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Trunk Club
December Trunk Club

Trunk Club is a men’s clothing service where a personal stylist handpicks a trunk of high-end clothes and ships it to you for free. B tried Trunk Club back in August (you can check that out here) and really enjoyed the items he received (he actually kept them all) and have been wanting to try another one.

When you first order Trunk Club you go through all the steps online to complete a profile (which includes measurements and sizes) and then you set up a call with your personal stylist (ours is Megan) to discuss what you are looking for in your trunk, how much you want to spend, etc.  I’d already talked to Megan for my first order, so I just e-mailed her and let her know what we were looking for.  She actually ended up sending two trunks because, after seeing the first trunk, I wanted some different shirt options.

Trunk Club does send higher end (i.e. more expensive) pieces of clothing (and accessories), but you can totally let them know what your price points are like, what you are comfortable spending, etc.  The size of the trunk and number of pieces included varies based on what you are looking for and how much you want to spend. Oh, I should also mention that there is no styling fee involved.  You pay for what you keep.  Period.

Trunk Club
The Box

Trunk Club ships via FedEx and usually takes about two days to get to me.  They include a prepaid label and even stickers to seal the trunk back up so you can easily send the pieces you aren’t interested back.  It’s totally painless.

First Look – Trunk 1
Trunk Club
First Look – Trunk 2

As you can see, everything is packaged neatly and includes a personal note from your stylist.  Since we got so many pieces (because we got two trunks), I won’t go into too much detail about them all, but you’ll get the idea. Ohh, I should also mention that the trunks contain a little information card, which lists the prices of the items.  I’d include a picture of mine, but I have no clue where they are.  You can also view the information in your account online.  That’s where you rate your pieces are let them know how the fit was, if you are keeping it, etc.   Here are the pieces we received – broken down by trunk.

Trunk #1:
~Bonobos Weekday Warriors Pants ($98): B actually owns these exact same pants. I mean the exact ones. He loves them, but does’t need a second pair of the same pants. Returned.

Bonobos Weekday Warriors Pants

~A.G. Protege Pants ($178): These aren’t jeans, but they aren’t khakis either.  They are a soft material (maybe even a little stretchy) and B loved them.  Kept.

A.G. Protege Pants

~Theory Sylvain Shirt ($195): This shirt was great quality, but B wears a plain white shirt like, maybe once every six month, so this wasn’t for us.  I mean that’d be like $90 per wear.  Returned.

Theory Sylvain Shirt

~John Varvatos Slim Fit Shirt ($98): The fit on this was great, but the pattern, not so much.  Returned.

John Varvatos Slim Fit Shirt

~John Varvatos Slim Fit Shirt ($98): Same fit as the last shirt, which B loved, but he really liked this pattern, so he kept it.  I probably would have returned this, but I’m not the one wearing it.  Kept.

John Varvatos Slim Fit Shirt
He looks annoyed, but he actually liked it.

~Jeremy Argyle Half Zip Sweater ($178): B has been eyeing the half zip sweaters for a while and this did the trick to pull him in! I love that it’s a bright color because I probably would have gotten him grey or navy.  Boring.  Kept.

Jeremy Argyle Half Zip Sweater
Sweater and Navy Pants
Sweater and Navy Pants

~Billy Reid Bond Peacoat ($695): Wow.  When I saw this I was like well, I hope B’s not in love with this since we are NOT keeping it.  LOL.  Luckily it didn’t fit him well and he didn’t like that it didn’t have a lining.  Maybe it’s the style, but for almost $700, he wants that silky feeling as he puts the coat on.  Returned.

Billy Reid Bond Peacoat

Trunk 2 (all brighter shirt options as requested by me):

~Bonobos Conover Plaid Shirt ($85): I actually love this, but B didn’t.  Boo!  The fit is great though and B loves Bonobos.  The founders of Trunk Cub are also the people behind Bonobos!!  Returned ;(.

Bonobos Conover Plaid Shirt
Bonobos Conover Plaid Shirt

~Bonobos Linen Plaid Shirt ($85):  We both totally loved this one and B wore it to work today with a pair of jeans (Fridays are casual day).  Kept.

Trunk Club
Bonobos Linen Plaid Shirt
Wearing the shirt
Wearing the shirt (and that’s an Erin Condren order in the background)

~Gitman Brothers White Sport SmGing Shirt ($160): We both like the pattern on this one (I actually liked all the fun patterns in this), but it was super tight.  Like super tight.  I was afraid he was going to rip it taking it off!  Returned.

Trunk Club
Gitman Brothers White Sport SmGing Shirt

~Jeremy Argyle Long Sleeved Comfort Dress Shirt ($148): Loved the fit, didn’t love the pattern.  Returned.

Trunk Club
Jeremy Argyle Long Sleeved Comfort Dress Shirt

~Jeremy Argyle Long Sleeved Comfort Dress Shirt ($148): B loved this.  He wore it to work the day after it arrived.  It’s perfect.  Totally perfect. I didn’t even expect him to love this as much as he did.  Kept!

Trunk Club
Jeremy Argyle Long Sleeved Comfort Dress Shirt

As you can see we returned a quite a few pieces, but we also bought quite a few as well!  I think we both agree that Trunk Club is fabulous and it saves the hassle of going shopping and trying on a bunch of clothes and having the kids get all annoyed about it.  B isn’t one to shop for himself, so I have to go as well and then the kids are there and after trying a few things on, well, it gets crazy (they do love those mirrors in the Nordstrom dressing room though).

Jeremy Argyle Long Sleeved Comfort Dress Shirt
Future Trunk Cluber

What do you think of Trunk Club?  If you are interested in signing up or just want to check them out, click here! I am thinking this will be a seasonal subscription for us (you can request a trunk whenever you want), because while B would love it to come monthly, I think these work better as occasional pieces to “fun up” his wardrobe!

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  1. I wish there were more men’s clothing subscriptions with reasonable prices that my husband would be happy with. $700 coat is 2 car payments!! Even when you give them a price range, it usually is way above what he would pay!

    1. Jennifer

      I considered actually hiding that coat from him. But I didn’t.

  2. Bethany

    Ooh, I like this–and that there’s no styling fee! My favorite is that last shirt. B is such a good sport to model the clothes! Pretty sure my husband would not be down for that. I recently heard about another men’s subscription clothes service–Five Four Club. Have you tried that one? I’d like to do that or this one for my husband next year sometime..

    1. Jennifer

      I haven’t tried them yet! If you do let me know what you think!

    1. Jennifer

      I liked the cut!

    1. Jennifer

      Thanks for the heads up! I’ll take a look.

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