Erin Condren Life Planner + More Giveaway

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Well, I’m bored. I haven’t gotten any subscription boxes in days and I’m ready for the mail to come today! But in the mean time, to keep you from being bored here, I thought we’d do a little giveaway!

And what am I giving away you ask? Well an Erin Condren Life Book of course! You know they have been on my mind lately!!! I’m actually going to give the winner a $60 EC e-gift card so that they (you?) may select whatever custom options they want their planner to have. And if you don’t need / already have a planner, they have tons more goodies to pick from there too!

And I thought I’d throw in some fun pens and a $10 Starbucks gift-card too. Pretty much everything you need to get your planner started!!! Oh and someone mentioned that I should get a page for all of my giveaways, so I have tagged all my current giveaways with “October Giveaways“, so you can easily locate them ;).

Good luck and happy planning!!!!

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  1. Lisa D

    Thanks for the link- I hope I win one 🙂

  2. Hillary


  3. Bethany

    Those look adorable. Headed to the website to look at all the options.

  4. Nina

    I didn’t know this company existed until yesterday but now I’m obsessed! Love it all 🙂

  5. Anna

    Might be one of my favorite giveaways of yours! Love EC planners but have never bitten the bullet and bought one!

  6. Andrea S

    I would love one of the notebooks, I am digging the Trellis cover

  7. Emily

    Well for the life Planner I just don’t know. Too many to my a pick right away. I never new about these planners now I really need one! As for the gift card I don’t drink coffee but my kids do like the cake pops so thats where the gift card would go!

  8. Ashley H.

    I’d pick the Paisley Life Planner…so cute. Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Pattie B

    I have not even looked at these Life Planners, altough i use a calendar for work – it would be nice to have a more personal one.

  10. probably an acrylic box? i need one for raffles, gearing up for holiday vendor events. hahahah i am making my husband do one in vermont. he’s going to make a fortune selling to all the ladies.

  11. Megan

    I would choose the life planner -candy lace -mocha multi.

  12. shelley

    I would get the bouquet in purple.

  13. Sue

    I really hope I win this one! I want one of those planners!!

  14. Stephanie

    I love your giveaways!!

  15. Deana M

    I love giveaways! I can’t say I’ve heard of Erin Condren Life Book, but who doesn’t need a good planner?

  16. Sara

    It would be between my favorite things cover or the turquoise zig zag cover. This giveaway is one of my favs. Organizer, pens and Starbucks are all things I love.

  17. Kayleigh

    I would have to pick the “favorite things” planner! It would be great to keep track of all of my doctors appointments now and after the baby is here!

  18. Evelyn Amick

    I already have a planner but I would totally get some adorable calling cards for my etsy shop!

  19. Amanda

    Hey thanks for the giveaway! I’m not sure which planner I’d choose. I’ve been quietly following you ever since I discovered the Bonjour Jolie box and wanted to look at reviews. From one MI girl to another!

  20. Caroline P

    I like the gold edition purple one – matches my upcoming wedding colors and that’s what I would use it for!

  21. Elizabeth

    The fleur feliz cover is so pretty but I also like the idea of a cover with my girls’ picture.

  22. Linae Pickard

    Awesome giveaway! I’ve been trying to decide if I should get an Erin Condren planner and have had one in my online cart probably 5 different times! Have a great day!

  23. Jennifer

    I just love your blog!

  24. Lindsay

    Something pretty simple for the cover. I’m starting nursing school in January, so I need this!

  25. Jamie

    Pretty sure I’d pick a chevron cover! 😉

  26. Jasmine Maria

    I love planners. I’ve always wanted a Erin Condren planner.

  27. This is on my Christmas list! I’ve been using my Lily Pulitzer planner and that one just doesn’t *quite* do it for me anymore. Such a cool giveaway!

  28. Haylee

    I like the “dahlia” cover. 🙂

  29. Megan W

    I would pick either the Wild or Favorite Things Life Planner.

  30. Jackie

    I’d probably go for the gold edition life planners, those look amazing!!!

  31. Hannah D

    I would so get one the the zig zag planners! Just My style! 🙂

  32. Rose D.

    I would get the “Rad Plaid” life planner!

  33. Anna

    There are so many great Life Planner covers…hmmm…I’m leaning towards the party pops one…or maybe one of the gold foil styles. 🙂

  34. Enrica

    I like the inspire life planner. I often forget to slow down and realize what’s going on that day.

  35. Sarah

    I’d never heard of Erin Condren Life Books before and I’d love to win one! They look fantastic! 🙂

  36. Savanna

    So exciting! I’ve been eyeballing these for a while now! They have so many fun patterns to choose from!

  37. Shana

    I love planners. Use one everyday. Keeps me on track organized. I would definitely use it for the planner

  38. Jenny

    I’d get a planner. I used to love my planner when I worked and M and I are trying to keep an online one now but there is tons that I would put on there that he doesn’t really care about. KWIM LOL I’m leaning toward the Paisley right now but that could change before I ordered since they are all so stinkin’ cute.

  39. Tori

    I really like the Cleopatra cover, but they are all so cute!

  40. Kristie Irvin

    I’ve been “stalking” your blog for a few months, love!! I so need a planner to get my crazy days in order! 3 kids and 100 different activities are hard to juggle!! I’d love to win!

  41. Cathy@Five Boys

    I’ve used an Erin Condren planner for a couple of years now and need to order one for 2014. I’m leaning toward the dahlia pattern.

  42. Alicia

    I love those life planners! I’m definitely much more organized with a written planner than my phone. Something about it being pretty makes me want to use it more. i would probably pick the mermaid or paisley pattern, but I could see myself having the same trouble that you had.

  43. Jen

    I would pick the Zen Life Planner == had my eye on one of these for awhile. Thank you!!

  44. Shannon Dew

    I think I’d pick the gold one… I don’t know why but I’m kinda obsessed with gold right now.

  45. Paige

    I would just LOVE to have one of these life planners! I have a Lilly planner right now and I love it, but I want to try out multiple kinds of planners in my lifetime ??Erin Condren is totally next! Thanks for this giveaway!


    You have no idea how badly I want one of these…

  47. courtney

    Zig zag please and thank you!!

  48. Sophie

    I’ve never heard of Erin Condren. Man am I behind the times haha. The gold edition purple life planner was adorable though! Not sure if it’s worth $75, I usually just grab a planner from target for $10.

  49. Alena P

    I have been eyeing these for some time now! I LOVE the peacock design! 😉

  50. Melissa Bean

    What a fantastic idea for a giveaway! I couldn’t live without my EC planner. The hardest part is deciding which one to get…If I win, I’m using the gift certificate for baby announcements 🙂

  51. Bridget Heiple Reich

    I love the designer classic notebook – bouquet -coral

  52. Thatia A

    Too cute! I really need a planner.

  53. Toni

    Gold edition purple life planner

  54. Kristin t

    I love the blue zig zig planner

  55. Emily Drew

    You know the way to a girls (well organized) heart! <3

  56. Lauren

    Uggh I want a life planner like you wouldn’t believe! I’m a sucker from chevron so probably a zig zag pattern.

  57. Stephanie S.

    I’ve never heard of them before but I can always use a good way to get organized.

  58. Kristin G.

    I love the zig zag cover! It would be so awesome to win!

  59. Leah McDaniel

    I just received my planner, but I would love an iPhone case from her line!

  60. The life planner that I would pick from Erin Condren would be the “2013-2014 life planner -reality blooms -roses?-red”.

  61. Jean Eckert

    I think I would go with a zig zag cover!!! These planners look so nice, hope to win one 🙂

  62. Courtney

    Hmmm, my planner goes until Dec 2014 so maybe I will get one of those acrylic family planners or an iPhone case?!

  63. Amanda

    I really like the multi-colored paisley design!

  64. Julie Castetter

    I like the Paisley cover!

  65. Theresa Trotter

    I would love this planner. I just moved to a new state and could use some organizing.

  66. Bri

    I would love to win this! I currently have an Erin Condren planner and I would absolutely love to get one for next year. I think I would pick the sea-life one in the pretty light-blue color.

  67. Ashlee

    I’m not sure which I would pick, but I have been in need of a good planner forever!

  68. Gina F.

    Oh my gosh the gold planners are so me!! Love them!

  69. Erin

    Cake pops from Starbucks for sure!!!

  70. Mackenzie

    I’ve been dreaming about one of these forever! It would take me a week to decide what design I want, too. 🙂

  71. Mattie

    These are super cute!!! Love me some calendars. 🙂

  72. Bobbi

    Just ordered mine the other day! Got the fleur feliz watercolor cover. Love the site though so I am sure I would have no problem spending a little more there!

  73. Ally

    I would totally go for the Candy Lace Life Planner.

  74. Juli

    Love the sand dollar one. I would probably change my mind 18 times before actually ordering though. There are so many cute one!

  75. ruth

    bouquet in purple or paisley

  76. latanya

    2013-2014 life planner -GOLD EDITION -pink

  77. Nikki

    Thank you so much for this giveaway! I’ve dreamed of owning an Erin Condren planner for years! (Living paycheck to paycheck really blows at times. Okay, it blows at ALL times.) 😉

  78. Leslie Angerer

    Since I already bought my life planner for next year, I’d get a functional family planner!

  79. PhaeLea

    I would LOVE a planner! Very cool!

  80. Dawn

    I’m a bit of a notepad addict, so I’d probably get some of those! Her designs are great!

  81. Liz

    Thanks for doing great giveaways. I’m hoping to win one 🙂 I could definitely use this since I’m just starting out as a Stella dot stylist!!?

  82. Barbara

    I want that gold planner so bad!

  83. Mel

    There are so many cute ones to decide from! I’d have to think about it, but I like Fleur Feliz, Paisley, Bouquet, and Granada Groove.

  84. jmd

    I like the mod morrocco!

  85. Jennifer

    I would pick the paisley classic life planner. The planner has been on my mental wish list for a long time.

  86. Mateya

    I’d definitely get the Taffy Stripes LP. I had one previously and LOVED it but have a hard time justifying the price right now, so this would be such a blessing to win! How sweet of you to do this!

  87. K

    I think I’d spend it on some notepads. I never have enough notepads around for grocery and to-do lists. I’d like some pretty ones like the viva espana.

  88. Nicole

    I’m getting married next month so a planner or calendar and the like would be great.
    Love that peacock!

  89. Jean K.

    I’m loving the e-sand dollar design!

  90. Mansi M

    I love all the planners… and I really need one since I’m in school

  91. Amanda

    I was supposed to get my ecocentric mystery baby box today but it didn’t show up, must have gotten delayed with the long weekend 🙁 well I hope you get a bunch so I can see what you got while I wait 🙂 at least if I win I will be able to ponder design choices for awhile to give me another thing to do!

  92. Lynsey

    A life Planner for sure! I love the Instagram or the Zig Zag! I can’t pick!?

  93. Lindsay

    I must be living under a rock, because I’ve never heard of theses planners, but now I have to have one!

  94. Jenni C.

    I have a EC life planner so I would use it to buy all the extra goodies!

  95. Catherine

    I would like the gerber daisy one. It was our wedding flower! I wonder if I’d use this if I got one!

  96. Lauren Seritt

    This looks like something I need in my life! 🙂

  97. Brandy Fisk

    A life planner or I’d get
    weekly schedule pad- oh! what a week!
    and folded greeting -pretty petals

  98. Mandy Hillman

    Probably picture this or instagram life planner!

  99. Elizabeth

    Definitely zig zag is how I swag! 🙂 Thanks!

  100. Elise

    I love the UK one! But the Paisley would be my first choice 🙂

  101. Karrie

    Love planners!!! Really excited for this giveaway 🙂

  102. Ashlee

    Thank you for posting this!! Now I’m trying to decide which one i “need” maybe a calendar =)

  103. Amanda Kennedy

    I’d pick either the inspire or favorite things… or rad plaid.

  104. MaryAnn

    I would choose the Collage Life Planner

  105. Kyra

    I ordered a different planner for this year and didn’t love it like I did my EC one the year before! I would get the Rainbow Fleur Feliz!

  106. Kristin Lockwood

    Ahhh! The pressure! I *think* I’d chose or am choosing the Life Planner in Rad Plaid (Purple/Grey). I may change my mind 4 more times though!

  107. Karen

    I’d get one with a photo of my baby on it 🙂

  108. Emily Cecilia

    The notebooks are so beautiful! Make writing in them that much more fun! Thanks for the giveaway!

  109. Brandi

    Definitely the Erin Condren Planner!

  110. Rachel S.

    Oh man, I had her Life Planner in my cart for a few months last year until my boss bought me a Moleskin, but I’ve been dreaming about it still!!

    I’d go for the fleur feliz -turquoise OR the favorite things 🙂

    1. Caitlyn

      OOPS- SCATTERBRAIN! So O definitely need a planner… either Paisley or with my babies’ picture on it!

  111. miranda

    anything chevron!

  112. Shana

    I feel like you are reading my mind. Getting a planner is on top of my to-do list before the holidays. I gave up my paper planner this year, trying to go digital, and I have been a hot mess. Definitely need to get back on the paper planner train!

  113. Megan

    I love my Erin Condren planner from last year! I was just thinking about when to order another one.

  114. melissa g

    I love the planner!

  115. Jenn S

    i love the “signature stripes”!

  116. Amanda

    I didn’t know about her stuff until I saw your post yesterday. I checked the website and I can’t pick just one. They are all so beautiful.

  117. Jaclyn Paskow

    The gold edition in white!!

  118. soon p

    Zig zag life planner

  119. renee

    I have never heard of these life planners before. LOVE. Even if I don’t win, I will probably buy one 🙂

  120. Pilar

    If I get the gift card I would get the iPhone case in (roses -red) I love phone cases!

  121. Amy Huckaby

    I love the personalized ones a lot! I would also get some white chocolate mochas with the gift card. 😉

  122. kirstyn

    I love the wild life planner

  123. Brooke

    I would love the zig zag option!!

  124. Mallory

    I think I would get the Wild print. I’m a sucker for leopard print!

  125. Kristie

    I really like the lattice cover in gray/lemon or multi, but there are so many cute ones it would be very difficult for me to make a final decision!

    Can’t Stop Subscribing

  126. Kelsea Beth

    Peacock or Zig Zag! Thanks for the giveaways!

  127. Katy Muth

    I would buy Christmas cards because I LOVE her designs.

  128. Adrienne

    I’m totally a sucker for chevron, so I’d pick that. What a great giveaway!

  129. Bonnie

    I would probably personalize with one of the picture this options.

  130. Christina

    I would love to win this! I’m so disorganized and this would help so much (especially with school 🙂 )!

  131. Norma

    Love EC planners!!!! So many options!!!

  132. Kelly

    I would love to win!! The paisley print life planner is
    My favorite!

  133. Laura

    Zig zag

  134. Dana

    EC Planners are so awesome! I’ve been wanting one for awhile now! Would love the zig zag! Hope I win!! 😀

  135. Nicole

    It would be a tough call between the photo collage or the party pops cover!!!

  136. Jamie

    Maybe– the paisley. I am still so indecisive!

  137. gary

    I like the fleur feliz cover

  138. julie b

    too hard to choose!

  139. Jordan M

    I would spend the card on a colorful notebook, some markers, and a notebook bind to hold it together.

  140. Christina

    I would definitely get a planner! As a busy mom of three this could really make my life sooo much easier!

  141. Shelley

    Oh man! Too many choices. I’d probably use it to buy one for my sister who has 7 kids and could use this even more than me. Id get all the extras and get the peacock print.

  142. Charity

    Of course I would get the life planner! They are so fun -I’ve always looked at them but can’t seem to pull the trigger on paying that much. Love her acrylic trays though too! Great Giveaway!

  143. Hilary

    I really like the Sea-life one!

  144. Merissa

    I have been eyeing those planners! I’m loving the one with the initials on the cover!

  145. Jessica w

    I don’t just want this I need it! Probably would pick plaid.

  146. Divya Johnson

    Love her gift labels!

  147. Tiffany g

    A life planner is much needed in my life!

  148. Valerie Cannell

    I’d pick the “picture this” life planner and use a pic of our baby Jenson!

  149. Missy Nelson

    Wow!!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!! Fingers crossed! Glad I found you on Facebook- I enjoy your posts!

  150. Dawn

    I don’t know if I’d get a planner. Maybe, I do love pen/paper tracking. If I didn’t I would probably get some of the notebooks and notepads because I use them as do my two girls.

  151. Jillian

    Ohhh I would definitely get a planner, and I would pick the paisley cover.

  152. wenz

    never heard of her before. so many nice stationaries

  153. Emi

    I need a new planner too. Crossing fingers, so cute!

  154. laura maya

    candy lace -pool/mocha

  155. Maggie

    I’m trying to decide what design I want for next years planner and your giveaway came right in time! I think I’m leaning toward the gold edition or the classic stripe. Wanting to go minimal this time since my last two have actual designs on them. Really hoping to win!!! Your GC plus the $20 off she has going on can get me more things!

  156. I’ve really been crushing on the Gold-Edition planners, but can’t justify the expense. If I won this giftcard, then I’d probably choose that! I haven’t decided on a color yet though!

  157. Jackie

    I really like the gold covers

  158. Sarah Shumate

    I think I’d get the life planner with the British flag across the front since we just moved to London. Seems appropriate, right? :o)

  159. Lynn Morejon

    Definitely a print one!

  160. Christine Fortes

    You have had a lot of great giveaways but this one I really want. That life book is amazing! How much are they usually?

  161. Anna

    For some reason or another, when I come back for another daily entry it doesn’t save. 🙁 I only get that day’s entry.

    Just wanted to give you a heads up! 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      I will look into it! Thank you!

      1. Anna

        No prob! Have a great weekend! 🙂

      2. Christine Fortes

        This has happened to me with all the contests i enter with you as well. I thought it was just me.

        1. Jennifer

          Okay, so I just went back and looked at your entry detail.I see entries for “Just Click Enter” on the 17th, 18th, 21st & 22nd. It makes you wait 24 hours from the last time you entered before you can enter again. Is that it maybe? Or maybe you are entering and it doesn’t show right in the little widget? Let me know okay?

        2. Christine Fortes

          I did all the entries from the beginning except the twitter ones on all the contents. I wait the full 24 hours because it’s bookmarked so i can enter daily.

          1. Jennifer

            Oh, I see all those too. I thought you were saying the problem was with the daily ones. You did them all on the 17th. I have a total of 12 entry options from you. 4 were the “Just Click Enter” ones and the other 8 were the various options. Is there more that should have been recorded?

        3. Christine Fortes

          I’m not sure it’ok i’ll just cross my fingers and hope i win. I love all your giveaways but this one I’m really rooting for!

          1. Jennifer

            If it’s not to hard, let me know each time you enter in the next giveaway. (I’ll have another giveaway up tomorrow actually ;)) Even if you just click the rafflecopter button and then comment “i entered” or something so I can verify that each and every one is going through!

    2. Jennifer

      Okay, on yours Anna, I see “Just Click Enter” entries on the 15th, 16th, 17th & 18th. Is that right? It’s possible it’s just the way it shows you in the widget because it seems to be recording everything?

      1. Anna

        That seems right. It must have only been on my end. Wow…thanks for looking into this. You definitely went above & beyond. 🙂

        1. Jennifer

          Okay good! I want to make sure everything gets counted right!

  162. Mary

    Thanks for such a nice giveaway! EC has such nice stuff, is hard to pick any favorites, am loving the Tulip notepads, and so much more. Also, have a pen obsession so am liking those pens that you are giving away. And, Starbucks, my old (but rarely visited) friend 🙂

  163. Lauren

    I like the pink zig zag one!!!

  164. Amy M

    I have wanted an EC planner for the past two years just never got around to buying one. If I win picking a design is going to be the hardest part!!!

  165. Jackalyn Dahler

    I am wanting the Candy Lace Life Planner!

  166. Natasha

    I would probably choose the paisley one!!

  167. Stephanie McGuire

    I love the Instagram covers… I want to put our family on the cover!

  168. Kelly G

    I love the chevron covers!!!

  169. Sims

    I would SO love the kappa kappa gamma sorority key cover!!!

  170. Christine

    I would pick one with my shihtzu Jakes photo on it.

  171. Kristen

    I’m so excited about this contest. I hope I win! 🙂

  172. MurdocksMama

    I would get a life planner. One of the photo ones {either the collage or the picture this!} I have heard so much about these planners, but never got one. Maybe this is the year since trying to keep track of all 4 of us, the dog, working out, work, the photography business and more is getting to be a bit much! 🙂 Have a great week!

  173. Tracy

    I love the paisley cover!!!

  174. Kelly

    I LOVE these planners. I would get the classic life planner – the one with the polka dots is adorable.

  175. Wild Orchid

    I love the Paisley Life Planner.
    Entered the rafflecopter as “Wild orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  176. Andrea Fleming

    I would definitely buy the life planner with a pink and green (what else?) cover. Do most people download pics for the stickers, or use what comes with the EC planner?

    1. Jennifer

      I never get the picture stickers. I’m far too lazy to download all that!

  177. Mimi

    First time I have heard of this company, now I can’t stop thinking about getting a planner!

  178. Sarah

    I get a planner every year for Christmas or around Christmas time, this would be amazing! I live off my planner. Picking one cover will be one tough decision!

  179. Suzanne

    I was just looking at these yesterday! I love the paisley & the sand dollar. I am not sure which I like best!

  180. Jessica

    I’d love one of the gold edition planners!

  181. PGT

    Oh so many great options to pick from – I would pick either zig zag or sand dollar or may be paisley..tough decisions! Hope I win your giveaway!

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