Erin Condren e-Gift Card Giveaway!!

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image credit: Erin Condren
image credit: Erin Condren

Well you guys loved the first Erin Condren giveaway I did so much I decided to do it again! This time I’m giving away a $75 Erin Condren e-gift card (it will be e-mailed right to you)! Even if you already bought a Life Planner for next year I KNOW there are a million other things on there you could snag with this gift card. Or you could use it for holiday gifts.

As always, all you need to do is enter in Rafflecopter below. I try to make it as easy as possible to enter, so if you don’t want to do all those other entires you don’t have to! Just make sure to bookmark this and come back every day to enter. I am also tagging this with “November Giveaways” just in case I have any more giveaways this month ;).  Happy Halloween and Happy Entering!!

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Disclosure: This post contains referral links! Using the link to sign up for Erin Condren will get you a code for $10 off your first purchase! Then on your second purchase you can use the code “GIFT20” to save $20. Maybe use the first code on a $25 e-gift card (to yourself) and then apply the 2nd code and gift card towards your planner or other item! You could save $30 on your planner that way!
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  1. Brandy Fisk

    A planner!

  2. Ruby Yoshi

    I’d get a acrylic clipboard and a planner

  3. Kayleigh

    I would get a life planner and a set of note cards. I’m DYING for a new planner and I’m always looking for little notes to say thank you to people.

  4. Enrica

    Definitely on a planner for me and one for my daughter 🙂

  5. Elizabeth

    I would love to get the functional family center.

  6. K

    I’d for sure use it on a planner.

  7. melissa g

    Love this!

  8. Lisa D

    I ordered the other day. I use the $10 off to get some of my extras for my planner. Then used the $20 off on my second order for my planner.
    However- I entered the give away 🙂 Hope one day I win one 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      I hope everyone gets to win eventually!

  9. Avery Germaine

    A new planner!

  10. Savanna

    There is so much to choose from… I would like a notebook to match my life planner and some note cards!

  11. soon perez

    i need a 2014 planner!

  12. Jessica


    1. Jennifer

      Is it not working? Let me know if you are having any issues okay?

  13. Angela Ballard

    I have been looking at these, since you started posting about them. I keep personalizing, adding to my cart but not checking out. At least they keep it saved there for me. I have just trying to justify the cost.

    Happy Halloween!

  14. Amanda

    First of all, thank you so much for doing this. I entered for the last one and obviously didn’t win so hopefully I have better luck this time! 🙂 I would buy a planner and some accessories to go with it. But it would be hard to pick a cover, they have so many choices!

  15. brandy

    probably the gold planner. it’s too extravagant otherwise, but if i won, i’d splurge. oh hell i’ll probably get one anyways.

    1. Jennifer


  16. Jill

    I’d buy holiday cards if I won the gift certificate!

  17. Caroline

    Love the recipe boxes!

  18. Melissa Bean

    This would be perfect for K for Christmas. I bought her an EC planner last year. She uses it every day but it is pricey for a 15 year old.

  19. Leana

    I’d like a nice planner.

  20. Jill

    I would put it towards a planner and an address book. I was looking the other day for someone’s address and couldn’t find it. I need to get organized!!

  21. Rose D.

    Iwould totally get a life planner. I can use it!

  22. Gina F.

    I have always wanted one of her planners.

  23. Lindsay

    I’d like to try this planner that everyone raves about!

  24. Megan

    Have not gotten a planner for 2014 yet- I would love one of these!

  25. Cristina

    I love the planner with the words on the cover. That or the chevron! I would ask for purple 😀

  26. Jenn S

    a planner!!!

  27. JennR

    For SURE the planner

  28. Rachel S.

    I have had my eye on that gold edition life planner. It’s jus soo pretttty

  29. Jamie M

    Note cards and a life planner!

  30. April K

    Ooooo! Life planner! It looks so organized. I love organization!

  31. Barbara Serna

    I would love to win a teacher’s planner!

  32. Krista

    I *need* the life planner!

  33. Tayler

    I need me a new 2014 planner!

  34. Lauren

    Uggh I want a planner so bad!

  35. Shannon


  36. Juli

    I would for sure get a planner!

  37. Riann

    A new yearly planner!

  38. Cindy

    A planner

  39. Amy S.

    A planner for sure, I love being organized!

  40. Jean Eckert

    I need one of those planners!!! Everyone is posting pics and now I think I need one too 🙂

  41. Maureen

    Trays and stationary and a day planner

  42. Susan Lowry

    I would buy a planner. I returned to work in August after being a Stay at Home mom for 11 years. I have 2 kids. My son plays 3 sports. My daughter plays on 2 basketball teams and 2 softball teams. Im the PTO president. I am also insane. 🙂 Yesterday, I was trying to hard not to forget two meetings I had in the evening I forgot my daughter had basketball practice and I FORGOT TO FEED MY KIDS. No worries, we threw some Wendy’s at them in the car!

    1. Jennifer

      I’m cracking up!!! They should have said they were hungry!

      1. Susan Lowry

        Oh they did! I told them my husband would feed them. Except I had forgotten about basketball! My husband nicely let me know that “perhaps” I am stretched a little thin when I cant fit in feeding the kids to my schedule.

        1. Jennifer


  43. Ashlee

    Definitely a life planner, even though I don’t have a life, lolol.

  44. Jen

    I’d get a planner!

  45. Brianna

    I would get a planner

  46. Lauren

    Ahhh! I love this giveaway!!! I have my eye on the life planner with the pink zig zag design on the front! Thank you!

  47. Mary

    I would use it on a planner for my mom, and maybe some extra accessories for myself.

  48. Meghan C

    I’d get a life planner for sure! And some cute thank you notes!

  49. Jessica

    Definitely a planner!!

  50. Mandy Hillman

    I would love to buy the Gold Edition Life Planner in Pink!!!

  51. Jenn

    I would get the planner, writing everything down is the only way it gets done!

  52. Kristin t

    I would buy a planner!

  53. Melanie K.

    I’d definitely get a planner!

  54. Alicia

    I would definitely get the life planner. The planner I am currently using for school is no where near as cute!

  55. Dana

    Yes yes yes!! I want one of these so bad! I love them!

  56. Linda

    A teacher planner!!!!!!!

  57. Niki T.

    One of their amazing life planners! =)

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  58. Suzanne

    I would for sure get the planner! I love it!

  59. Linda

    I’d get a planner of course! 🙂

  60. Jaclyn Paskow

    Already have a 13-14 planner and the address book! Would live to get an acrylic tray.

  61. Katie L

    I’d end up getting an address book!

  62. Joanne

    I will get some wrapping paper and labels.

  63. Meagan

    Teacher lesson planner or a life planner!

  64. Tanya

    A planner…the gold edition one 🙂

  65. Amy P

    I would love to buy a quality planner. I’m transferring to my dream university in January and double-majoring, so I need to be as organized as possible!

    1. Jennifer

      Where are you going??

      1. Amy P

        University of Washington!

        1. Jennifer

          Best of Luck!!!!

  66. Bethsaida

    A planner & wrapping paper. 🙂

  67. Leah

    Stationary!!!! or maybe Christmas cards.. or pens, or an iPhone case.. so many things to choose from!!!!

  68. Jenny

    I’d get a planner to start. Not sure what after that but I keep looking at them so I really need to get on that.

  69. Lynn Morejon

    Planner and stationary

  70. Ellen Atwell

    A planner!!!

  71. Adrienne

    I’d get a planner! Christmas is right around the corner and it would make a great gift.

  72. Amanda Esmond

    A planner and some note cards : )

  73. Christina

    A planner for my mother’s birthday!

  74. Carolyn W

    Id buy a planner

  75. Jessica

    I would definitely get one of the life planners. Ever since I found out about them I have been convinced that I really *need* one.

  76. Maggie

    I would love to get a planner for next year and Christmas Cards! Not having to pay for those would be amazeballs! I need to win one of these Jen!!!

  77. Toni

    I have my eye on one of those gold foil planners…

  78. brandy

    I definitely need a planner with my oldest sons first yr of school and my youngest sons dr appointments and up and coming surgery

  79. Christine Fortes

    I am the most unorganized person and really want this planner. Crossing my fingers that I win this giveaway!

  80. Charity

    I would love love love to have a planner!

  81. Dawn

    I love paper calendars so I would definitely get a planner.

  82. Heather

    I LOVE the Christmas cards!!

  83. Melissa

    I am a sucker for a good paper planner, I buy one every year, I would love to win this!

  84. Abby

    I’d love a planner!

  85. Alena P

    A planner for sure! Maybe the gold edition! 😉

  86. Kyra

    I would definitely get a new life planner!

  87. Erin

    I’d love a planner for myself, but I think I would get a lesson planner for my son’s Pre-K teacher. I’ve been to the class a few times this year and boy does she deserve something nice.

  88. Danielle

    Love these planners.

  89. Keara

    I’d love a planner!

  90. Deborah Jensen

    Love anything that is paper…. need something to all of my stuff down. my school exams 🙁 and when to pick up my three brats (2 highschoolers and 1 tween)…

  91. Sara

    Life planner and maybe an address book.

  92. Gyps

    I’ve been seeing that planners everywhere this week so I’d definitely start there. With a baby on the way I think I need to start writing thing down more instead of relying on 134234 different devices that never remind me of anything.

  93. Ashley

    Probably an address book!

  94. Hilary

    Would love some holiday cards! hers are SO cute!

  95. Elise

    A planner, or maybe an address book, or both…maybe then I can at least pretend to be organized.

  96. Tori

    A pretty planner! I’ve had my eye on these for forever!

  97. Nikki

    I’ve always dreamed of owning an Erin Condren planner. Somehow I think it would actually – finally! – make my crazy life organized! 🙂

  98. Jaci

    I would definitely use this gift card on a life planner to keep everything straightened out in one place – activities, meals, grocery needs, etc. I have been ogling these since you posted about your new ones earlier this week!

  99. miranda

    I would love to buy a planner

  100. gary

    definitely a planner

  101. Lisa

    Holiday cards! Or maybe a Lucite tray or box. Or maybe new address labels since we moved in September!

  102. ruth

    Their unique Christmas cards are the BOMB!!! Thank you for the drawing!!

  103. jessica

    Would love one… I am sure it would help with the much needed organization around our house 🙂

  104. Shana

    Definitely a planner! I have used one faithfully every since my kids started school years ago! I live by my planner. Otherwise I would not be able to function! The life planneris awesome!!!!I

  105. Sara

    I’d get a jumbo calendar and notecards!

  106. laura maya

    A planner! and some markers and stickers maybe…

  107. alla


  108. terri s

    A new address book for sure and maybe a calendar or planner too!

  109. Kim Kjerulf

    I just discovered Erin Condren about a month ago and I LOVE her products.

  110. Stephanie S.

    I’ve always wanted a planner and I would definitely get the address book! Good choices!

  111. Jamie

    Definitely a planner to keep track of my coupons 🙂

  112. Jamie

    I would buy a life planner. My schedule is all over the place. I am finishing my phd in biology at University of Michigan (Go Blue) and I also need to track various activities for my three kids (aged 5, 4 and almost 3).

    1. Jennifer

      No. No. No. GO GREEN ;).

      1. Jamie


  113. Katy

    Definitely a planner and maybe a matching Pen 🙂

  114. Kristie

    I love the planner! And it’s just about the time of year I need to think about getting a new one!!!

  115. Brin

    That stationery and the cards are so cute! I would love those.

  116. Tricia Coyle

    I just love her products! So functional and cute! I would adore a life planner for next year!

  117. Heather Krupinki

    Oh for sure the planner I have been lusting after for ages. While my homemade planner is adorbs and quaint and unique (at least that is what I keep telling myself), it is a wallflower compared to the EC beauties! I love your site and am so jealous of the amount of mail that must arrive daily. Your postman either really loves you or, like mine, needs to be killed with kindness on a daily basis (one day, he will smile and until then I will just grin for the both of us). I am so happy that I discovered you so that I can live vicariously. OH and by the way, I was able to find my hubs an anniversary gift thanks to one of your box reviews (the hardest man to buy for EVER). xoxoxoxox

    1. Jennifer

      I don’t think she loves me. She’s nice when I run into her but I am sure she’s annoyed when my boxes don’t all fit in my mailbox when it’s like pouring rain out! I know I would be!

      What did you get your husband??

      1. Heather Krupinki

        Swoon…”boxes not fitting into the mailbox” is like my love language I think!
        I started a subscription for the Julibox as a gift to my husband for our 3rd anniversary. It was truly a lifesaver because I NEVER know what to get him. But THIS is perfect and he is ecstatic by the idea and we both can’t wait to get our first box. I think I may get my daughter one of the tween beauty boxes for Christmas, because really, who doesn’t love, love, love getting happy mail (not to mention, it will relieve some of my mommy guilt for always being the one to get the lovelies in the mail). Of the months for everyone!!! I am trying to talk myself out of the PopSugar subscription because I already have 6 (gasp, yes 6) boxes hitting my doorstep every month (5 crafty related and 1 nail polish), but WOW! That box is beauty porn for sure. Thanks so much!!

        1. Jennifer

          Ohh, that is a perfect box for someone who is hard to shop for! Enjoy it!

  118. sarah berry

    I would definitely buy the life planner!

  119. Erica

    I would like to use it on a planner! I have been dying to get my FIRST EC life planner for a few months now!

  120. Penelope Talley

    I am dying to order a life planner!!

  121. Kelly

    I want a life planner! I just got a new job and am not at my desk or computer or using my phone often so having a book I can carry around would be really helpful!

  122. Elise

    I would get something for holiday thank you notes or stationary!

  123. Krissy

    Thanks for the chance! I would love to get a life planner!

  124. Jackalyn Dahler

    A life planner for my Mom!

  125. Sonya

    A new planner for sure! I’m loving the ones I’ve seen from there. Thanks for the giveaway!

  126. Stephanie McGuire

    I want a planner so bad! I don’t think I’ve ever wanted anything so bad ever, lol! If I don’t win this giveaway, I’m going to ask Tim to scrap the jersey as my push gift and get this for me instead!!!

  127. Susan

    I would love to win a life planner.

  128. Kelsea Beth

    I would get a life planner to keep myself organized with all of the pre hire training I am doing for the Michigan State Police!

  129. Diana B

    I think I would get a planner, but the other day I was wishing I had a nice stationary set so I might order some stationary.

  130. Gabrielle S

    I have been stalking her site since you did your review for the life planner and I’ve been trying to decide if I should splurge and take the plunge. I would love to win this e-certificate and get a life planner! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  131. Annie

    I would totally buy a planner!

  132. Caroline P

    I love the planners!

  133. Diane F

    I would buy a Life Planner

  134. Caitlin

    A planner to help keep my work and school life together for 2014. 🙂

  135. Melissa

    I would purchase a new life planner and some personalized notepads!

  136. Paola Z

    I would buy a gold edition life planner! Thanks for the chance!

  137. Natalie

    I would probably get myself some holiday gift labels and my incredibly hard working mom a life planner!

  138. Hillary

    A life planner and elastic bands!

  139. Sarah Slatter

    A planner!

  140. Jill

    I would love a life planner!

  141. Jotje

    I would use the giftcard for a Take Note Notebook. Or a matching iPhone case. Or …. (too many choices!)

  142. Mona

    A planner

  143. Stephanie McGuire

    I have a severe case of baby brain and I think I forgot to comment but I want an EC planner soooo bad!!!!!

  144. Shauna

    I would get my new EC life planner to replace the one I have and LOVE!! This is an awesome giveaway! Thanks!!


  145. Raquel Cisneros - Aguilar

    life planner <3

  146. Laura Gilbert

    I’m super intrigued by her wedding planners. Id definitely have to scoop one up

  147. Erica

    I am so amazed with all of EC’s products! I would love to buy a teacher’s planner.
    I am in the process of becoming a special education teacher and would love this tool to keep records of all my teaching needs. Thank you for the opportunity.

    1. Erica

      Or maybe I will start with a life planner before jumping straight into the lesson planner because I haven’t started my teaching career officially. I’m almost there !

  148. Raquel Cisneros - Aguilar

    Christmas gift 🙂

  149. nicole

    A life planner sounds likee exactly what i need.

  150. Andrea S

    I would love to get a big desk calendar to have at work!

  151. Bre

    Definitely a new planner

  152. Julie S

    I’d get an address book.

  153. Rachel

    I would love an 18-month planner with notepad and pen and extra accessories! I want to get organized, so badly!! 🙂

  154. Becky

    Maybe I could finally be organized!

  155. jmd

    A really cute notebook!

  156. Jennifer Schrader

    I would love a new planner!

  157. Erin

    I need a planner for my life that isn’t my iPhone!

  158. Gabby G

    The life planner without a doubt…was planning on treating myself to one since i started the new job, but getting one with a gift card would be even better!

  159. Kelly

    I would def get a planner!!

  160. Mansi

    A planner 🙂

  161. Melinda Flynn

    Had a friend tell me abt these recently and now I might be obsessed! I’d love to use the gc for a gold series!

  162. Emily Kim

    I sooo need a planner for next year!

  163. Stephanie T

    I’m new to Erin Condren. Would love an opportunity to give it a try!

  164. Wendy

    I would love this

  165. Lynsey

    The Life Planner FOR SURE!!

  166. Amanda Engler

    I guess I should buy a planner. I need one. And these look cute and colorful.

  167. Hannah D

    A life planner would be awesome!!

  168. Annette

    I’d use the gift card to purchase some beautiful gift wrapping supplies.

  169. kelly t

    I really must have one of these planners…awesome!

  170. Sarah

    I would get a planner. I’m obsessed with everyone elses!!!!

  171. Jennifer Pittman

    A clipboard and gifts!

  172. Kat

    Congratulations, Catherine! I just emailed you! Hope you enjoy shopping with your $100 Erin Condren gift card! I know you re going to love it!

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