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Still loving these!

Currently Burning…

Old Picture.  But it’s still going!

I am still loving this one and have already burned through a few of them.  I am hoping to finish this one up and pick up a another one of their new ones.  I cannot remember the scent, but it’s yellow.  Super helpful right?  LOL!!!

Currently Watching…
Kathie Lee and Hoda.  I love them.  They don’t have the best guests or the best segments, but I like them.  A lot.

Currently Shopping For…
Throw pillows.  I need some for the couch and I never know where to look.  Target is always my first stop, but I am now thinking I might just want covers so I can switch it up all the time.  What place has tons of these to pick from?

Currently On My “To Do” List…
Laundry (does it ever stop) and cleaning / organizing for our (yet to be scheduled) garage sale.  I’m not really excited to do that either though because I don’t know where I am going to put anything.  I don’t want it all over the basement, I don’t want it all over the guest bedroom (that’s already filled with the boys old clothes anyway) and it won’t fit in the garage, so it sits!  Oh and I also need to go to the post office today.  And paint my nails.

Currently Excited About…
Getting some subscription boxes in the mail!  I think I am only behind on ONE review (which is amazing), so I need to get some mail this week!  I am also excited that the newsletter has been restarted and I am happy that everyone seems to like it.

Currently Annoyed About…
Being sick.  I thought it was allergies, but now I am not so sure.  L isn’t feeling amazing either (I having a sneaking suspicion that his strep didn’t totally go away) but I think maybe a smoothie for him and Starbucks for me tonight after school might make up both a little better ;).

Currently Anxious About…

Allure Summer 2014 Beauty Box
Allure Summer 2014 Beauty Box

I am so ready for the Summer Allure Beauty Box to go on sale tomorrow (it’s at 12pm EST).  Ugh. I hope I can land one!  I don’t “need” it, yet I do.  I so do.  I have my alarm set and I am ready.  I am NOT going to post about it here tomorrow, but I will post a reminder on Facebook about 10 minutes before.

Currently Reading…

US Weekly
US Weekly

US Weekly!  I have had it open on the counter since it came in the mail and every time I get a chance I flip through a few pages to check on the celebs.  Little Prince George is the cutest thing going!  Ahh, I love his little facial impressions and outfits.  So sweet.  Also, when is Prince Harry going to get married?  I am in need of another royal wedding!  I got up early to watch Will & Kate’s and SO want to see another!

Currently Plotting…
Something for L’s birthday.  Since we never made it to Chicago for Spring Break I was thinking we could go for his birthday.  And then I looked at the hotel prices and I think not.  Must be something going on that weekend.  So now I am thinking Niagra Falls?

What’s currently going on with you today?  How’s your Monday?

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  1. Allison

    H & M online has good pillow covers.

    1. Jennifer

      I never would have thought to look there!

  2. Jennie

    I’ve been looking for throw pillow covers too. Etsy has a lot, also saw a few at Bed Bath and Beyond. Are there any other stores that carry them?

    1. Jennifer

      So far people have recommended Pottery Barn, H&M, Zara and Etsy!

  3. Ally

    So, so, so, so happy to have your newsletters back. It’s like getting a little unexpected gift in my email. Cheesy… I know. 🙂

    1. Jennifer


  4. Kelsea Beth

    Ikea for throw pillows!! Especially if you want covers that can be changed!

    1. Jennifer

      I couldn’t fine any I loved there. Maybe I didn’t look enough??

  5. Kayla

    IKEA is a great place for throw pillows I think! They have the actual cushions and a bunch of covers to choose from. 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      I will need to look there again!

  6. Tiffany M.

    Zara Home has some great pillow cases. Most of their pillows are sold just the case and then you buy the stuffing separate. They often have great sales also.

    1. Jennifer

      Ohh, perfect! Thanks!

  7. mirta

    I totally wasn’t in love with target candles because their scents are way too subtle for my liking but thankfully bbw always has some sales and coupons going on so I snag 2-4 candles every two weeks. last ones were 2/3 of hawaii collection and two of newest ones, lilac dream and sundress plus cedarwood citron from one in the middle.they all smell awesome, cost more than target candles but are much better than yankee candle which are way overrated

    1. Jennifer

      If you can get those BBW ones on sale though, it’s just about the price of a Target one!

      1. mirta

        everything costs more over here, but with coupons sometimes I can get $10 a piece for 3wick which is super awesome. even $13 for one is supercool. I’m just burning the coconut one from hawaii, it smells so divine! I will have to stock up and then hire a moving van because of my bbw stuff when I’ll move cross country.

  8. Beth

    I’ve seen some lovely and fun pillow covers on Etsy. Also, there are people who will do custom work as well, so if you see a pillow you like, you could ask if they’d make it as a removable cover instead.

    1. Jennifer

      Oh that’s a good idea!

  9. Tonya

    I like buying throw pillow covers on – tons to choose from and they are handmade 🙂 and you can toss in the wash if needed!

    1. Jennifer

      Do you have a favorite shop??

        1. Jennifer


  10. Susan

    I think West Elm might have them too.

    1. Jennifer

      Good call!

  11. Michelle

    Where can I get the sea salt and sand candle? My mom would love it. I did a google search and could not find it. Who makes it?

    1. Jennifer

      Target! It’s fabulous!

  12. Kimberly

    That candle just looks like it smells amazing! Where did you get it?

    1. Jennifer


  13. Michelle A.

    Pottery barn for pillow covers. I have a bunch I switch out all the time.

    1. Jennifer


  14. i am SO so behind, i have a zillion billion reviews to do. oh well. i am really also trying to clean/organize (um, this ebay cleanout project was really dumb to schedule to have everything end while i was writing a paper) but whatever! do you actually go to the post office? i just leave everything for my mail dude. i had 13 packages go out today. all little tiny annoying ones. the kids’ craft/school room is filled up with old clothes and everything i want to get rid of and the easter stuff is in front of that, because i can’t get to the other stuff. i’m going to go kayak a plane flight for my husband, it’s the only way this crap gets done.

    1. Jennifer

      When is your class over? I don’t go to the actual post office. Just the gas station on the corner. I had to mail something to Canada.

      1. I turned it in tonight. It was due at 5. I have one more small thing to do then I’m totally done.

        I have a account. I can print international postage from it! I have one of those dymo 4xl printers and it won’t print paypal postage on a mac so I decided to just spend the money on It rocks. Print & slap it on. I can also do padded FREs, anything. I just leave it all for the letter carrier to take.

        1. Jennifer

          Ohh, you are fancy!

  15. Rachel G

    I feel like pottery barn has a bunch of pillow covers. I know PBTeen does because I am constantly redecorating my apartment in my head and go and fill up my cart there only to walk away when I realize the total is over thirty grand! LOL

    1. Jennifer

      Ohh, PBT might be an option! PB is kind of expensive, but PBT…

  16. Pam

    Do you know what website I go to for the allure box tomorrow?

  17. Melissa M

    The Blood Orange Mojito target candle is the best!! It makes me feel like I am on the beach with a drink!

    1. Jennifer

      Maybe that’s the one I want??

  18. Megan

    Pier one imports, Christmas tree shop, and garden Ridge all usually have a good variety of throw pillows

    1. Jennifer


  19. Shawna

    Ikea and H&M for pillow covers! I have such throw pillow problem…

    1. Jennifer

      I kind of do too! That’s why I need to move to just covers!

  20. Alice

    Home goods has a lot of throw pillows which I love. Not sure about the covers…. Come to NY for L’s bday!! There’s so much to do at this time now. So many outdoors festivals, parks and activities. Check out Time out NY and Time Out NY Kids!! Cheers!!

    1. Jennifer

      I totally would, but he has school!

    1. Jennifer


  21. Sue

    We just got back from a family vacation to Niagara Falls! It was wonderful and a great place to visit as a family (we have two boys as well). Groupon ALWAYS has good deals for Niagara Falls. I got an excellent deal on there and am happy to give you more info, tips, etc. if you want. We had a blast!

    1. Jennifer

      We used to go when we were kids and B and I went once after we got married, but I am curious, how many nights do you think you need there?

      1. Sue

        We stayed three nights and it was perfect!

  22. Debi B.

    Jenny, have you ever thought of going to Frankenmuth for the weekend, tons if things to do, if you can get a room at the big hotel, it has everything, you would not even have to leave it….lol
    Just an idea to think about…….

    1. Jennifer

      Except to go to the Pottery Barn outlet……

    2. Debi B.

      Well, that is just a given….lol

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