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Celeb Gossip

I thought this was so much fun last time we did it so I’m doing it again! Lots has been going on in Celebrity Land, so let’s get to it!

~First up, Chris Brown. I highly dislike Chris Brown and wish someone would throw the book at him already! How does he always get out of the trouble he gets himself into? Makes no sense and blows my mind every time. I would rather sit and listen to Kanye tell me about leather jogging pants for two hours and watch Miley Cyrus lick things and tweak before I would listen to Chris Brown sing – that’s how much I dislike him.

Oh my
Oh my

~Is anyone else as excited as I am for the “Live!” Halloween show?  I love seeing what Kelly and Michael dress up as from the sounds of it, there will be 50 costumes this year?? I LOVE their annual Halloween show and WB and I are planning our Halloween morning around it ;).

~How cute are Jennifer Garnier and Ben Affleck?  I feel like they are just totally normal and down to earth and would be fun people to hang out it and play Pictionary with or whatever.  Matt Damon and his wife seem cool like that too.  Oh and do you and your husband / significant other hold hands when you are out walking just the two of you?  B and I used to all the time (like when we first met), but not so much anymore.  Maybe because we are too busy holding hands with the kids so they don’t run away?  Not too sure?  We’ll work on that.

Image credit: AKM-GSI
Image credit: AKM-GSI / Perez Hilton added the hearts

~Ahh, the wedding planning has begun!  It seems that Kimye want to get married sooner rather than later and want to have a HUGE wedding, including, among other things, fighter jets? Where does one get fighter jets?  Can you just rent something like that?

~I totally tuned into Bethenny yesterday expecting to see a big fight with an audience member and Farrah.  Not even close.  But this article makes it seem like Farrah was super pissed, but when on the show she was just like meh, who cares what you think. I was expecting more crazy, like when she fights with her mom (Debra) or something.

Anything else going on?  What else have I missed?

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  1. Kristin

    I totally agree about Chris Brown. He is a horrible human being and his fans…the crazy girls who post things saying how he can beat them anytime…are even worse.

    Kim K says she is going to take Kanye’s name when they get married. She is going to kill her brand that way. She is a brand and nothing more and now she will have to rebrand herself and it may not work.

    1. Jennifer

      Is she really going to take his name? No. I wonder how Kris Kumphries feels about that since she never took his name…

      1. Kristin

        I don’t remember where I read it, but I saw it yesterday morning. With Kris, she didn’t boost her brand, he was just an athlete, but with Kanye being is own brand, she probably wants to link the two like she did by naming her kid West. It kept them in the news way longer than they needed to be.

        1. Jennifer

          If she changes it I’m just going to pretend it’s because she’s old fashioned and wants to take her husband’s last name. LOL.

    1. Jennifer

      I hear the answer is eyes. Who starts these riddles on Facebook anyway?

  2. Tabitha

    Awww…Ben & Jennifer so cute holding hands. I totally agree about the part about being busy holding kids’ hands. Ha! I would say that from time to time we still hold hands when we are out alone but more so when we were younger for sure.

    The article about Farrah’s appearance on Bethenny puts everyting in a totally different light. Maybe she was just trying to keep her composure and not have everyone think she was crazy. IDK. I was expecting more of the blow-up you mentioned.

    1. Jennifer

      Yeah, I mean she didn’t seem annoyed on the show. She just seemed like normal Farrah.

  3. Mrs. L

    I’m not surprised that Kanye wants a big wedding. But the question is…will Kim wear white? I’m hoping for red! And did you see where Lamar is now “sober”? When did that happen? Still think he needs some sort of rehab to kick it completely.

    Ever watch Freakshow? My assistant had the day off yesterday and the cast was in SF walking around The Mus?e M?canique on Fishermans Wharf. No one seemed to recognize them but my assistant and her daughter.

    Jonny Mosley was at a funeral I was at this past week. And no one recognized him. He looks the EXACT same as he did all those years ago winning the Olympic Gold Medal. (okay, maybe even cuter). I had to Google him and show his picture to folks to prove he really was an Olympic athlete!

    Did Heidi Klum have her Halloween party this year? I also love looking at what costume she comes up with.

    1. Jennifer

      Did she wear white at her last weekend? She did right? I did see that he’s sober and the entire crew hung out last night.

      No, what’s Freakshow? Should I be watching it?

      I like Jonny Mosley! he’s cute!

      And I don’t know? She’s back with Seal right?

      1. Mrs. L

        Freakshow on AMC is a reality show about a family business on Venice Beach CA where, I guess, they do freakshow kinda things on the beach? Not really sure as I’ve never watched but my assistant says the second season starts in January.

        Wait, what, Heidi and Seal back together? Must go investigate!

        1. Mrs. L

          So looks like Heidi’s Halloween party is actually on Halloween this year…so we’ll find out Thursday what her costume is. “Scary Dollhouse” is the theme.

          And seems they have just patched up their “divorce animosity” and are now nice to each other but not back together.

          1. Jennifer

            Oh, okay! That’s what I read then!

  4. Jill

    My adult onset ADD kicked in and I totally forgot to watch the show! I saw a few snippets online though. Did anyone bring up how she had molds of her lady parts cast and she is going to have sex toys made out of them? You can even see a video of her online having the molds made. She is so sleezy!

    1. Jennifer

      OMG I did see that. FARRAH!!!

  5. Emi

    Ugh I hate Chris Brown too but I also really dislike Kanye.

    Me and my husband hold hands in the car because he drives left handed anyways but walking around not so much because of the muchkins but if we’re alone we will out of habit.

    1. Jennifer

      LOL. Me too.

      OMG I think my husband would die if I tried to hold his hand in the car. He would think I was nuts.

  6. Jenny

    Hahaha I love this post. But I do hate to burst your bubble but I’ve always read the Jennifer is a bitch in person. I’ve never met her but I’ve read it multiple times over the years. So sad too since she always seems so nice and I love me some Ben. However maybe if we were in her inner circle she would be totally awesome.

    1. Jennifer

      I love me some Ben too. He seems too nice to be with someone who isn’t nice. I hope it’s not true!

  7. Lauren

    I can’t get over Farrah’s brand of crazy. Did you see her on Dr. Phil? Now that was a riot!

    1. Jennifer

      No!!! I need to find that on TIVO or something.

  8. Stephanie L. McGuire

    First of all, Chris Brown can take a seat now, I think pretty much everyone is or will be over him here shortly! It is amazing to me how many people out there still supported him…

    Bennifer… that is their nickname right? They are a super cute couple… I’m happy he ended up with her and not JLo… As for holding hands, my husband and I constantly hold hands, even in the car. I would freak if he quit holding my hand…

    I am BEYOND done and over with Kimye… the whole reason why she never changed her name with Humphries was because she was afraid of becoming irrelevant and she used that same excuse for why she didn’t want to start having kids with him too… Kim is such a slave to Kanye that it honestly wouldn’t surprise me if he told her she had too… It’s always about what Kanye wants… but that is totally cool with me, she can be lead around on a leash by him for the rest of their lives and frankly if she becomes irrelevant I won’t be sad in the least… I am so so so done with those two…. DONE!

    And Farrah, I just can’t…

    1. Jennifer

      I like J. Lo!! I was sad when they broke up.

      I am totally sure rehab will fix all of Chris Brown’s issues and he’ll be a changed man. HA!

  9. April K

    In other celeb news:
    You were spotted out with your boys by a crazy fan!!

    My mom and I talked about the Kimye ring, and she decided it’s too big. Like she wouldn’t take it if my dad gave it to her. Ha! I can only imagine what the wedding will be. BIG.

    1. Jennifer

      LOL! I told my husband and he was like really? No you didn’t run into someone that reads your blog. I was like no, for real. He was cracking up!

      I don’t know if there is ever a diamond that’s “too big”. Although I’d really stand out at school drop off with that huge honking ring on.

  10. Shauna

    Roger and I hold hands when we’re at any of the Disney parks or Sea World, and when we’re at the mall. Otherwise, not so much. We used to hold hands in the car, but I like to drive with both hands, and I like him to also. I guess I’ve gotten more cautious as I’ve gotten older.


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