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It’s time for another Thursday Thoughts! If you want to participate, but have no idea what a link-up is, you can check out my explanation of it here.

~And, we’re back! I don’t know what was up with Bluehost (my server) yesterday and even if they had explained it I probably wouldn’t have understood anyway. Also it wouldn’t have made me any less annoyed had I known what was going on.  Just fix it already! Lots of their clients were down which was kind of comforting since I knew it was nothing I did to screw things up on my end! I will have a fun little Welcome Back giveaway up today, so stay tuned!

~You’d think I would have gotten a lot done yesterday since my blog was down and my mom had WB for the afternoon, but no, not even close. I took a nap. And watched a movie with L (he has strep so he was home). And read Television Without Pity. And shopped online. Not a bad day ;). In my defense, it was a rough night with L being sick and WB being, umm, not happy and I did spend the morning at the doctors / cvs with both boys and then came home and steam cleaned the carpets, so I needed that nap!

We also spent WAY too long in CVS waiting for L's prescription.
We also spent WAY too long in CVS waiting for L’s prescription.

~It’s giveaway winner announcement time! OMG there are so many to announce. Here goes:
Bracket Challenge (Top Overall Winner)
~”eliz / deepbluedookie” $100 Lululemon Gift Card)
Bracket Challenge (3 Random Participant Winners)
~”iGIATX / HIPLIP” ($10 Starbucks Gift Card)
~”concretemom / sirps” ($10 Starbucks Gift Card)
~”Nerisai 1 / Nerisai” ($10 Starbucks Gift Card)
Q BOX Mystery Box
~”Yivanna Valdez”!!
Artistry Gift Wrap
~Lisa Herndon Minix
PopSugar Resort Box
~Ashlee Frafjord
Congrats everyone! If you won a prize from the Bracket Challenge you will need to e-mail me. If you won one of the other giveaways, you have been contacted. Congrats everyone!!!!

~I haven’t mailed my bag(s) of stuff into thredUP yet, but it’s on my To Do List. I first want to know if anyone has sent them any handbags yet? Did you get paid out well for them? I have some Kate Spade’s that I don’t use any more and wouldn’t mind getting rid of. Should I take one for the team here and see what happens? I know a few other people were thinking about it as well. And while I was “looking” to see what I could figure out about sending in bags and accessories, I may have placed an order for the kids as well. Yesterday was dangerous here. Zappos, thredUp, those as seen on tv cups,  another Fancy Mystery Box, etc……..

Love thredUP
Love thredUP

~B’s Birthday is tomorrow and we were thinking about heading to the casino for the night or doing a family trip (friday / Saturday) to the Toledo Zoo, but I think instead we are just going to hang out around here. I know all B really wants to do for his birthday is work on his car so he’ll get to do that tomorrow and then we’ll find something fun for WB’s birthday on Saturday. Maybe the Detroit Zoo or the Rec Center pool depending on the weather. Or an Easter Egg Hunt if I can find something local.

~I still have lots of boxes coming this week including my Snoop Dogg Fancy Box (I cannot wait for that to come today), Citrus Lane, Pijon, Bespoke Post, NerdBlock, Googaro, Escape Monthly and HerFashionBox! Totally looking forward to all of them!

~Teen Mom. I watched the Finale and the Dr. Drew catch up special and all I can do is just shake my head. And thank my lucky stars that they are coming back for another season! Why is Kailyn beating Javi up? Ugh. Just when you think things are going well. I do miss Amber and Gary though. Why can’t we get them back???

~Can anyone else not get that Frozen song out of their head? It is driving me insane. LET IT GO, LET IT GO! It’s in my head all the time. Every minute of every day. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Is that why it snowed so much this year?
Is that why it snowed so much this year?

What are you doing this weekend? Any Easter (if you celebrate it) activities planned?

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  1. I cannot bear to send a handbag in to ThredUp. I would rather ebay it or consign it or cragislist it or SOMETHING. But a few years ago I sold off all my $$$ bags that I never use. Now I have some still that are $$ that I don’t use but I can’t bear to part with them.

    1. Jennifer

      eBay scares me with handbags. I have heard too many stories about sellers getting scammed by buyers who say they got a fake bag and paypal giving them their money back. But craigslist maybe. I am super lazy, so I just want someone to do it for me. It’s just Kate Spade stuff. I wouldn’t send them any Jimmy Choo bags or anything!

      1. Jenny

        Well since I love Kate Spade you are welcome to send them my way 😉 I’m betting you could totally sell them locally. I have a couple but I can’t bare to part with them yet. I’m still looking for a new spring bag but I love the one I’m carrying so its hard to change.

  2. cindy

    Are there any marshmallow drops in your area? A huge helicopter drops a gazillion colored stale marshmallows so they dont fly away easily and kids run and pick one up to retrieve a prize. Of course the helicopter is the best part. Paws from the tigers willl be at my church egg hunt and its open to the public. And there are some glo in the dark ones that are so fun too. And really can you blame any kid for being afraid of the bunny. Number 1 he is gigantic and take a look at the face he has, hes not even really smiling

    1. Jennifer

      Hmmm, I don’t know. I think perhaps I am a little late on the easter activities this year…

      1. cindy

        oh no, not at all, still tons everywhere tomorrow and saturday

  3. kara

    Denewiths Nursery had an Easter egg hunt on Saturday.
    I have been waiting to take Audra to the Toledo zoo. I am so excited to go.

    1. Jennifer

      Weigands did too. Totally missed that one as well.

      1. kara

        Whoops, I meant Denewiths has an Easter egg hunt this Saturday.

        1. Jennifer

          Ohhhh, they do? I am on that! Thanks!

  4. Beth

    HAHAHA! I was literally singing “Let it Go” in my head as I read your post. We are in an open work area….right before I read your last paragraph, the guy behind me goes “Are you singing Frozen?” Um….yeah….didn’t realize it was out loud though……

    1. Jennifer


  5. My youngest daughter knows all the words to that song and sings it every day. She also makes me sing it, but I don’t know all the words. Yet. Great song, though.

    I am also with Bluehost, and had some issues of the weekend. I am on a shared server. Someday, hopefully, I can afford to change to a virtual private. My husband is a computer guy, and he insists that being down a few days per year is very good for the low low price I pay. sigh.

    1. Jennifer

      I have a VPS. I think those and the dedicated servers were the only ones down yesterday. Figures. Hopefully they get whatever the heck was wrong all fixed and backed up and all that! I am not a computer person so it’s a little more technical than I would like, but I do like the way it works better!

  6. Bethany

    I think I had just got “Let It Go” out of my head… and it’s back!! 🙂 I actually just recently watched Frozen for the first time like last week and totally loved it, even though I had heard the song a million times before I ever watched it! And I should try sending bags to thredUp. Every since becoming a mom, I haven’t really used like most of them….

    1. Jennifer

      Let it go! Let it go!!!!!!!!

      I figure the bags are just sitting in my closet anyway??

      1. Bethany

        LOL. And you’re so right, I need to purge my closet of the Coach phase I went through in college!! Then buy new stuff, of course.

        1. Jennifer

          Well that’s part of my reason too. If I get rid of some, I can get more…

  7. Carla

    Last week I was putting on my concealer in the bathroom and I started singing “conceal don’t feel”. That is a sign that the movie has been seen way too many times! Haha!

    1. Jennifer


  8. Katrina

    Have you ever tried selling anything on Poshmark? That might be a good place for your purses. I’ve heard good things about it…I signed up but I’ve not finished any postings yet.

  9. Erica

    Television Without Pity! I love it so much and I am so so so sad they wont be publishing anymore.

    1. Jennifer

      I know. And the forums will be gone too right? I might shed a tear.

  10. Ashley C.

    Hey, nothing wrong with an afternoon nap!! 😉
    As far as Teen Mom?! I watched the episode, but not the catch up special. Guess I’ll need to check that out. I just wish someone would slap Jenelle already! And a little bit Leah, too. They both are so whiney and needy when it comes to EVERYTHING!

    1. Jennifer

      Oh, I want to tell Leah to get real! Did you see the new 16 & Pregnant? I caught that during nap time today. That’s a good one.

      1. Ashley C.

        I didn’t know it had started already … so I have it set to record the next time it’s on. Call me crazy {and my husband called me immature this morning!} but I’m kind of enjoying the MTV line up lately. Catfish is coming back in a few weeks. Awkward is back and looks entertaining. The new Challenge is back this week! At least it gives me something to watch over the summer!

        1. Jennifer

          I will watch MTV forever. It never gets old.

  11. Shelly

    Ooooo I see my name as a winner!!! Yippee!

    1. Jennifer


  12. Cheryl

    Twice is also taking handbags and I sent a couple of my old Coach bags their way. I was happy enough with the experience and in addition to the payout I got a $10 store credit for each bag.

    1. Jennifer

      Did you think the payout was good?

      1. Cheryl

        I was happy with it. Sure I would’ve liked more money but I always think that with my cleanout bags lol! I’m not sure exactly how much I got for each handbag since Twice doesn’t itemize like ThredUP does, but overall I’m happy I did it. The extra store credit was a nice bonus too! I believe ThredUP is paying for bags on consignment though, so you might have the potential for a higher payout.

  13. Katie A

    “Let it Go” runs through my head 24/7, too! Most of the time, I’m surprised to hear myself belting it out, too, even though it’s driving me crazy. haha!

    1. Jennifer

      Same. Totally the same.

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