PopSugar Must Have 2013 Holiday for Him Limited Edition Box Review

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PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Holiday for Him
PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Holiday for Him

I was going to wait until tomorrow to post my review on B’s PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Holiday for Him, but I figured it’s already been a crazy PopSugar day on here, so let’s just round it out.

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Holiday for Him
The Box

PopSugar ships via FedEx Smart Post (starts out as FedEx ends up being transferred to USPS for delivery) and this box took the standard week to arrive.  And like half my packages, it was dropped off on my porch nice and early this morning.  The rest of my mail and packages came at the standard 4pm.

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Holiday for Him
The Box in the Box

The “For Him” box was in the same size box as the Special Edition for women box.  Like I mentioned in that review, it’s smaller than the other special edition boxes we’ve received.  But the box itself is nicer.

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Holiday for Him
First Look
PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Holiday for Him
Second First Look

Everything was packaged perfectly and the items were individually wrapped up.  I opened everything up, took pictures and then repacked for B to do as he pleased with.

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Holiday for Him
The Information Card

The PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Holiday for Him information card was much like that in the women’s special edition box.  It folded out lengthwise and was printed on a nicer paper.  This card didn’t indicate much of a theme other than that this box was like a “secret so good that they’re impossible to keep”.  It included the following:

~Mark and Graham – Everyday Leather Travel Pouch ($79): This is a smaller pouch than B’s normal dopp kit (which in my eyes is a makeup bag for men) (he uses the one that came in Bespoke Post), but this may work for traveling.  It’s very well made and I could smell the leather as soon as I opened the box it was in.

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Holiday for Him
Mark & Graham Everyday Leather Travel Pouch

~Apolis – Flannel Wool Tie ($68): B received the black tie so it’s super hard to see it in my picture.  Hindsight tells me I should have taken this picture on a surface that was not black. “Fred” (our elf on the shelf) made a complete mess of our counters last night (he was making snow angels) so I had to relocate for today’s pictures.  The tie is great and I know just need to figure out what B is going to wear with it.

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Holiday for Him
Apolis Flannel Wool Tie

~Native Union – Monocle Speaker ($49.99): I’m not so sure about this one.  B listens to his iPad / iPhone every night when he cooks (meaning we all listen to it), but it’s usually just on speaker and it’s just fine.  Might as well give this a go though?  Can’t hurt!

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Holiday for Him
Native Union Monocle

~Malin+Goetz – 1 oz. Essential Kit ($30): Totally love. This is B’s favorite item in the box.  It’s perfect for traveling (the pouch and sizes are all carry-on approved).  B doesn’t travel like he used to (he may eventually travel like that again though), but he will totally use all these even if he doesn’t travel.  He’s a total product guy and he’s never tried this brand before.

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Holiday for Him
Malin + Goetz 1oz. Essential Kit

~Soxiety – Striped Cotton-Blend Socks ($12): Never have a ever received a duster bag for socks.  Expensive purses?  Yep.  Shoes?  Sometimes.  But socks?  Never. Ha!  I found this highly entertaining and plan to keep this little bag to store my mess of unmatched socks. I still hope to find their matches one day.  B says the socks are his second favorite item in the box.

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Holiday for Him
Soxiety Striped Cotton-Blend Socks

~Funky Chunky – ChipZelPop ($6.50): Chips + Pretzels + Popcorn.  Delicious. I suspect these will be demolished in the next few minutes!

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Holiday for Him
funkychunky Chip-Zel-Pop

~Krave – Jerky ($7): Krave isn’t B’s favorite beef jerky, however I think even he was excited when he saw the flavor.  They are sending variations, but we got “Black Cherry Barbecue”.  I am packing this in B’s lunch tomorrow!

PopSugar Special Edition Must Have Holiday for Him
Krave Jerkey

All totaled I came up with a value of $251.49 for the Special Edition PopSugar Must Have Holiday Box for Him.   I thought this box was worth the $100 price tag , but I wouldn’t have paid $250+!  The skincare products + tie + socks + snacks made the box for us and the rest was just a bonus!

What do you think of the box?  Did you get one?  What was your favorite item in the box?  This Special Edition Box is not available anymore, but if you are interested in subscribing to monthly (women’s)  PopSugar boxes, click here and use the coupon code “REFER5” to save $5 off your first box!  PopSugar offered two Special Edition Boxes (Summer and Holiday) last year so if that continues this year we should see another another one offered sometime in the Spring.

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  1. Jenny

    Nice mens box. All very useful and good items. I think the USPS is running double runs here with the holidays. I’m getting packages in the morning and then my regular mail around 3 each day with more envelope and small packages. I’m thinking maybe it has something to do with filling up the trucks. My morning person isn’t my normal delivery guy either. Not sure but I love getting multiple mails a day 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      Me too! I hope this trend continues!

  2. Dianne

    Thanks for sharing your post. I was really curious to know what was in it but knew my guy probably wouldn’t use most of it. I was right. Although it looks perfect for the right man.

  3. Bethany

    I debated whether or not to get this and didn’t end up ordering it. I like some of the items, but we actually got the Monocle in our first Fancy Box, which came last week, so it’s probably a good thing! The other stuff in this box is take it or leave it for me–nothing to die for (at least by my husband’s tastes). We have been using the Monocle to play Christmas music, which has been nice!

    1. Jennifer

      What do you use your monocle with? An iPhone? Do you think it’s nice?

      1. Bethany

        iPhone or iPod, yeah. We were skeptical of it at first, too, and I told my husband we could always try to exchange it, but once he started looking at it more he thought it was cool. It’s nice because most speakers need to be plugged in, but this one is very portable!

  4. Mary

    I really like the monocle. It meets a few needs for me. I don’t like using up my IPad’s limited storage for music and podcasts, so I put those all on an old iPod touch that has a terrible speaker. I’ve been looking for a Bluetooth shower speaker so I can listen to podcasts and music (in that room…) but they are pretty expensive and only serve one purpose. Now I put my iPod in the cabinet and since the monocle has such a long cord, I can place it wherever in the room.

    Also, my husband’s touchscreen panel in his car broke recently (it’s crazy expensive to replace) and he can’t control the stereo, so he can now just pop that little speaker into one of his cup holders (which actually amplifies the sound) and play anything off his iPhone.

    I don’t think I would use it as a phone handset or even a headphone, but its a good little speaker that can plug into any device. I’ve had it for three days and have already used it at least 3 times.

    1. Jennifer

      You are making me want to open it right this second!

  5. Hmagoncia

    The guy and I (both 25 years old) loved the black skinny tie, hipster socks, essentials travel kit, and leather travel pouch, these items were right up his alley.
    We are unsure of the monocle and have yet to give it a try, and the snacks are probably delicious, but we could do without them and wish they were substituted with other fancy useful items, hehe.

    1. Jennifer

      They don’t seem to ever do a box without snacks!

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