

    I watched Jimmy Kimmel with Kanye. Some time after he called himself not a rapper, but a “genius,” and he just rambled forever and ever, my eyes just kind-of glazed over and I couldn’t really understand what he was trying to say. I don’t think he’s is capable of talking about anyone, but himself.
    Any poor Miley. I think she actually can be a good singer, but you wouldn’t notice for all the crazy.

  7. Alyssa

    I’ve stuck with teen mom 3 but I’ve found that now I keep getting Katie and Alexa stories confused cause is it just me or do their boyfriends look almost exactly alike and they both smoke weed and do drugs so I just can’t their craziness straight. I just want the original teen moms back please MTV give me back the originals I miss catelyn and Tyler and Farrah and maci I don’t really miss amber though so maybe replace her with one of the moms from teen mom 2 lol or just find more interesting moms who don’t have identical boyfriends lol

  8. Jill

    I love this post! I thought the Kardashian show would get cancelled soon but with all the new drama I think it has new life. Why would Kanye think Kim should get a star? Because she was in one Tyler Perry movie that barely anyone saw?? I also love the Wendy Williams show!!

  9. Emily

    Best post ever . . not really but I do like it hope you do more! I also love me some Brody. As for teen mom Its not the best but I keep watching.

  10. Teen Mom 3 sucks. I always said I would watch Teen Mom until I’m 40 (I’m only 23)but this season is out to prove me wrong. Seems like there is no story line. Alex’s constant screaming drives me nuts. Woman can’t control herself. I sometimes mute her section.

  11. Rona Berry-Morin

    I quit watching The K Family show after Kim’s wedding. It’s just not my thing.
    Bethenny Frankel isn’t that entertaining. You’re right, that TV show will end soon.
    Teen Moms and Kanye aren’t my cup of tea either.

  12. Aimee A

    I watch all the teen mom3. Very hard to get into, I want teen mom2 back! I couldn’t even tell you the girls names! But almost all 4 are messed up in their own way!

  13. alison

    Not into the Bethenny show. I was excited for it… and then I watched it… and I was like what am I doing, Ellen’s on and changed the channel. And yeah, I love some Brody too – but Brandon is actually pretty cute too I realized! I decided not to invest my time into teen mom 3… the first two are enough for me to deal with. and I totally wonder what Kanye and Kim talk about!!!

  14. Lynsey

    * Ahhhh Brody, lets just sit and think about him for a min… 🙂

    * She has lost it in my opinion, she is way to cray cray for this girl! I hope I have more sex after 40!

    * Yes I watch Teen Mom 3 (Teen Mom 2, 16 & Pregnant too) I love those shows. This new batch of girls is not my favorite but I do still love the show. Brianna is VERY babied by her mom and it drives me nuts!! I love Katie she is a super smart girl with a good head on her shoulders. I do miss the Teen Mom 2 girls so I can’t wait for that to start back up!

  15. Jamie

    LOL…I loved your comment for Kanye and Kim–yeah… I wonder how it feels like to be in his head…Also, regarding Beiber he is actually in Korea for his concert…the only reason I know is because I follow the KPOP scene and he is causing an uproar in that community (ostensibly because he is not that well regarded?)

    1. Jamie

      oh…that wasn’t what I meant (sorry about the ambiguous language!!)…I’m sure there are a lot of Beiber fans over there haha but the Kpop fans are not too fond of their idols hanging out with him ^^;
      Yeah…I get what you mean…I’m not sure whether or not I dislike him…at least he entertains me

  16. Margaret

    Brody!! You got that right. Teen Mom 3 – got that one right too. I also want the old moms back. I quit this season after the first few episodes.

  17. Shauna

    I’m clueless. What is Teen Mom 3? The trash TV I just can’t look away from is Dance Moms, Toddlers & Tiaras and Cheer Perfection. Mainly because the parents are train wrecks and I just can’t look away.

    I am convinced that Miley is after the attention. Think about it; she just had a new album come out that would normally be just another Miley Cyrus album so she ha to do something to draw attention to it. It’ll all blow over.


  18. Jessica

    Yes, I love watching Brody and the Jenner side of the family. It seems Bruce needs to give his older kids some attention that they missed out long ago. But I don’t get how they have the other brother/son on sometimes but never really have him on the show? Kanye has such a God complex, but people do flock to him so obviously it gets reinforced.
    Teen mom… Ugh. Same problems every season. Do we actually think teen parents are not going to have the same issues? Drugs, money…. Now if only I could get them all to buckle their kids in properly in car seats! I do watch it though but like to fast forward thru the annoying people! Mackenzie is pregnant now with her 2nd and they are actually married. Sounds like a great idea to me, hope it lasts.
    Bethany. I cannot get over how she treated her hubby. Poor guy never had a chance. Little girl is so cute though. How about they do a dating show where little bryn picks out daddies new lady?
    I am definitely opinionated today!!!

  19. Berit

    I saw the whole Kanye/Jimmy Kimmel stuff. I think Kimmel is hilarious, but Kanye seems like something is wrong with him. I also watched him babble on and my eyes glazed over and fast forwarded. He’s nuts!

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