January 2014 MunchPak Review + Giveaway 99

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January 2014 MunchPak

January 2014 MunchPak

MunchPak, who kindly sent me this package to review, is a monthly subscription service and ecommerce website that aims to introduce the best, new, and popular snacks from all over the world to the average Joe. MunchPak now offers three sizes, the MunchPak Mini ($7.95), the Original MunchPak ($13.95) and the Family MunchPak ($24.95).  Shipping and handling is additional and is calculated based on the size of your Pak.

January 2014 MunchPak

The Box

MunchPak ships via FedEx Smart Post and took about a week to arrive. I received the Original MunchPak for review, which includes at least two pounds of snacks!

January 2014 MunchPak

First Look

The first look had me wanting to see more!!  MunchPak doesn’t include an information card because every Pak isn’t exactly the same.  You may get some different items than someone else who ordered!  Here is what mine included this month:

~Laffy Taffy: This was gone before I could even tell B it had arrived. I’d say he liked it.  He didn’t even share it with L!

January 2014 MunchPak

Laffy Taffy

~Fruit Pastilles: We haven’t gotten to these yet, but if L knew we had them I know he’d want to crack into them

January 2014 MunchPak

Fruit Pastilles

~KEX Choklad:  I think they sell these at IKEA?  Either way, they are good.  They are chocolate covered waffle crisps.  What could be bad about that?

January 2014 MunchPak

KEX Choklad

~Kinder Bueno: I love Kinder chocolates and still wish we had Kinder eggs here (I will not eat that toy instead, I swear).  These were good and I’d buy them again!

January 2014 MunchPak

Kinder Bueno

~Double Barrel Cooked Salami Sticks: B ate these up very quickly and never said a word about them.  If they were bad, I would have heard.

January 2014 MunchPak

Double Barrel Cooked Salami Sticks

~Nekit Cookies – Peanut Butter: Nothing really to report here. You know what peanut butter on crackers tastes like.  And if not, it’s good.

January 2014 MunchPak

Nekit Cookies – Peanut Butter

~Cadbury Fudge: Yum!  Why have I never seen this before?  It’s a chocolate bar covered in fudge.  Genius.

January 2014 MunchPak

Cadbury Fudge

~Hi-Chew: We got the cherry flavor of these last month and L loved them!  I actually think the mango is even better!

January 2014 MunchPak


~Cow Tales: B was surprised I hadn’t heard of these before, but they were totally new to me.  They are like chewy, but with a caramel filling.  I don’t know how to describe it.  L wasn’t a fan, I thought it was okay and B likes them.

January 2014 MunchPak

Cow Tales

~Cadbury Curly Wurly: I mentioned it last month, but I love these! So yummy.  I was quite pleased to see this one again this month!

January 2014 MunchPak

Cadbury Curly Wurly

~Cadbury Wispa: It’s kind of like the inside of a whopper, but not really.  I always like Cadbury stuff from other countries too.

January 2014 MunchPak

Cadbury Wispa

~Quaker Chewy Granola Bar: A school snack for L!

January 2014 MunchPak

Quaker Chewy Granola Bar

~Bugles: I don’t think L has ever had Bugles before!  He was like, so they are little cones? Pretty much!

January 2014 MunchPak


~Cheez-It: I was going to save these for a snack for L, but WB got to them first. He quite enjoyed them!

January 2014 MunchPak


~Yan Yan Vanilla Cream Dip: Love these!  We never seen to pick up the vanilla ones (we usually get the chocolate or strawberry), so this is a nice change of pace.

January 2014 MunchPak

Yan Yan Vanilla Cream Dip

~Goo Goo Clusters: Haven’t tried this one yet.  It’ll happen soon though.  I have been eyeing in the pantry for a few days now.

January 2014 MunchPak

Goo Goo Clusters

~Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons: OMG these are awesome!  Does anyone know if they sell these in the States?  So good.  Just little buttons of chocolate.  Perfect.

January 2014 MunchPak

Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons

~El Sabroso Pork Rinds: I don’t like pork rinds, but B does.  He cracked into these yesterday while watching “Bad Grandpa”.  I can’t even believe I just admitted that I watched that.

January 2014 MunchPak

El Sabroso Pork Rinds

~Salsitas Spicy Salsa Tortilla Rounds: I don’t know who liked these better?  WB or I? LOL!  I need to find more that’s for sure!

January 2014 MunchPak

Salsitas Spicy Salsa Tortilla Rounds

What do you think of MunchPak?  If you want you to give them a try (and just an FYI they now ship to Canada), click here to get signed up!  And if you want to win one, you’re in luck!  Munchpak is letting me giveaway two MunchPak Mini’s!  All you need to do is enter in the Rafflecopter box below!  Good luck!

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Disclosure: This complimentary box was sent for review purposes. As always, all opinions are my own and no compensation was received.

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