Ramblings of a Suburban Mom 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways – Day 4

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Ramblings of a Suburban Mom 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways - Day 4
Ramblings of a Suburban Mom 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways – Day 4

Today’s giveaway, Day 4 of the Ramblings of a Suburban Mom 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways, is for a $100 Target gift card!!  You know how I love that place and it just seemed like the perfect fit!  And can I just also say that I am LOVING reading everyone’s answers to all the blog comment question entries?  Most of the time I get some people not really answering the question and just saying like “enter me” or whatever, but everyone is answering these and I LOVE it!

If you want to win all you need to do is enter in the Rafflecopter widget below.  If you can’t see the Rafflecopter box, try a different browser, a different computer, your smartphone, etc.  I know sometimes people have trouble with it at work.    The giveaway is set to end on 12.12.12 at 12:00am and the gift card will be shipped to the winner ASAP!  

All these giveaways are tagged with “12 Days of Christmas” and “December Giveaways“, so they will be super easy for everyone to find and enter daily!  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(*) This giveaway is in no way sponsored by or related to any of the companies / brands included in the giveaway. I just flat out like this stuff
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  1. Enrica

    I would spend the GC on my kids and little on myself 🙂

  2. jmd

    What wouldn’t I get?? Tea, makeup, snacks, clothes, the list goes on and on!

  3. Rose D.

    Clothes! I need new clothes, and this would be PERFECT!

  4. Erin

    I’m boring….I’d buy groceries.

    1. Rose

      So would I!

  5. Tabitha

    OMG! A Target gift card…so many things I could spend money on. I would most likely use it towards a Kitchen-aid Mixer. I want one of those so bad!

  6. Jess

    I would spend the gift card on essentials for grad school! I am getting ready to graduate with my bachelors and will need to decorate an apartment soon!

  7. Judy Louie

    There’s nothing I’m really dying for at Target, so if I won, I think I might give the gift card away. Maybe I’d give it to my UPS guy. He works hard and is always super sweet. Or the trainer at bootcamp for putting up with us ladies and always pushing and challenging us. That would be more useful than the chocolate I was thinking of giving them! p.s. Jennifer, do you watch The Mindy Project? Yesterday’s episode was so darn sweet. I died. There is a will they or won’t they kind of relationship and yesterday it was just melt-your-heart sweet.

    1. Jennifer

      I do not watch it. Should I be????

      1. Judy Louie

        YES! This season is better than the previous one, but I think you should watch from the beginning to see the relationship develop. The sweet gesture in yesterday’s episode was awesome.

  8. Avery Germaine

    Christmas gifts for my family and a couple treats for myself. 😉

  9. Jenny

    I would PLAN on buying lots of Christmas decorations on clearance after the holiday. But lets face it, I end up buying things in Target that were never “planned” purchases…so who knows what I’ll end up with!

  10. Jen K

    I would buy useful school supplies for my kids’ teachers and some books.

  11. Alison

    I go to target SOOOO much – I have no idea!! I’d spend it on diapers maybe, a sweater, food, maybe something amazing like a new phone????

  12. Caroline

    Wow!! How very generous! Anyone would be lucky to win this for the holiday season 🙂

  13. Jodie Kingsbury

    I love this store too. If I were to win this amazing gift, I would spend it on all the angel tree ornaments we get to give to other children.

  14. Lisa D

    WOW I love Target too…but I swear you would be an asset if you worked for Target…that and broke LOL. If I win this I will use the $100 to purchase toys to donate for Toys of Tots.

    1. Jennifer

      I know right? I should work there I was there this morning and I think the cashiers hadn’t seen me in a while because they came over to talk to WB!

  15. Margo D

    Yes!! Maybe a little on my fur baby too!

  16. Ashley

    I would probably spend it on my brother in law. He’s in the national guard and he’ll be home soon and I think he deserves so much. He’s the little brother I always wanted and I’m so proud of him.

  17. Mikkii

    oh my gosh…i wouldn’t even know where to start. our nearest target is over an hour a way, but a gift card would give me the incentive to drive there! plus, target is right next to olive garden…which i LOVE!! lol!

  18. Maureen

    Printer Ink and then shampoo and vitamins

  19. katrina

    I would use it to buy a few more Xmas presents and something fun for myself:)

  20. Ryan

    Hmm…. Probably groceries! Lol so boring right???

  21. Debbie

    I would buy myself some clothes and pespi with it.. I LOVE TARGET TOO!!!!!!

  22. Sophie

    I would honestly spend it on Christmas presents haha. I go a little crazy during this time of the year. I just love buying that perfect gift for someone and seeing them open it!

  23. Julie McLaney

    I LOVE Target!!! They have so many choices for unique gifts and beautiful items. 🙂

    Thank you for offering this one!

  24. Shannon

    I would spend the gift card on my hubby’s stocking. Lol just kidding I’d totally buy clothes.

  25. Kimberly D.

    I would buy a ton of BOOTS and sweaters! I’m looking at my closet right now and noticing that I only have summer footwear!

  26. Melissa

    I don’t know what I’d use it on. It’s Target so probably random stuff. Definitely no groceries or household supplies! And, not on Christmas presents!! I would spend it all on fun stuff for me 🙂

  27. Megan

    I have had my eye on this small table for my nursery…I think I would spurge and get it if I won….Whenever I normally get gift-cards for Christmas I usually end up spending them on things for others, I would use this one for something I want.

  28. Chelsey

    I didn’t see a question on this post but I will say my husband hates that I follow your blog because I spend so much money trying things I find in your reviews!!:)

    1. Jennifer

      It’s in the blog comment entry. It’s “What would you spend the gift card on if you won?

  29. Yvonne Jones

    Formula. Target always has the best price. I know boring, but a girl has to be practical! Plus my child got spoiled with Black Friday (kohls) deals and toys 🙂

  30. Elizabeth

    I’d probably use the gift card on practical stuff like food and cleaning supplies, but maybe I’d do a little extra Christmas shopping (for me) with it 🙂

  31. Shelby

    I’d probably buy some clothes! Target has cute stuff!

  32. Erin B

    I’m not sure what I’d spend the gc on … probably a little bit of everything since that’s what always seems to make its way into my cart when I got to Target!! 🙂 I never can get out of there with one or two items!

  33. Kristen

    Christmas presents for my son 🙂

  34. Zoe D

    I would buy a coat and some boots!

  35. Bridget Heiple Reich

    I would probably buy some diapers for my son and something nice for myself. I saw an expensive shampoo & conditioner gift set the other day (I think it was John Frieda) that I would love to have! 🙂

  36. Shana

    My dad. He is well deserving of something nice.

  37. ashley cabell

    I would buy some of Target’s unique beauty and food products, of course all stuff my whole family could use! Thanks for the giveaway!

  38. Mary w

    I have no clue what I’d spend this on! I’d probably just go in and grab random stuff of the shelf! Isn’t that what target is for? Haha

  39. Jill

    Target gift cards!?!?! I love Target!

  40. Ashlee

    What wouldn’t I spend it on?! I love their dollar spot, so I could go bat-shit crazy in there, lol!

  41. Sue

    Ooooooh, my favorite so far! I gotta win this one!!! 🙂

  42. Tara m

    Clothes for my kiddies love me some clothes there!

  43. Savanna

    I would probably buy clearance clothes for the girls for next year and some more Christmas gifts!

  44. Jackie

    Oh boy, I’d buy a little of everything! Some new decorations for the house, a toy for the kids, maybe some new sheets! Lip gloss, the possibilities are endless!!

  45. Meg Mc

    I would spend it on Christmas presents, of course! Or clothes.

  46. Cheryl

    I would stock up on paper supplies, crayons, markers and anything else I can get my hands on for my classroom!

  47. Rachael

    I accidently clicked the wrong submission early on the blog post. I don’t know what the question is. I love Christmas though. My favorite holiday!!

    1. Rachael

      I figured it out. I would spend it on some new boots for myself and comic socks for my husband. I would also buy some food and presents for strangers and hand them out to people. I feel like we can always spread a little extra cheer to others. I would also love to buy TONS of things in Target.

    2. Jennifer

      It’s What would you buy with the gift card. I think it will let you re-access it though? No big deal if it doesn’t. You’re set!

  48. Tiffany

    Bring on the giftcard…momma needs an area rug!

  49. Megan

    What couldn’t I spend it on? I was there last night and spent $200 but not a single thing for myself so if I won I would get some new accessories, maybe a date night outfit, new jeans…I can go on and on.

  50. Michelle R

    I would probably spend it on what I usually buy at Target – things I don’t really need!

  51. ashley g

    I soooo need this gift card! I will totally use it for decorations for the new house I’m gonna be getting! LOVE TARGET!

  52. Jenn

    I would save it for post-Christmas clearance!

  53. Alena P

    I would love to spend it on myself! Post Christmas Clerance would be fun too! I am in Target 3+ times a week, so this would be ah-mazing! Thank you! 🙂

  54. Shannon

    I would probably spend it on spring/summer clothes for my son and maybe some new house decor.

  55. Beth

    After Christmas clearance items!

  56. Sarah

    I would probably spend it on last minute Christmas gifts because I ALWAYS forget someone and have to run out on 12/23 for that one final thing. If I magically remembered my entire list this year, I’d buy either new bedside lamps for my bedroom or some closet storage solutions because my closets are scary :/

  57. Alexa Angell

    I would spend the gift card on all of the last-minute things I always seem to need to pick up right before Christmas: stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, snacks, etc.

  58. Tori

    I would spend it all in the dollar spot!!!! (Only half-kidding…) I’d probably get some shoes and clothes. Maybe some other fun goodies. I.love.target!

  59. Beth Rang

    I would end up buying practical things for our home and something fun for my Lego loving 11 year old son. I love my son, and the years with him have passed too quickly!

  60. brittany

    I would buy myself some new work clothes! Hoping to lose a few pounds before the new year & would need new clothes 🙂 🙂

  61. Lisa

    I would buy a new DVD player. Or maybe a printer, as ours died–something that will let me print from the iPad or iPhone. We really need a new computer too, but the hubby and I are having a disagreement over whether to get another PC or an Apple…

  62. Kim Henrichs

    I would buy some new jeans and kitty food!

  63. Kathy

    I would love a new electric tea/hot pot and a few new kitchen tools and supplies

  64. Jessi N

    Most likely spend it purchasing items for a friends upcoming baby ~ Thank you for the giveaway!

  65. Bonnie

    $100 at Target, what wouldn’t I buy? My stomach is growling right now so I am tempted to say food. The boys need clothes, especially socks, always more socks.

  66. Mackenzie

    I would probably use it to buy our stocking stuffers for this year. That, and a small gift card to Starbucks, because I deserve something nice, too. 😉

  67. Meghan C

    Clothes and then probably boring things like paper towels and toilet paper. Everyone needs them, but they’re no fun to buy!

  68. Sher

    Perfect ? they just opened about a 10-minute drive away!

  69. Kindra

    Lol, I already changed my mind like 10 times on what I would spend it on. I would say probably the hubby or the kiddos. 🙂

  70. laura maya

    Woe, so many options… clothes, clothes for kids, toys, books… nothing specific in mind…

  71. Traci C.

    I would buy pajamas for me. And maybe K-cup cocoas for everyone. Its snowing in my town today and my awesome boss is letting me work from home. All I want right now is Jammies and slippers and cocoa! LOL

  72. Emilia

    I would love to buy gifts for my family and me;)

  73. Kit Novak

    Probably some extra gifts and maternity clothes for my five month old belly!

  74. Kayleigh

    With all the house remodeling and the baby stuff, some extra money for Christmas presents would be great!

  75. Debra

    That’s a hard question because it’s so easy to just go into Target with no one thing in mind and still come out of there with ten bags. Ok, I’ll be responsible and get a smoke/carbon monoxide detector and a lamp because that’s what we need. Or some thermal pj’s because I’m freezing my butt off at night. How mundane.

  76. Rachel

    Something for my husband. He is so amazing, and he kinda gets forgotten this time of year.

  77. Heather

    I am moving into my brand new house on Monday so I have a ton of stuff I need to buy at Target!

  78. audrey

    I would buy new pajamas for the whole family… it would be tons of fun to have coordinating brand new pjs and a movie to open up on Christmas eve and wear Christmas morning. 🙂

  79. Sara

    I could do some real damage to the Target dollar spot with a $100.00 gift card. I would probably use it on some fun after Christmas deals 🙂

  80. Anna

    What wouldn’t I buy is the question? I love that place and easily drop $100 every time I walk through those doors! I’ve had my eyes on a pair of sparkly bedroom slippers though and this would be the perfect chance to put those bad boys on feet!

  81. Jessica

    I would spend it on Christmas gifts for my family, and who am I kidding…some new clothes and shoes for me too 🙂

  82. Jess

    I would spend it on clothes and food!!

  83. Aimee A

    Myself…. Lol. I’ve been shopping and shopping and shopping, and not for me! I’d probably spend it on clothes, maybe some christmas decor. Ooh, maybe some shoes!

  84. Rachel u

    Probably clothes or toys for the kiddos but as always when I’m at target my basket fills up with all kinds of random things I didn’t know I needed before- dont you just love that about target?

  85. Jessika

    There so much I could get! I love going to Target I I find new things every time I go. Shoes, I need shoes and cloths well the whole family could use some new cloths. I would spend it on cloths, Christmas gifts and a treat for me!

  86. Alice

    I would spend it on pajama pants and pretty much everything that happens to “fall” into my shopping basket.

  87. Liz Ruenzel

    I would like to get something special for SIL & BIL who help us out a lot.

  88. Hillary

    Hmmm, what WOULDN’T I spend it on? I swear I go in there for socks and come out with scarves, archer farms food, new throw pillows, a purse, a shower curtain, 5 makeup products, and 3 books. However, I most likely would go there with the intention of buying presents for my family since I am a broke law student!

  89. Erica

    In my heart, look for Christmas gifts for family. In reality, buy the wine glasses I registered for, and wine. And actually the blender I registered for, too. Margaritas for Christmas!

  90. Charity

    Probably mostly necessities. Some toys for the kids. Then if there was any left I might get something for myself!

  91. Isabel

    I would definitely spend it on my kids!

  92. Meghan

    I would love to spend it on some extra Christmas gifts for my son this year. And maybe a new scarf for myself. 😉 .

  93. Maggie

    I would love this! We just bought a new house so I’m sure I could think of a million things to spend it on – but probably would just be some organizational items!

  94. audrey

    I would spend it on myself…I’m loving the running clothes they have right now and it’s getting to be COLD in KY so it’s time to run in some bright, fun colors!

  95. Gina F.

    I would spend it on my kiddos!

  96. Jean Eckert

    I would probably save it for the day after Christmas and stock up on wrapping and decorating stuff for next year!

  97. April McDonald

    Oh gosh, this is going to be hard! I’d like to say I’d spend atleast some of it on myself but I know that is just a lie, especially if I take my kiddos with me 🙂 Honestly, I’d probably spend it on home items, if I made it past the toy department. We desperately need new bath towels that are suitable for guests to actually see and use. My husband LOVES clorox and my beautiful chocolate towels that I use(d) for display and guest use are now a horrible shade of orange and pink. I would also get some new bathroom rugs to match my awesome new towels. I’d also buy several picture frames to hang and display the 5,000 photos of the boys that I’ve had professionally made and have yet to put in to frames. And lastly a yummy bottle of wine for me and a DVD for the kiddos and hubby to watch while I drink my bottle of wine…alone 🙂

  98. I work at home and live in sweats. I am coming to a time where I need to do some traveling to conferences and meetings and would like to get some more professional clothes to better represent my business.

  99. Sara

    I would spend it on my family…basic necessities and stocking stuffers!

  100. Ruby Yoshi

    Still thinking.. But would buy a nice gift for my daughter’s birthday which is in 2 months, depending on her interests at that time lol.

  101. Adrienne

    What wouldn’t I spend it on? I’m lucky if I can make it out of that store without spending more than $50. Thank goodness the one in my town doesn’t also have a Starbucks or I’d set up camp.

  102. Jenny

    Oh what would I get. Hmmm I’d love to splurge it on some new home decor. They have some great cute things that I always seem to pass on since do I really need it but with a Win I would grab some up. 😉

  103. Gina

    Um, I would spend the gift card on anything I could get my hands on. Makeup, clothes, shoes, FOOD, books. Love love love Target.

  104. Sarah

    First stop would be at the Starbucks. Second stop, some popcorn for my son and I to munch on while we shop. Then I would scour (sp?!) the clearance racks to see if there was anything good, get myself that pretty watch I have been looking at, some new pillows for our couches, new sun shields for our car, find something fun for my hubby, get a gift for my nephew and let my son pick out something fun for him. OR if my husband goes along, it would probably go towards that new tv he has been looking at. Either way, it would be an excellent trip to Target:)

  105. megan cantrell

    I do not even know where I would start, but I never leave there without spending at least $100 so it would probably be an extra big and exciting haul without the guilt!!!

  106. Roro

    Want!! but it would feed my Target problem… i mean.. addiction.. I mean Oh look pretty shiny things.

  107. Lorena

    I need to get some stocking stuffers (for my husband and 3 girls). That would probably take the whole gift card. LOL! Thanks for all of the great giveaways!

  108. Kristin Lockwood

    I wouldn’t spend it myself, I’d give it to my mom and dad so they could use it on things they may need.

  109. Tuan

    I love EVERYTHING in that store! It’s like my mecca!

  110. Ashley C.

    Hmmm … I’d probably get some new tops — mine are so boring right now. I need something fun in my life/wardrobe! Maybe a book or two — Target always seems to have some of the best books! And then probably put some of it towards a new tree on the After Christmas sales — we need to get a bigger one!

  111. Megan W

    I would spend it on house decor, make-up and baby toys!

  112. soon p

    Towards purchasing a toddler bed for my first born.

  113. Rachel

    I’d spend it on after-Christmas clearance, chocolate–Target always has the best chocolate, and maybe some spring summer clothing for my kiddos. Awesome giveaway! 🙂

  114. nicole

    I would pick up some new holiday decorations and extra presents for the kids!

  115. kara mishmash

    I’d totally buy the yellow carlisle barstools to complete my kitchen bar. I’ve been totally in love with these since I saw them several months ago, just couldn’t justify it when i have perfectly fine barstools now.

  116. Kyra

    New boots and probably some household items to stock our Christmas gift to ourselves…a new travel trailer!

  117. Sarah F.

    Spending money at Target is so easy; it’s like I walk in the door and instantly there are five things in my cart. This gift card would go toward Christmas presents with probably a new nail polish for me “accidentally” finding its way into my cart.

  118. Juli

    Sweaters and something to feed my polish addiction!

  119. Caitlyn S.

    I would buy a mix of baby needs and toys, toys for my 7 year old daughter, and some clothes and shoes for my fianc?.

  120. Sara

    I’d spend most of it on Christmas gifts, but I’d save something for myself!

  121. Sarah

    I’d most likely buy some some goodies for the house and/or kitchen =)

  122. Pilar

    I would use the gift card by buying some more Christmas Decorations!!!

  123. Ashley

    I’d probably use it to help my family out, and maybe get myself some makeup. Lol

  124. Anne Marie

    I would get an iPad mini- so toward that!!!

  125. Amanda W

    I’d definitely put the gift card toward a Ninja Blender.

  126. Lindsay

    Clothes for my husband and myself. We never buy new things for ourselves! My son has more clothes than he will ever need. I will probably buy the cats a new bed too. They’ve been a little neglected lately. Thanks for the chance to win!

  127. Meredith

    Seeing as my sons birthday is a month after Christmas, I’ll use the card to buy his birthday presents

  128. Kelly G

    I would try and wait until Christmas clearance and spend it all then!!

  129. K

    Probably clearance items I never knew I wanted when they were full price. The usual.

  130. Abby

    New Pajamas and a couple toys for my niece and nephews

  131. Emily Kim

    I’d probably go a little clothes crazy for my twin boys…oh and pajamas! Target ALWAYS has the best pajamas! And…groceries… Or maybe a new bed quilt. We’re upgrading to a king bed, so gotta invest in new bedding!

  132. Haylee D

    I’d probably buy stocking stuffers for Christmas!

  133. Emily W.

    Like you, I love everything in Target!! Clothes, shoes, accessories, housewares, the beauty products they carry… everything! With a $100 gift card I’d probably pick up some of the awesome seasonal food they have, some more Christmas decorations, some stocking stuffers, and maybe some NYX products since they just added them to the store!

  134. MurdocksMama

    I would use the giftcard to get them jammies from the ‘elves’ for Christmas Eve and stocking stuffers.

  135. Stacey

    As you are my personal Target shopper, I would trust you to pick me goodies, but PJ’s and anything with gold dots would be a winner 😉

  136. Kelly

    Christmas gifts!

  137. Hildee

    I’d give the card to my husband to do a little surprise shopping.

  138. Janaya

    Ahhh! So many options! I would either buy a bunch of small things for our apartment like new utensils, more decorative pillows etc or I’d use it towards getting a kitchen aid!!

  139. Sara

    Is it wrong if I say that I’ll use the giftcard for after mad clearance sales?! Lol!!

  140. Nicole

    I would buy some new tops for the soon to be growing belly. The rest would go for snacks and things to remind my sister of home since she is deployed overseas at this time.

  141. Katherine

    Music and books.

  142. Berit

    Ooohhh love the giveaways! Thanks!! Just came across old Target ad and you got a great deal on the iPad! Congrats

    1. Jennifer

      Oh, I bought the big one during Black Friday. The deal wasn’t that great!!

  143. leana

    Well since I go at least twice a week I’m sure I’d find something..

  144. Tiffany G

    New boots! Clothes probably Target always has cute stuff!

  145. Deana M

    Oh man, I LOVE Target. It would be nice to get some last minute stocking stuffers and maybe even splurge on some nice sheets!

  146. Carly

    I would buy clothes, makeup (like I need more), CDs and DVDs, and sleep wear.

  147. Amy P

    Towels, a bathrobe, and a toilet scrubber, haha. And anything leftover would be some chocolate and bath salts for my mom.

  148. Kristin t

    A new computer!

  149. Kels

    Oh man. So many options. I think I’d finally just go for it and buy grandma some wall art. She’s had her eye on one of the 3-sets of canvas prints forever. And I’d buy as many of the sweet spun sugar candles as I could with what is leftover.. because I’m an addict.

  150. Jenn

    I’m a science teacher so I’d buy supplies for my classroom. We don’t have a budget for supplies anymore so everything we use is now either a donation or paid for out of our pocket. As a science teacher I use tons of consumable supplies for labs and Target is a great place to buy those things for a well stocked classroom!!! Thank you for the opportunity!!!!

  151. Mahdi Martin

    I would buy some Winter clothes if I won. Some pants and perhaps a warm dress and some blouses. All my clothes are too big and look ridiculous.

  152. Lauren

    More like what wouldn’t I spend it on, haha. $100 would probably get me through one trip where I went in to pick up some socks! 😉

  153. Ashley

    Everything! Most likely, though, I’d get some stuff to better organize the house

  154. Jaclyn

    I love how much you love Target! If I won the gift card, I would use it to buy decorations for the house I’ll be buying and wrapping paper. I am obsessed with their wrapping paper designs (I bought 20 rolls one year, oops).

  155. Loren

    I’d buy Christmas gifts and just the everyday essentials I’d end up buying there anyways!

  156. Kristy

    Gifts for my family!

  157. Amanda S.

    Hmm I would probably just save it for everyday expenses. As a college student, those are a killer since I spend all of my money on subscription boxes 🙂

  158. Brianne Flowers

    I would use it to finish some Christmas shopping. The rest would go to groceries.

  159. Hillary

    Well I am in college so probably groceries but I would prefer to spend it on some last minute gifts or clothes for myself!

  160. Kayla

    Anything, I LOVE Target!!

  161. miranda

    I would buy some Christmas decorations that go with our house

  162. Stephanie B

    I probably would buy diapers! Maybe something special for myself that I wouldn’t normally buy like fancy hair care products.

  163. Melanie K.

    I love this! I’m boring though and I’d probably just spend it on things we need at our house.

  164. Mrs. L

    I’d spend the entire thing on Gingerbread Oreos. I am not kidding, I really would.

  165. Claire H.

    Oh man, it’s so hard to decide with Target, but I think I would buy some home decor items, or a book to read, or movie to watch..

  166. Kelly

    We just bought our FIRST house (omg!) so I would totally buy things to put into my house. You never realize how much stuff you don’t have until you go from one bedroom to a whole house!!

  167. Judy

    An iPad! 🙂

  168. Theresa B

    Post Christmas Sales!

  169. Kristin

    I would buy everything! It’s so hard to control spending in Target, my favorite! 🙂

  170. Brooke

    New clothes! I totally need them!

  171. Shannon

    I would first head over to the kitchen area for gadgets and then a little something else for everyone in the family including the dogs.

  172. Tamara

    I would probably spend it on Clothes or college dorm stuff. I go away next fall!

  173. Bethany

    Ah! Target! I would buy some new boots (maybe something like those sweater boots 🙂 ) and a TON of baby clothes for my little girl!

  174. Joanne

    I will buy some prizes for my students and maybe a few essential household stuff too.

  175. Sara

    I would use the gift card to feed my addiction of the dollar spot… I can’t walk away from there without three or more items!

  176. Caitlin

    Shoes and handbags that I don’t need but can never resist!

  177. Jennifer

    I would get some clothes for work. Also some gifts for my boyfriend, stepdaughter, parents, and grandparents.

  178. Nicole

    Maybe clothes for myself…cat leggings perhaps.

    1. Jennifer

      Perhaps 😉

  179. ashlee f

    Target is the place I go when I only need $5 in items and I spend $100 so this is perfect =). I would probably buy groceries and christmas gifts.

  180. Amy Ballou

    New jeans, I only have two good pair right now, its just pathetic. lol. 🙂

  181. Lana

    Probably groceries! Or some new books 🙂

  182. Robin Whiting

    yes I think I would spend it on me, I have bought for everyone and I’m the only one left!

  183. Jennifer Cochran

    That would arrive in perfect time for those last minute rushes to finish off the lists! 🙂

  184. Andrea

    I love Target! If I were to win the gift card, I would use it to help with Christmas presents for my two sons:)

  185. kelly t

    I need some new clothes for holiday parties! Long sleeve tshirt, scarf, cool socks!

  186. Mallory

    Oh my gosh, I’d get a little of everything! I enjoy Target way too much. Work clothes for my hubby since he just got promoted, blankets because that’s what I’m currently obsessing over, something sweet for my brother & sister-in-law who are having their first baby in the spring! And, of course, some special treats for my furbaby!

  187. Grace A

    gifts for my family

  188. Ali M

    New towels, boring but needed!

  189. brandy Fisk

    A computer chair for my twelve year old and sweater for my hubby.

  190. Allison

    I could easily spend it all on groceries and household items, but I think I would give it to my 6th grader to buy Christmas gifts for family and friends.

  191. probably v-day clearance. there is no target in vermont. I REPEAT THERE IS NO TARGET IN VERMONT. otherwise i would say xmas clearance.

    i don’t mean where we will be in vt. i mean there is NO TARGET IN VERMONT.

    yes, it’s a wasteland.

    1. Jennifer

      STOP IT. There isn’t???

      1. nope. they have walmart, costco, xmas tree shops, bed bath & beyond, and a few more – 2 kmarts and there is lowes & home depot (and most all of these are relatively new). no target. my MIL goes crazy whenever she visits.

        there are targets in 49 states + DC. if i wanted to go to target for xmas clearance shopping i’d have to take a ferry across lake champlain. in the dead of winter. does it even run in winter? i have no idea. i’m not doing it.

        i started taking pictures and texting them to my aunt of the stuff i want on clearance.

        1. Jennifer

          I probably wouldn’t be able to live there. Target online just isn’t the same!

  192. Laurah

    Stuff for the baby that I’m expecting in May!

  193. Sarah Dineen

    Hmmmm. So many good things at target! Probably wander around and discover some awesome deal along with a household item like laundry detergent. 🙂

  194. Gyps

    Post-delivery clothes! I ALMOST took advantage of all the great deals on sweaters this past weekend (all 40% off) but I thought it’d be better to wait until I actually know what size I’ll be/until I can try things on without stretching them out.

  195. Allison

    Probably home decor or kitchen stuff.

  196. Janelle

    New bedding for my daughter and clothes for me!!

  197. Dawn

    Organizational Items. My garage is a little out of control right now 😛

  198. Crystal Gregg

    Training pants & gifts for my son 🙂

  199. Alexia561

    I would buy a denim shirt (my old one is on its last legs!), then go crazy in the nail polish aisle! Oh, and I’d buy some of those candles you’ve raved about in the past! Love candles!

  200. Chrissy

    I would probably spend it on stuff for my little boy! But I’d love a new rug!

  201. Kristi P

    Workout clothes for myself.!

  202. Shannon

    How fun!

  203. Nikki K

    Perhaps a new blender or presents for family members

  204. Cayla

    I would buy pull-ups, diapers and wipes. And maybe a treat for me too! 😉

  205. Suzanne

    This is a hard one! Probably last minute stocking stuffers or maybe a Soda Stream if I have not already gotten one.

  206. Lauren

    I’d spend it on work clothes and Christmas decorations!

  207. Diane F

    I would get some clothes for my kids and stock up on toiletries for the family.

  208. Michelle

    So many options! I would probably buy a few gifts and for sure one of those gifts would be for me.

    There are no Targets in Vermont?!? That is crazy! I couldn’t live there either.

  209. Olga

    I would spend the gift card on a gift for my hubby. 🙂

  210. gary

    I would buy gifts for my grandkids

  211. Elise Nelson

    I would save it for after Christmas sales – I feel like that’s when I always spend the most even though everything I buy is on sale! I actually went into Target the other day with a list with 2 things on it and actually only bought those two things – it was amazing!

  212. Ashley

    I would put the gift card towards an iPad!

  213. Suzanne

    I would probably purchase more red carpet manicure gel polishes (i need more like I need a hole in the heade) 🙂

  214. Diana Garza

    I would use the gift card to buy my 2 boys – one toy each and then the rest on groceries. 🙂

  215. Brooke

    I would spend the gift card on decor for my first apartment!

  216. Jill

    I would probably use it to buy a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer – something I’ve always wanted but never bought for myself.

  217. Any

    I Would spend it on a new handbag and a watch for my fianc?e!

  218. kim kjerulf

    I usually always buy things at Target for my kids. If I won, I would treat myself to something. Maybe some boots or sweaters.

  219. Karissa Hughes

    I would spend the GC on my kids.

  220. Linda

    I would buy a few Christmas gifts, but let’s be honest – I would also buy myself one of their beautiful snow globes!!

  221. Diana Ware

    My daughter

  222. Melissa M

    not entirely sure although I know Id go in with my heart set on something and leave with 3082 other things and forget that one

  223. Lauren

    I would dedicate it to the purchase of a PS4 for my husband… if they Target ever restocks them!

  224. Kimberly H

    I would give it to my Mother in Law who is having some hard times and could really use it.

  225. Amanda Engler

    I would spend it on my boyfriend. As a December baby, he’s always been short-changed on either Christmas or his birthday.

  226. Karen

    Christmas presents for my daughter 🙂

  227. angela

    OMG the possibilities! Probably clothes and nailpolish. OOO maybe some of those Paul Frank fuzzy monkey PJ pants they had last year- I am in DESPERATE need of PJ pants and I still regret not buying those!

  228. Amanda

    Everything! I buy everything at Target and always could do with a but more help with the shopping!

  229. Bethsaida W.

    Definitely on clothes!!!

  230. Lauren M.

    Eeeeeek! I love Target! It is my FAVE!!!!!

  231. Danielle

    New clothes for my daughter and myself!

  232. stacey

    I would like to spend on myself but more than likely I will spend on my children:)

  233. Evelyn

    My boys. 🙂

  234. Nicole

    I would use it on new Christmas decorations, mine are so old.

  235. Stephanie Salerno

    Target has the best decorations.

  236. Leah McDaniel

    I would spend it on my son. He deserves the best!

  237. Jessica

    I soho at target so much but I would probably give it to the family we adopted for christmas

  238. Jessica

    Probably some clothes for my son who is growing at a ridiculous rate, and maybe a dress for myself 🙂

  239. Christine H.

    I would wait until after Christmas to get some Christmas stuff on deep discount. Nothing crazy, but I always go into Target and spend way more than I planned!

  240. Joi

    Love me some Target!!! I have been eyeing some accent chairs for my makeup/reading room 🙂

  241. Shannon

    I’d by some new home decor 🙂

  242. April K

    That really cute gold bar cart! Love it!!

  243. Patti

    I would spend it on Christmas presents!

  244. Laura

    I would use it towards a tablet for my fiance for Christmas 🙂

  245. Leigh

    clearance stuff, so I could stretch it out!

  246. Riann

    I would love to use it on fluffy robes and pjs to round out my boys Christmas presents

  247. Alicia

    ah there is so much that I would want to get. Clothes, nail polish, a purse, shoes.

  248. Jessica

    What would I buy with the gift card? With a 5 1/2 month old baby girl there are always things to buy at Target! 🙂 Besides the diapers, formula, wipes, and other necessities there are so many cute things I could buy. 🙂
    And if they ran out of cute little girl things there’s always chocolate!

  249. Kristen Maria

    I would buy sweaters and tea and blankets… And probably the whole store. 😀

  250. Denise F

    Probably beauty items 🙂

  251. MJ

    I would buy presents for my beloved family and friends!! 🙂 And maybe some makeup haha
    Thank you!!

  252. Natalie

    Would finish my shopping or maybe get some groceries

  253. Amy

    I would put it towards the iPad mini I really want!

  254. kirsten

    I would buy some clothes for myself and my baby boy and some cute kitchen stuff 🙂

  255. Becky M.

    I would use the gift card towards a DSLR camera.

  256. Isabella

    If I won I would definitely get some clothes for the winter!

  257. Jordan M

    Clothes and the odd limited edition foods that Target always carries!

  258. Kalli

    I cannot post my comment without more tears, so I will just say for the family on my island that lost everything last night.

    1. Jennifer

      Oh my goodness, I am so sorry. What do they need?

      1. Kalli

        A house fire took their entire house, but most terribly, the lives of her husband and 8 year old daughter. I had started posting my original comment this am when I got the call. I never hit send and didn’t realize that until I sat at my computer tonight. I didn’t mean to dump sadness on the post, it just sort of flew out of my fingers before I knew it. I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to share something so intense. *also didn’t mean to post my full name, yikes.

        1. Jennifer

          Oh my goodness that’s heartbreaking ;(.

          And I’ll edit your name for you.

  259. Kim O

    I love Target’s clothes, especially their active wear! I would probably also spend it on shoes and EOS lip balms!

  260. Sam

    I would probably spend it on clothes & toys for my 2 year old daughter but it might also entice me to finally get a new iPad. It’s not too hard to spend $100 at Target.

  261. Lisa

    I’d get some fun treats for my family

  262. michele

    sweaters! polka dots, chevron, stripes! hopefully at 40% off, so i can buy 40% more! ha! OR belts. : )

  263. Diana

    I love getting accessories and scarves.

  264. Niki T.

    I’d buy my nephew some clothes and buy some makeup for myself. =)

  265. Iris

    I’d buy some accessories. 🙂

  266. Sara Dunn

    I would go crazy on marked down after Christmas stuff!

  267. Lauren

    If I won the gift card I would buy new organizational items – my closet and pantry need a makeover!

  268. Mar

    New year’s goodies!

  269. caroline p

    definitely would spend this on christmas presents!

  270. karen

    I would spend in the electronics section. Maybe toward a new camera!

  271. Elizabeth

    I’d probably get some stupid household stuff, but then maybe some new towels or sheets. A Target gift certificate is like cash!

  272. CS

    party decorations!

  273. Elizabeth


  274. Hannah D

    Presents for the family! 🙂

  275. Kat E.

    I’d spend it on proper winter boots!

  276. M'ris

    My mom! She loves Target. =)

  277. Colleen Boudreau

    A new bedding set.

  278. Ginger S

    With baby #2 due in February, I would stock up on diapers.

  279. PGT

    OMG love Target – there is so much I could spend on! I would probably use it to buy toys and warm clothes for the local kids who need them the most this time of the year.

  280. Mary

    I would probably spend it on Christmas gifts. I’m kind of behind on those.

  281. Lissette

    Truly a hard question considering my love for Target. It is a time full of giving so I would certainly put it towards gifts for the Angel Tree in church.

  282. Anna Pho

    I would buy gifts for my family and friends that live in TX. I’m 12 hours away from them so I won’t get to see them this year. I just want them to know that I care and miss them very much.

  283. Mel

    I love Target. I always find such great deals that I’m pretty sure I’d be able to stretch those $100 for a lot of things, myself included!

  284. Kate L

    I’d go nuts with this! I’d pick up some cute clothes for my son, some makeup for me, maybe a video game for my fiance, and some tasty treats for the household. I’d probably try to get some Christmas goodies too.

  285. Aoife

    If I were to win I think I would buy groceries for my boyfriend’s family. They had a rough year (both parents lost their jobs an my boyfriend had to drop grad school and take up a full-time job). But knowing me I’d end up leaving with a cart full of gifts as well, haha. Target does that to people.

  286. Tiffany

    Pants… In the last year I’ve lost 38lb. I have there pairs that fit me.

    1. Tiffany


  287. Julie S

    I would buy some new workout clothes to motivate me in the new year.

  288. Tracy

    Love target! My favorite thing is combing over the one spot to grab lots and lots of stocking stuffers!!

  289. Brianna

    My adopted little brother wants a particular Thomas and the Train set – so I’d get that and if there was any leftover, I am in desparate need of curtain rods. 🙂

  290. sarah berry

    I would buy a pair of their corduroys and save the rest for post-christmas clearance

  291. Shiree Shaffer

    I would spend the gift card on my daughter, Kellyn. She is three and has been eyeing a lot of toys this year!

  292. Jocelyn Dunlop

    Honestly, I’d like to say that I’d use this gift card to buy someone a Christmas gift. But in reality, I’d probably buy myself clothes and beauty products. I loveeeee Target.

  293. Katy Quick

    I would buy more Christmas stuff!

  294. Ashleigh

    My favorite place. So excited!

  295. Sam L


  296. Susan O'Bryant

    Oh my, I’d spend it on some of their wonderful home stuff.

  297. Melody

    Books books and more books!

  298. Brandy

    Oh boy… Seriously I wouldn’t know until I got in the store. I feel like target is the toys r us for us adults

  299. Kara Cheek

    Probably Diapers!

  300. Jennifer Pittman

    I would buy some items for my family like clothing.

  301. Liz P

    I would spend it on cookware that I need

  302. Katy

    I think I would spend it on home stuff! Especially kitchen stuff!

  303. Adrienne A.

    I’d spend it on post Christmas hidden clearance finds

  304. Mary Happymommy

    I would buy yoga pants and a camera bag.

  305. Ros

    I would get new bedsheets for my 2 girls.

  306. Samantha L.

    I would buy some bamboo sheets, and then hit up the clearance racks.

  307. Courtney

    hmm something for the new apartment. maybe a coffee table or bookshelf

  308. Rebecca F.

    I’d buy accessories for the iPad Mini I’m hoping will eventually find its way to me. I’ve ordered two and neither have shipped, ugh!

  309. Vanessa F

    I’d stock up on some groceries…especially fun yummies for Christmas and New Years. We usually are so low key those days it’s nice to just do easy, snacks things.

  310. Valerie Cannell

    Hmmm…so many possibilities. Most of my Christmas shopping is done, so either stocking stuffers or towards a tablet for me after the holidays.

  311. Scarlett

    I’m boring, so I’d use it for practical stuff like cat food, Febreze and glade plug-ins. Although I never can seem to leave that store without buying something completely unnecessary!

  312. Melanie Ann

    Oh this is SO sweet, thank you! I would be so grateful to spend this on my little boy for Christmas!

  313. Catherine F.

    I would purchase yoga pants for myself. I’ve lost forty pounds this year and nothing fits.

  314. Sibyl

    I love Target! and my little guy could use some clothes. (they grow so quickly!)

  315. Marney

    Would use this for my son’s boat themed birthday party in all likelihood or we might just do a “Target run” which he loves!

  316. lashonda w

    I would spend it on much needed christmas gifts

  317. Cara James

    groceries and clothes!:0

  318. Emily

    I would buy baby clothes and toys for the my boys! I always think about buying things for myself at target but you know . . . that never happens!

  319. Wendy

    I would spend it on my kids.

  320. Nikki

    I’d spend hours (literally!) up and down the aisles until I found the perfect something. I’d probably end up with some new boots and a new bag! 🙂

  321. Erin

    Christmas gifts for the kids

  322. misolee

    me! all me!

  323. Elaine

    I’d buy things I need around the house.

  324. Kari

    More Christmas decorations.

  325. Sonya

    I would buy a fun new holiday outfit for my mom & me, probably pjs for my dad (he’s been whining about wanting new ones) and maybe some fun makeup and home decor stuff!

  326. Meagan

    I would definitely be spending it on christmas gifts this year.

  327. Alicia Mc.

    I’d love to save it to buy treats for myself but honestly it would help out so much with groceries!

  328. Stephanie S.

    I love me some Target! It’s my home away from home! I might buy some fun stuff from the home section or put it towards the Kitchen Aid mixer I’ve always wanted!

  329. Christina

    gifts for my children!

  330. Summer

    Target is like my fav place ever! Prob clothes and housewares.

  331. Julie Lee

    Definitely Christmas presents!

  332. Jennifer

    Can’t even lie, if I won this I would use it towards mine and my husbands new place. It’s our first home together and we only have our wedding gifts, no actual furniture. This gift card would help tremendously.

  333. Brin

    Last minute Christmas shopping!!! I never buy anything on time…

  334. Pattie

    Stocking Stuffers – lots of them!

  335. Amanda G

    I would use it to get a present for my mom!

  336. Brittany

    Honestly, I think I would be selfish and buy myself some new clothes. I spend wayyy too much money in that store but I always justify it by telling myself if it’s for my son or someone else, it’s totally fine. So, I would splurge on myself a little and probably end up spending $300 instead of the $100 gift card. Target makes me weak.

  337. Rebecca

    i’d buy clothes clothes and more clothes probably

  338. Lori K.

    Oh my goodness-I’d probably get some DVDs for friends. Or maybe a bench for the hallway. Now that it’s winter, it’d be nice to have someplace to sit when taking off snowy boots!

  339. Frances

    I would to buy a house warming gift for my nephew, he & his new wife just moved in their first house this winter.

  340. Annie

    I would probably save it for after Christmas clearance!

  341. TrishCF

    I would spend the $100 on something for my husband, because he would never ask for anything.

  342. Lola K.

    I would update some things for the kitchen, like new oven mitts, a whisk, maybe a tea box.

    Thanks so much!

  343. Christine Fortes

    Omg! Times have been tough! This would be phenomonal!

  344. Karen S

    I would use it for Christmas presents for my family.

  345. Ben

    We would probably use this for Christmas presents.

  346. Lesley

    I would treat myself to a few trashy romance novels and use the rest for groceries. #practical 🙂

  347. Ranay

    New stuff to decorate, oh the joys of target!

  348. Kimberlee

    stuff for my oldest to set up her new apartment (mostly kitchen items needed) thankfully I had all of our extra furniture in the garage still for the first kid that needed it (we built a much smaller home after the girls graduated so I had dinning room and living room furniture for her)

  349. KELLY

    I would buy something for my husband, son and then myself 🙂

  350. Sydney

    apple tv!

  351. Lauren

    I would spend it on groceries and necessities !

  352. Christeen

    Christmas gifts for the family.

  353. julie b

    I buy everything at target. I don’t even know what I would do without it.

  354. Alice H

    After Christmas clearance

  355. Crystal

    Some clothes for my new job! And definitely some beautiful stationery.

  356. kristina olmedo

    I would spend it on gifts for my family!

  357. Jennifer Metz

    I would spend it on gifts for our kids as this year has been a little tight on money!

  358. Shelly H

    I would overcome my sock phobia and get me a few pairs. Just kidding. I would buy my husband some awesome headphones so I don’t have to listen to him play Wu-Tang clan on the stereo anymore.

  359. Andrea S

    I would use it to stock up on some Christmas decorations (once the sales start!)

  360. Erin

    clothes clothes and more clothes

  361. esmeralda


  362. Caitlyn

    You are having such a turnout on all these giveaways! WOW!

  363. Shannon A

    I would use it to buy Disney gift cards for our upcoming trip!

  364. Ally

    This would totally get spent on guilty pleasure items… like some accessories, maybe a new purse, some cosmetics… 🙂

  365. Julie W.

    I would spend it on stuff to decorate my new apartment! and maybe a cute top for my sister.

  366. Cassie

    I would split it with my husband so we could both get some new clothes (we’ve lost a lot of weight) and maybe a book or two if there are leftover funds.

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