A Poll: Do you decorate for Christmas?

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We haven’t really gone out looking at Christmas lights yet, but it’s totally on our holiday “To-Do” list and the kids love it when we drive by a house that’s all lit up. I mean the gaudier the better for these guys. They like the flashing lights, the eight million inflatables, music playing, etc. We decorate our house – inside and out, but nothing too crazy (though I’d like too). I know a lot of people don’t do the outside though, for various reasons. If you wait too long to decorate in MI it’s COLD out and you’ll freeze your butt off out there. Ask B. He finished up our outdoor decorations on seriously one of the coldest days of the year! But we (well he) did it anyway because kids really like it. And we do too.

What about you? Do you decorate your house with lights and inflatables and all that? Or are you in tree in the window and indoor decorations only person? Or heck, do you just skip it all and look at the neighbors stuff?

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  1. Jenny

    All over. I’m thinking the boys and I may just go driving around the surrounding neighborhoods tonight to see what we can find. They love the inflatables more then anything else but I’m more of a light girl myself.

    1. Jennifer

      There is this house near us that is inflatable crazy. I really need to take the boys!

  2. Mrs. L

    We live in townhomes and are one of the few that decorate. We have lights up and some big lit ornaments etc on our patio and porch. Lights and decorations on our trellis. Wreaths on the gate and door that usually have lights (though not this year…me being sick for three weeks has definitely put a damper on our holiday spirit). You can see our tree in the front window and we have a few decorations (a lit Snoppy thing etc) in the other windows. No inflatables though. Since we are one of the few that decorate we find people actually slowing their cars down to look at our place.

    We have a huge tree inside, full of lights but no ornaments (when we do put them up they have to be shatterproof because of the cats). We put that Michaels wreath stuff round all the banisters and stairs, lights going around every room and we have many of these glass trees that light up and plastic penguins that light up we put all around (we literally don’t have to turn on lights in any room during this time of year to see, the Christmas lights are plenty!). We have lights and stuff in the hallways, the bedrooms and the computer room. The downstairs bathroom is also decorated. We also have a gazillion little stuffed Christmas animals/toys that we place everywhere.

    I now have my Moms Christmas village and train set so we’ll have to figure out how to have that up next year and how to cat proof it!

    If you walk in our house, it really doesn’t look like a lot (not like Christmas barfed all over everything), but my husband does a good job so it looks pretty good.

    So yeah, we kinda do a bit for the holidays 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      It sounds like it!!!! Did you blog about any of this? I want figures!

  3. Lisa D

    No inflatables- just lights and figures like snow man (w/lights) no window decor. We do it every year.

    1. Jennifer


  4. Sarah

    We moved into family housing at my college this year so we are in a giant apartment building now. We used to decorate our patio and the inside of our apartment, but we don’t have a patio anymore. The most I can do is put a wreath on the door. I think we are the only ones on our floor to do that.

    We even had to take apart our dining room table and store the table and chairs at my mom’s house to put our tree up!

    1. Jennifer

      That’s hard to decorate outside without a patio!

  5. Alexia561

    We got rid of most of our decorations when we moved and I wasn’t planning on decorating, but DH surprised me one day by putting up lights around the stair railings, mantle, and kitchen cabinets. Looks nice! No room for a tree, but might get a mini one after the holidays for next year.

    1. Jennifer

      Could you do a skinny tree?? I love skinny trees!!!

  6. Shaniqua

    I do a Christmas tree, though it’s frustrating because I have a cat, I also hang lights, stocking and decorate my table and window with a vase of ornaments, I actually blogged about the vase decor. My neighbor does the hall, (I am in a three family home) oh and I break out the candles too.

    1. Jennifer

      The cat likes the tree huh??

  7. Susan

    Yeah, my husband goes a little overboard with the lights, but our town has a Christmas light contest. If you get 1st, 2nd or 3rd place, there are cash prizes and you get to ride in the Christmas parade. Last year we got 3rd place, and this year he added more, and we got 2nd. The girls love riding in the parade, so he does it mostly for them.

    1. Jennifer

      Aww, that’s so fun! Hopefully next year he comes in 1st!

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