January 2014 Citrus Lane Review – 21 Month-Old Boy

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January 2014 Citrus Lane
January 2014 Citrus Lane

Not only did the mail come early today, but I received all three (yes, three) of my January 2014 Citrus Lane boxes! Woot woot!

If you aren’t familiar, Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box for babies from 0 to 5 which contains four or more products selected especially for the age and stage of your child. Citrus Lane recently raised their prices from $25/month to $29/month, but if you sign up for a longer subscription, you can get boxes for as little as $19/month.

January 2014 Citrus Lane
The Box

Citrus Lane now ships via FedEx Smart Post. I believe it took about a week to arrive to me in MI from them in CA.  About normal for Smart Post.

January 2014 Citrus Lane
First Look (with add-on)

I had an add-on this month, so it was on the top of my box.  I didn’t love their add-on options this month, but you can never go wrong with a holiday book.

January 2014 Citrus Lane
The Information Card

The January 2014 Citrus Lane Box, which was for WB who is 21-months old, included items to remind you that Spring is around the corner, along with a couple of products to help with daily mishaps.  Here is what was inside:

~Shape Sorter from Plan Toys ($10): Ohh, I have never seen this before and I think it’s awesome.  It’s a great little car toy and I LOVE that all the pieces are attached so that we will never be able to lose them.

January 2014 Citrus Lane
Shape Sorter from Plan Toys

~Lunchie from Skip Hop ($14):  I actually already have a Monkey Skip Hop lunchie (a few different ones actually) from Citrus Lane, but that was in a box a while back which was for an older child.  So it was a repeat, but not really.  I am sure I can easily sell / trade this, so it’s not a problem.

January 2014 Citrus Lane
Lunchie from Skip Hop

~Adhesive Bandages from Ouchies Jr. ($5):  As Spring approaches, do does our bandage usage.  We can always always use more and even B and I use character bandaid when we need one.  They are just more fun.

January 2014 Citrus Lane
Adhesive Bandages from Ouchies Jr.

~Travel Wipes from Dapple ($3.49):  Totally love these.  We go through wipes like crazy around here and more are always welcome.  These can be used to wipe down shopping carts, tables, highchair trays, etc.

January 2014 Citrus Lane
Travel Wipes from Dapple

All totaled I came up with a value of $32.49 for the January 2014 Citrus Lane Box for a 21 Month-Old Boy.  I have a longer subscription, so I only paid around $20 (?), so I think it’s totally worth it!

And with all the amazing sales that Citrus Lane has been having, I again picked up two more boxes for different ages.   I use these as things for L (mainly the books and art stuff), gifts for friends, items to put away for WB, etc.

Here is what we received in the box for a 3.5 Year-Old Boy: Fruit Set from Plan Toys ($10), Zig Zag Zebra Coloring Book from Barefoot Books ($3.50), Duo Tip Washable Markers from Faber-Castel ($4.99) and Upset Tummy & Nausea Relief from Mommy’s Bliss ($9.99), for a total value of $28.38.

January 2014 Citrus Lane
January 2014 Citrus Lane – 3.5 Year-Old Boy

And here is what we received in our box for a 6 month-old boy (I need from friends to have girls!): Baby Car from Plan Toys($15), Ball from Little Taggies ($7.99), Cleo in the Snow from Barefoot Books ($6.99) and Travel Dish Soap from Dapple ($2.29) for a total of $32.57.

January 2014 Citrus Lane
January 2014 Citrus Lane – 7 Month-Old Boy

Did you get Citrus Lane this month?  What age did you get and what came in your box? If you are interested in subscribing or just want to learn more, click here.  Their referral system has changed a bit, so now if you subscribe using a referral link (like mine) you get $10 placed into your account AFTER you place your first order.  However, you can use the coupon code “TAKETEN” to save $10 off your subscription!

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  1. Megan W

    I got a Citrus Lane box for a 9 month old boy. I received pretty much the same as your 7 month box, except my Cleo book was about colors and the Taggies toy looks like a beach ball. I wasn’t as thrilled with the selections this month, mainly because I already have the Taggies toy and my little dude doesn’t really like it.

    1. Jennifer

      My little guy isn’t thrilled with taggies either. My older son was SO into them and had to have one everywhere he went!!

      1. My daughter wasn’t really into taggies when she was that young but now at 14 months, she LOVES her taggies puppy.

    2. Jennie

      I’m with you Megan! I got the same box and really! Another Cleo book? I love books don’t get me wrong but we have gotten five boxes and three Cleo books.

      1. Jennifer

        So many Cleo books!

  2. Chelsea

    Wayyy off topic but I just saw that kohls has those stompeez hrs for $7.32 online!

    1. Jennifer

      I should have waited!

  3. Katie

    I have a little girl who just turned 3 Dec. 27th. This was our third box and it has been the best but I have noticed that the older boxes aren’t valued as high. :\ I wish we would have gotten a Skip Hop lunch tote. But this box is the most useable so far. I was slightly bummed they didn’t include a simple Happy Birthday card in her December box. 🙁

    1. Jennifer

      I don’t think I have ever gotten a birthday note from Citrus Lane either. I think Googaro might send an extra goodie for birthdays??

      1. I too am surprised of the value of the older boxes, you’d think with raising their prices they’d add another item/more expensive item but regardless CL is still my fave baby/kid box, they always put the best items in them!

        1. Jennifer

          Sometimes the baby boxes are more “valuable” though aren’t they?

  4. Kelly

    I’m really disappointed we didn’t get the lunch box. If you haven’t sold it yet can you let me know how much you would like for it? Thanks :):)

    1. Jennifer

      I’ll e-mail you!

      1. Katie

        Darn too late!! haha I was going to ask the same thing! 😛 There should be a Citrus Lane trade page. haha

        1. Jennifer

          There is a lot of CL trading in the FB trade group I am in?? Let me know if you want an invite!

      2. Katie

        I would love that invite please!!

  5. Shelly

    I got a box for a 24 month old girl, We got the shape sorter, bumble bee lunchie, The upset tummy medicine, and a Peter Rabbit Apple/Pear fruit pouch.

    She ate the pouch right away and likes carrying around the lunch bag.. kinda wish we got the fruit set instead of the shape thing but oh well I think she still enjoyed the box anyway, I actually think she enjoyed the packing confetti before she realized there was sanything in the box haha

    1. Jennifer

      LOL! Figures right?

  6. Valerie

    My son is 13 mo and got a subscription from his grandmother for Christmas. His box this month was exactly what is in your first box for your 21 mo, but with a dog lunch kit. I was super excited about that, even though we won’t use it just yet.

    1. Jennifer

      They are cute aren’t they?

  7. Jennifer

    For an 8-month old girl, we got the same things as your 6-month boy, except our Taggies was a cute little giraffe. (More fun than the ball, in my opinion!)Love your blog; thanks for everything!

    1. Jennifer

      Thank you for the kind words!

  8. Bethany

    I got the same exact things for my 18 month old except the bandages were girly and the lunch bag was the owl! I thought it was a pretty good box! You can check out my blog at http://bethanyberryman.blogspot.com! 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      I love that owl lunchie! It’s adorable!!

  9. Jennifer

    Hi! Love seeing all of the different boxes!! I got the exact same as your 6-mo boy and I love the car but am bummed about the soccer ball Taggie. I would love an invite to the FB trade group if you wouldn’t mind!?!

    1. Jennifer


    2. Ashley Hopkins

      Could I have an invite as well please? Thanks!!

      1. Jennifer


        1. Ann D

          Can I have an invite as well? Thanks!

          1. Jennifer


  10. Kara K

    I’m going to post my review of our box too in the next day or so. Can I get a FB invite too? 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      Sending now.

  11. Jennifer

    Are you usually happier with the boxes when you age up? I have a 3.5 month old but I am always so interested in your older boys’ boxes!

    1. Jennifer

      It depends so much on the month!

  12. Vicky

    I have a 2.5 daughter who got the same box as your 3.5 son. From looking at websites, they are usually the same but my daughter loved the Zig Zag Zebra book so much that I ended up buying another copy (because you can’t really do it again when you do it in marker). The box came the day before our big snow storm so it was a life saver (my husband and I are both teachers so we were not prepared for all the extra days stuck inside with a toddler). I like the markers too, my daughter is able to take off the cap and stack it on the other side so we don’t lose the tops and she is able to hold them better than the Crayola markers…they are not as washable though 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      Ha! That made me laugh. My little guy is SO into markers and has gotten to the walls a few times. Luckily we have wainscoting so it wipes right off, but still!

  13. Britt

    Hi! I want to buy a 3 month subscription for a friend who is expecting. After looking at all of the baby subscriptions, I think Citrus Lane seems to be the best. However, I can’t find a valid promo code. When I put in TAKETEN, it says the code is invalid.

    The other subscription services have valid coupon codes, so I’m not willing to try this one without a little discount. Do you have any ideas of a valid promo code? Or do you recommend a different box delivery service? Thanks!

    1. Jennifer

      They just had a 20% off one for Presidents Day (PRESIDENT20), but I think it expired yesterday? You should be able to get half off your first box of just a month to month subscription using a referral link!

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