Just for Fun Friday Giveaway!

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Just for Fun Friday Giveaway
Just for Fun Friday Giveaway

I was planning on doing a birthday giveaway, but I seem to have missed the boat on that one, so we’ll just call this a Just for Fun giveaway!  No real theme or anything.  Just things I am loving right now.  And things I want to try!  Here’s what you could win:

~Mebath Strawberry Kiwi Shower Sherbet ($30): I discovered this yesterday and have been thinking about it ever since.  I feel like if I give one away, it will be a reason to buy one for myself too right?
~Turkish-T Beach Candy Swirl Turkish Towel (Orange & Turquoise) ($45):  As you know I am obsessed with turkish towels now.  Hopefully B is on board with the change when he gets home tomorrow!
~Caribbean Breeze Prize Candle ($24.99): If you win this giveaway, you must send me a picture of the ring you get!
~Sephora Favorites Summerstash Kit ($45): What can I say?  I want one of these sets too.  One for me?  One for you? Makes sense to me!

The giveaway ends on 7.7.14 at 12am and I’ll select one winner (winner takes all) at that time and will e-mail them and announce it on here as well.  As usual, all you need to do is click enter to win. But make sure you come back every day to get your daily entries! And if you want, you can also do one (or all) of the other options, including sharing for lots of extra entries! Oh and don’t forget to answer the question for the comment entry option if you do that one! Best of luck and happy entering!

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  1. Kelly

    Family, bbq, and fireworks

  2. Tara m

    Hanging at the pool at my parents with the family! 🙂

  3. Debbie Richardson

    It looks like I will be car shopping over the 4th of July. A van with no working air conditioning is not going to make it in our new Miami life. 🙂

  4. Kellie

    We are going to spend the day using our Salt Block from an old Bespoke Post to grill Flank Steak. IT WAS AMAZING, and really totally beats hot dogs! 🙂

  5. Tammy Davis

    My family will be on vacation!!!

  6. Nicole Whelan

    Watching the fireworks from our family’s home by Lake Michigan! Nothing beats a frontyard view and being cozy with family 🙂

  7. Andie

    What fun items! Thanks so much for the giveaway.

    My fourth of July plans revolve entirely around good friends, good food, and great fun. There will be a barbecue for sure, and plenty of sitting outside to enjoy my town’s fireworks show.

  8. Jill Banks Geraci

    Probably go hide from our crazy neighbors who shoot fireworks from June 30-July 30.

    1. Jennifer

      BAHAHA. Mine shoot them from around Easter through Halloween. So.many.fireworks.

  9. Andrea

    Nothing for the 4th of July (for obvious reasons) but for Canada Day my husband has to work. Therefore I will be having a ‘me’ day followed by going to the fireworks in the evening hopefully!

  10. Amy Ballou

    Going to Murrell’s Inlet down at Myrtle Beach (SC) we leave tomorrow morning! 😀

  11. Lisa

    I’m going to my parents!

  12. Sarah

    I’m hoping to put the grill we got as a wedding gift to good use, finally. Our weekends have been so busy, I’m STOKED about having a long weekend with no plans.

    As a bonus, I’m off work the entire following week with NOTHING TO DO. My daughter will be in college classes starting on the 7th, and my husband can’t get any time off, so I’m going to clean and read and probably just be the laziest version of myself.

  13. Genevieve carter

    No plans for the fourth of July yet.

  14. Stephanie DeArco

    Going to the base rec camp and watching fire works and enjoying ourselves before daddy goes on a deployment

  15. Crstina

    For 4th of July we will be going to our town’s annual 4th of July parade in the morning. Then all of our family is coming over to our house for a bbq and swimming. At night, we will watch our town’s local fireworks display and light our own fireworks. I love 4th of July!

  16. Sindhu

    I’ll probably go watch fireworks.

  17. Katrina

    I was unexpectedly given the 4th off. So…I don’t know yet.

  18. Deanna Magoun

    Cooking and boat riding in the lake!!

  19. Anna K.

    Watching the fireworks with the kids. It’s a first time for my little one, so it’ll be interesting how he reacts!

  20. Hannah

    My grandma’s birthday is on 4th of July, she’ll be 90! But we’re celebrating on Thursday night by taking her out to dinner <3
    I'll be going to an annual 4th of July party at my friends house…3rd year for me, but my boyfriend has been going for 10+ years!

  21. Cynthia

    Love the items in the giveaway!

    And we are most likely going to Louisiana to visit family for the Fourth of July! 🙂

  22. Brandie Cox

    We are spending what I hope is a quiet evening at home. Our 4 year old can not handle the sensory input from fireworks so we have lots of “glow” activities planned instead. 🙂

  23. Rebecca E.

    We probably won’t do much of anything. My husband will probably request that I fix ribs and potato salad though.

  24. Lindsay R

    We will be visiting family on the east coast. We’ll see if our 2 year old likes the fireworks! 🙂

  25. Alicia N

    I am going to be in Las Vegas celebrating my little sisters 21st birthday over the fourth of July!

  26. Kristy

    Nothing yet! Hopefully a BBQ with friends

  27. Shirisha P

    no plans yet.

  28. Sarah

    Getting ready to fly to Denver on the 5th – 14th! :.)

  29. Clare

    Ah! Love this! Thanks 🙂

  30. Kathryn Johnson

    Hubby has to work so the kiddo and I will be watching fireworks solo.

  31. Mandy Hillman

    Going to a friends bbq/party!

  32. Bridget Heiple Reich

    I will be packing! We are leaving at 4am the next morning for a road trip to Gulf Shores! 🙂

  33. lia

    We’re headed to San Diego for the annual Cupcake Extravaganza at Eclipse Chocolate. The cupcakes are awesome & they have tons of exclusive flavors for the 4th of July weekend. I hear they’re doing a bunch with goat cheese and are having baby goats in the patio!! So excited.

  34. Jorja

    Prepping for my wedding on July 12!!!! Aghrhrhhghhghhgh!

    1. Jennifer

      Eeek! Congrats!

  35. Cheryl

    Unfortunately, working!

  36. Bridget Heiple Reich

    The tweet link is still about the Fabletics giveaway.

    1. Jennifer

      Thank you!

  37. Mallory B

    I have to work all holiday weekend 🙁

  38. Lisa

    Going to a friend’s barbecue!

  39. Amanda K

    Spending time with the family for the 4th!

  40. Gina H

    I’ll probably end up at my parents like every year – can’t beat sitting out on the dock watching multiple shows all around the lake (Lake St Clair near Selfridge)

    1. Jennifer

      That’s right by me!

  41. K

    Barbecue, fireworks, water balloons. Nothing creative here.

  42. Lori

    We will be relaxing, BBQing and watching fireworks.

  43. Stacey

    We will be having a family picnic.

  44. Michaella B

    BBQ with family and friends fireworks and maybe spend part of it at the hospital with a friend who is due the 3rd (which is also my bday! :))

  45. Mary

    Celebrating my birthday (it’s July 2) and going up to the NC mountains to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet up there.

  46. Jordan

    Making this fresh watermelon cake:

    It looks amazing!

    1. Jennifer

      I don’t see a link, but I want to see this cake!

  47. Lisa Springer

    Going to a friend’s house for a party. Our town has their fireworks and festival on the 5th.

  48. Hannah K

    Our little town does a big festival on the square so we always check it out during the day, then shoot fireworks and have a cookout at night.

  49. Ashley

    Well, in my head, we’re going to have a BBQ at our house with our little group of friends and then play with fireworks…and just have a grand ol’ time. In reality, though, we’re probably just going to blow up some fireworks by ourselves in our driveway and then go to bed early.

  50. Blaire

    Bar-b-q and colorful adult cocktails!

  51. Sara

    Probably go see fireworks!!

  52. Terri Q

    I usually watch the big NYC fireworks on TV, but we don’t really do anything for the day. Dog doesn’t like fireworks, so will probably wind up with her on my lap at some point of the night. She doesn’t like thunder either. 🙁

  53. Theresa H

    The Fourth of July is also my grandma’s birthday, so relatives are flying in to celebrate. I’m really into fireworks so we always buy lots to put on our own neighborhood display!

  54. Elizabeth

    I’ll be having a cookout with my brother and his family who are visiting from WI.

  55. Cathy@Five Boys

    We’ve got a great community parade and then we float from party to party to party . . .

  56. Beth

    Staying at home setting off fire works

  57. Abbi D

    Well we are in a Stage 4 Burn Ban/Water Restriction soo…..doing some virtual fireworks? lol. Probably cooking out and enjoying time with the family!

  58. Jennifer Weston

    Hanging out with my kiddos at the sd county fair

  59. Jennifer DellaCioppa

    I may be stuck working. Booo

  60. Chelsey

    No plans yet actually, man I feel like a slacker now

  61. Jennifer S

    For fourth of July I?ll be hanging out with my boyfriends family and hopefully decorating my Erin Condren Teacher planner ;P

  62. Beth Rang

    Going to a riverfront festival with fireworks, and possibly a short wildlife cruise on the river.

  63. Robyn


  64. Annie

    We’ll barbecue and enjoy some great live music !

  65. Theresa

    Fireworks at the park!

  66. Stephanie

    Family barbeque!

  67. Rose D.

    Sleeping in and relaxing!!!

  68. MJ

    I have to work this 4th of July. 🙁

  69. Ashley

    I’ll be (hopefully) spending the 4th of July on the coast with my family and friends!

  70. chelsea


  71. Kelsey

    On the 3rd going to my grandmas for the 4th and July birthday (my 22nd!) and on the real 4th if July having bonfire at my sisters with all out friends 🙂

  72. Caitlin C.

    BBQ with family!

  73. Jennifer

    BBQ with friends and family =)

  74. Ann Marie

    Swimming, weather permitting. 🙂

  75. Alison

    Hopefully in the air conditioning!

  76. Shawna

    4th of July I will be celebrating my precious nephew turning 1!

  77. Lara

    Wearing my flag scarf from PashBox and hoping that lots of hot dogs and fun in the sun is involved!

  78. Melissa B

    I’ll probably be trying to stay in the air conditioning as much as possible!

  79. emiie

    BBQ and watching the fireworks from my window…away from the craziness 🙂

  80. Tristian

    I will be working since I am at the beach this weekend.

  81. Hilda

    Celebrating my birthday with the family!!

  82. Jackie

    BBQ with good friends!

  83. Lynda


  84. Kristin L.

    To be honest… No clue! Just having fun with the family.

  85. cindy

    family food fireworks

  86. Emily

    not sure what i will do on july 4th, but glad to have a day off. maybe some bbq

  87. Leana

    4th of July is lame around you and I. I grew up in Texas where fireworks were on the actual 4th, not some random day. Oh well, at least I’m off. Will shop and go out.

    1. Jennifer

      OMG a different city has fireworks every night here. It’s insane. Who wants to see fireworks on wednesdays???

  88. Ruby Yoshi

    We are going on a trip to LA to visit our friends

  89. S. Herrick

    Our friends just got a house on the lake so we will be there bbqing and boating!

  90. Erin Braun

    I’m going to a family BBQ and making Spa Popsicles for everybody. And a few dozen deviled eggs, of which I’ll probably eat half before I get there.

  91. Kalli

    Every year for as long as I can remember, my family goes down to the beach the night before the 4th (we live on the coast in California) and we rope off a huge area to “save” for the 4th. We have a huge crab and lobster boil that night for our close family and then some of us sleep in out spot for the night so it doesn’t get taken. On the actual 4th, us and all of our friends hang out at the beach all day long. Music, massive BBQ, surfing, you name it. Then at night we watch the massive firework show the city puts on! The 4th is definitely my favorite holiday! My entire family looks forward to it all year. We do more for this than we do for Christmas! Haha!

  92. Alisha


  93. Carolyn

    My poor dog is terrified of fireworks so we spend the 4th at home, trying to keep her as calm as possible. Generally we end up playing lullabies on Pandora as loud as needed to drown out the noise from outside? a very unique tradition I guess!

  94. Got lake

    Vacation boating on Lake Orion Michigan.

  95. Selena Cousin

    Hosting a barbeque

  96. Kristy

    Watching fireworks from the beach 🙂

  97. Kim Kjerulf

    Cookout during the day with steamed crabs and fireworks at night.

  98. Mandi

    I am going to a picnic.

  99. Juli

    Grilling and fireworks.

  100. Julia

    Chillin’ at home and making sure the dogs are up in the mountains to avoid them going crazy over fireworks!! They hate the noise!!! By the way…I’m hooked on Hazel Lane now!!

  101. Becky

    I’ll be going to as many fireworks displays as I can! So far, I have two lined up for this weekend, then one each on July 2, 3, 4, and 5!! And probably a BBQ on the 4th!

  102. Linsey J

    Considering i just figured out the 4th is only 7 days away. probably just a few fireworks and bbq with the in-laws

  103. Rachael Tibbetts

    Enjoying time with my family!

  104. Jackie M

    BBQ at my parents house on the beach. Kids play on the beach all day, fireworks at night right there. It’s a yearly tradition, lots of fun!

  105. LaurenKay


  106. melissa g

    fireworks and possibly the beach

  107. Charity

    Eating good BBQ!

  108. Andrea Fleming

    Our town has a big 4th of July celebration at the park. Games and food during the day, and fireworks at night. I haven’t been to it in 20 years, but now that we’ve moved back, I can’t wait to take my kids!

  109. Victoria Locke

    I am going to a Mets game with my hubby for fireworks night!

  110. PA Anna

    Picnic and BBQ

  111. Debby Stefanini

    We are heading to Lake Wedowee with the family.

  112. Sierra

    Watching fireworks on the lake.

  113. Elizabeth Cranford

    Time with family and then apartment shopping

  114. Jennifer H

    Having a cookout with friends and family – then watching the fireworks 🙂

  115. Lori

    Watching fireworks

  116. Jamie Lane

    I will take my kids to a parade and hang out with my family.

  117. Julie

    I will be on a hiking trip in Italy on the 4th!

  118. tammyk

    spending time with family, with my new grandson and lots of food!

  119. Melissa

    I’m hopefully visiting my friend for her birthday!

  120. Kristin t

    Bonfire and hopefully see some fireworks

  121. Tara

    Nothing 🙁 the hubby and I were going to make sangria and hang out, but I just found out I work the 2 days before and 4 days after, so there went my plans! Oh well sangria the following weekend!

  122. Kyra

    Probably just walk to the beach to watch the fireworks, my hubby works that night and it’s too crazy around here to drive anywhere!

  123. Sarah

    BBQ and Fireworks!

  124. Alexa Angell

    For the 4th we’ll spend some time at the pool, fire up the grill, and join friends for the big fireworks!

  125. Julie Crabb

    I am hoping the Fourth will include a parade, some grilling, and fireworks. I would also be fine with sipping lemonade on the patio all day.

  126. Alena P

    Honestly.. Going to Build a Bear with my daughter to build the new My Little Pony. What a life! 😉

  127. Alissa younkin

    Annual family BBQ!!

  128. Audrey

    Picnic outside play and we’ll see about fireworks in the evening.

  129. Zong

    For J4, I’m going to a tournament with my whole family!

  130. Lindy

    Very relaxed time at home, cooking out, enjoying the family.

  131. Ashley C

    Keeping things low key with some fishing and BBQing!


  132. Mary Ann M.

    Hanging out at home. Swimming. Catching some fireworks.

  133. Nicole

    Hopefully nothing…but RELAX!

  134. Jean Eckert

    We will probably do the typical BBQ with family followed by some fireworks for the kiddos! Keeping it pretty low key 🙂

  135. Angela

    Unfortunately I will be recovering from a broken ankle and fractured leg.

    1. Jennifer

      Ouch! I hope it heals quickly!

      1. Angela

        Thanks! Hopefully I will be able to live vicariously through your blog ( which is awesome btw).

  136. Tracy Thompson Parker

    We might BBQ but we usually stay in and away from all the firework nuts in our neighborhood!

  137. Lisa

    We’re having a BBQ for the 4th

  138. Michelle S

    We are spending the 4th with family on a lake up north.

  139. Vicki

    Boys will be at scout camp. Looks like I will be relaxing at the lake on the 4th with friends. Happy birthday USA!

  140. kelly

    picnic on the beach with the hubby

  141. Susan Gasperson

    I’m not sure what are exact plans are. Since we have a LO under 1, we may stick around the house and light some sparklers and watch fireworks on the tv.

  142. Amber Quartz

    helping at a vet’s 4th of july event and then drinking by the pool!

  143. Jody M

    First off…Happy Birthday!! The 4th? Hopefully relaxing and maybe using the stuff I got in my Tyler Florence box.

  144. Allison

    “Blast O’Mania” Year 9—pool, pontoon boat, fireworks, and golf with family and friends. Oh, and usually something unexpectedly catches on fire, you know, just to keep things interesting. :/

  145. Ashley C.

    We’re heading down to Camp Lejeune for the 4th. Hitting up the beach, watching the fireworks, and seeing LL Cool J perform that night!

  146. Cheryl

    We are staying home and cooking up some yummy BBQ! There is a country club in our neighborhood and they do a fireworks display every year- we get to watch from the comfort of our yard. 🙂

  147. Sher

    Hanging with all three of my boys as my oldest will be visiting then 🙂

  148. Ashlee

    I will work 4th of July morning and then a BBQ during the evening =) thank you for another great giveaway!

  149. Turquoise Sellers

    We are going to BBQ, and try to watch fireworks nearby. The fireworks start after my sons usual bedtime. There’s a big chance he will fall asleep before they start.

  150. Lauren

    BBQ with family then walk down to the beach for fireworks!

  151. Tammy

    I am planning on visiting my mama!

  152. steph

    Going to see out of state family! !!!

  153. Liz Ruenzel

    BBQ with family!

  154. Erin Hermann

    Nothing really, just hanging with the family and enjoying some fireworks.

  155. Brandy Fisk

    Neighbor hood bbq and fireworks!

  156. Tiffany

    So far I work till 6:30 after that I don’t have a clue.

  157. Sherry

    Family BBQ, pool and Corona! 🙂

  158. Sneaky Burrito

    My parents are coming to town, so I’ll be hanging out with them. Haven’t seen them for a long while so that will be nice.

  159. Rachel

    I wish I was doing something fun and exciting on the 4th! My fiance and I don’t have plans yet, but I am getting out of a surgery on the 1st, so we’ll probably lay around and do nothing LOL

  160. Haley Faye

    We’re having a family picnic!

  161. Maura

    beach, then a BBQ! like every 4th of July!

  162. Mary W

    Enjoy a four day weekend! My neighbor already informed me he got “loud a$$ fireworks” so that will be obnoxious!

  163. Heather

    Grilling (?) and hanging with the kids and hubby. Here in CO. fireworks are banned. So…

  164. Mansi

    just hanging out with some friends!

  165. Melissa

    First I am going to a pancake breakfast that the Boy Scouts put on at my church and then later in the evening watch some fireworks from my back porch.

  166. Mary

    Dealing with one of our dogs who is freaked out by fireworks 🙁

  167. Dana

    Loading up on bug spray and watching the town fireworks from the front lawn. 🙂

  168. Niki T.

    BBQ and fireworks with my sister and nephew. =)

  169. Lanie

    I am going to see Matilda the musical then watch the fireworks from my balcony (as I enjoy my last 4th in NYC).

  170. Melissa

    I will have a busy 4th this year! Having a much needed yard sale, and going to a couple of cookouts. Hoping for gorgeous weather!

  171. Kathy

    Probably nothing since our city stopped it’s firework show & daughter will be on her way home from Vegas. Supposed to get up to 111? while she’s there.

  172. Angie D

    We are starting to move into our new house that weekend! Yay!

  173. Melanie

    I have a fun red white and blue man I to do, and watch some fireworks!

  174. Melanie

    What!? No–mani– as in manicure! Auto-correct fail, LOL!!

    1. Jennifer

      Best auto-correct fail I have seen in a long time!

  175. Claire

    Watching fireworks with my family

  176. Diane

    We are visiting my parents for the 4th of July 🙂

  177. Annie

    My goal for the 4th is to accomplish as little as possible. And eat a bunch of delicious, terrible-for-me food. 🙂

  178. Kristen

    I will be at the beach on vacation with my amazing family!!!

  179. Lauren Seritt

    Grilling out!!!!!

  180. Colleen b

    BBQ, swim and stay with my dog so she doesn’t freak out.

  181. Jacquelyn Noell

    Yearly family BBQ while trying to avoid fireworks. =]

  182. Karen

    Spending the day at my cousin’s house and then watching the fireworks from our balcony!

  183. Fallon

    I’m guessing these giveaways are only for US residents? I’ll be spending July 1st (Canada Day) unpacking from my current vacation 🙂

  184. Mel

    The hubby is working so I’ll probably stay in and watch Real Hkusewives! Lol

  185. Clara

    I’ll pick my brother up from my Grandpa’s farm for some fun in Louisville, KY. My brother lives in New York City and I live in Lexington, KY so we don’t get to see each other too often, but he’s spending the month at the farm so I’ll get to see him for the 4th!

  186. Jessica

    Going camping at Volcano National Park

  187. jenny

    No plans in the 4th. M has to work all day so the boys and I usually hang at home and then watch fireworks on tv. We are leaving for the beach in the 6th so I’ll probably start packing for that.

  188. Sophie

    Working, unfortunately.

  189. ivis

    If I dont get ordered Over time, BBQ and fireworks with the fam!

  190. Aoife K

    For 4th of July I’ll be trying to lure my dogs out from under my bed all night. My block shoots of fireworks from every house all at once, and my dogs nearly have a heart attack every year. 😛

  191. Danielle

    Going to a friends BBQ and later watching fireworks from our roof deck.

  192. Mandy B

    No big plans – just enjoying the time off!

  193. Anastasia

    Going to amusement park, and watching fire works!

  194. janelle


  195. Crystal

    I WANT that Summer Stash kit! <3

    I will be doing nothing for the 4th…absolutely nothing. 🙂

  196. Shannon

    Working evening shift 3-11pm but will have a view of fireworks from the 3rd floor at least.

  197. Stacie Seidman

    My town has a 4 mile road race on July 4th, so I’ll be running that. Then playing with my horses and dogs the rest of the day!

  198. Lisa D.

    We will head to a parade in the morning, then have family and friends over for a cook out and fun times 🙂

  199. Katrina

    J has to work late on the 4th, but we can see the city’s fireworks from our back yard so I might just hang out by myself on the patio…with a cold drink, of course.

  200. Candace L

    Relaxing and spending time with family!

  201. Jen

    Family, fireworks, and free beer!

  202. Lms

    No idea, as long as I get to hang out with my sweet boys!

  203. Kiersten

    Working 🙁 unfortunately Panera is still open on the 4th

  204. Lori

    Just relaxing with the kids and husband. Hopefully watch some fireworks.

  205. Marcy

    Family and hanging with my dogs to make sure they don’t get to freaked out by fireworks!

  206. Rebecca

    I’m not doing much on the 4th. I’m usually in Michigan but I’m going later in July. Hopefully fireworks and some BBQ.

  207. Nicole

    spending time with my family, relaxing, fireworks!

  208. Dawn

    I don’t have plans yet :-/. No doubt it will involve fireworks!

  209. Marie smith

    Pool, barbeque, and family!

  210. Eve

    Backyard brunch and BBQ.

  211. Judy

    Spend time with my boyfriend and watch the fireworks. We already had our grill out with his family this week, but we might have another. lol

  212. stacy

    Working, holiday pay!! Then fireworks!

  213. Liz

    I’m obsessed with turkish towels right now.

  214. Liz

    Grilling and summer naps

  215. Tina Bui

    I’m going to my cousin’s house (She lives on a lake) to her 4th of July party. She hiring a band to play on her patio and they’ll be a fireworks show at night. I’m super excited. It’s a tradition every year.

  216. Elizabeth

    I have no clue yet-whatever it is, just hanging with my hubs and boys will be a great day! 🙂

  217. alyssa

    Most likely a cook out with my parents, brother and niece. No fireworks for me or I’d be in autistic overload from all the people and noise so I just stay and watch them turned down on tv. The 7th I go see my surgeon for the last time so she can get her final post surgery pictures and double check it’s still looking good then see my glaucoma specialist for the first time since before surgery can’t wait to see her reaction! Can’t believe it’s been 4 months already!

    1. Jennifer

      Ahh, I need to go check your blog for some updates!

      1. alyssa

        Haven’t posted updates since right before I got the artificial eye. Was planning to do an update the week after. Am going to be posting a blog about the big reason I haven’t updated. My family went through a huge shocking change the Sunday after I got my eye. I won’t say what it was here cause I don’t want to depress you and your readers.

  218. Janaya

    I’ll be deployed.

    1. Jennifer

      Thank you for your service!!!!

  219. Tabitha

    Family BBQ and fireworks!

  220. Kristin

    a BBQ with our son and his fiance to meet her parents

  221. Diana Vuong

    I don’t have any plans for the 4th of July!

  222. katrina

    heading to my parents for boating, swimming, fireworks etc

  223. terri s

    grilling with family, watermelon and usually make home-made ice cream oh and lots of cold drinks!

  224. Genevieve

    bbqs and packing to move.

  225. Tessa

    I’ll be watching fireworks on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. for the 4th of July!

  226. Ashley

    We don’t have any special plans, just eating hot dogs and going to the local community fireworks show.

  227. Nicole Midgley

    On The Fourth Of July we will be visiting my parents in Florida! 🙂

  228. Emily Cecilia

    BBQ on the Brooklyn waterfront and a super fun extended family baseball game!

  229. Gina F.

    Family BBQ!! Love the 4th!

  230. Dawn P.

    We do a family BBQ every 4th so we will be at my brothers this year. Their town has pretty decent fireworks so the kids love it.

  231. katy

    I will be visiting family in Elko, NV.

  232. Bethany

    You are the sweetest, just throwing random giveaways for fun! 🙂 For the 4th, our church is having a breakfast in the morning, then I’m not sure about the afternoon… but it will for sure involve burgers and fireworks in some form!

  233. Joelle Sazama

    This is the perfect summer give away. fun!

  234. Julie S

    It will be a 4th of July staycation with some grilling!!!

  235. Kelley

    I’ll be enjoying the long weekend and maybe going to the renaissance fair with a friend. 🙂

  236. Callie

    Your giveaways are always so exciting! And the winner will be announced the day after my birthday! Fingers crossed! 🙂

  237. Sarah

    Hey, I already commented for the contest but I want to make sure you saw that Me! Bath is on Hautelook today 🙂 It doesn’t look like they have the strawberry kiwi scent up, but if you wanted to try anything else of theirs it’s steeply discounted!

    1. Jennifer

      OMG you rock! I would never have known! Thank you!

  238. Enrica

    We are heading out to our close friends family cabin for the first time with all the kiddos. It should be so much fun!

  239. Mahdi Martin

    I don’t have any plans yet! We’ll probably drive downtown and watch the fireworks. Maybe someone will have a party, and we’ll crash it.

  240. Amber

    Pool party and BBQ! 🙂

  241. Mary Ann

    My tiny town makes it an all-day event – craft fair, parade (complete with the older men forming the “Lawnmower Brigade” and doing drills and marches with their push lawnmowers!), cook-outs, and fireworks!

  242. Diane F

    We will be swimming and grilling.

  243. Susan O'Bryant

    Watching my neighborhood fireworks with my hubby. We look forward to it every year!

  244. Lauren

    Columbus always puts on a huge fireworks show downtown . We get a hotel room so we don’t have to fight the traffic or sit and claim space all day waiting for the fireworks. Family and fireworks are the best! Oh and baseball game the next night. Classic!

  245. Shiree Shaffer

    I have to work until 3:15, but then we are going to just hang out, set off some fireworks and do a campfire in the yard with s’mores and hot dogs!

  246. RobertAnn Smiley

    I love that you are only truly interested in your followers. We live in Coeur D Alene, Idaho so we are thinking of traveling over to Seattle for the 4th of July. My daughter has been wanting to go to the ocean to ‘catch’ some sharks lol. I have a reservation on a hotel room, and looked into different in the park activities for the 4th, but I’m not positive if we will get to make it due to unexpected expenses. I’m hoping we can make it work, who doesn’t like to make their babies happy (:

    1. Jennifer

      Fingers crossed it works out! I do love hearing what everyone is doing, what everyone likes, etc!

  247. Elizabeth D

    We will be bbquing with family!

  248. Kaleigh

    It’s my brothers birthday, so I’m travelling 200 miles to spend it with him =)

  249. emily o

    celebrating my daughters birthday on the beach, cooking out, and watching fireworks!!

  250. Elizabeth

    Company picnic–so much fun!! We look forward to it every year!

  251. Stephanie T

    Heading down to the “near the beach” house in Delaware. Can’t believe I haven’t been there since Easter!

  252. Katherine

    I’ll be working, but making time and a half so I’m good with that!

  253. MJ

    I am having an outdoor BBQ with some friends! 🙂

  254. Alayna

    I normally gather a box for the troops, bbq, sunbathe and FIREWORKS!1

  255. Wehaf

    I have no idea; I’ll probably figure it out July 3. 🙂

  256. Connie B

    I’ll actually be moving on that day but do plan on going out to the lake and watching the fireworks that night.

  257. miranda

    We are having a BBQ and watching fireworks from our backyard

  258. Kara mishmash

    I’m not nearly as fun at 32 as I was at 22…my husband and I are flipping a house and since we’re both off, we’re working on getting some small stuff done to finish it before the open house in 3 weeks!

  259. Laura

    We will be traveling to cancun!!!! Can’t wait!

  260. Beverly Bailey

    We actually do not have big plans. We are putting an addition on our house and REALLY need to be working on it whenever we have time off! My kids are fortunate to have plans with friends!

  261. Nicole

    BBQ just my husband and boys in the back yard. OH, I almost forgot. We are in our town’s parade in the morning.

  262. Kate K

    I have no plans right now. LOL

  263. Jenn

    Going to the pool, BBQ and then the fireworks! Though I’m currently doing a stupid sugar detox so my BBQ options will be limited. 😉

  264. Fellica Hupp

    For the fourth of July I’m going to a bbq and then watch fire works with my family.

  265. Shawn

    We are boating and then fireworks on Lake Orion!

  266. Jill

    Bbq! Can’t wait!

  267. Hannah R

    Going hiking!

  268. BlackAsphodel

    Celebrating with family.


  269. karen

    We are visiting my husband’s parents for the 4th, the kids can’t wait!

  270. Melissa B

    Downtown Portsmouth, nh for the fireworks and cookout with the family

  271. Natalie R

    A BBQ with good friends and watching fireworks at the beach…I can’t wait! Thanks for the giveaway!

  272. Michaela

    I’m going home to spend time with my family, it will be nice to see everyone under the same roof again! It’s been a while.

    P.S. The Summerstash is everything! I have all fingers crossed for that! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  273. Jennifer (NotSoUsual)

    Ooooo great giveaway!

    This 4th of July my mother is coming to visit from California and we’ve decided to go the movies and then try to find some firework shows around my neighborhood.

  274. Crystal Gregg

    I’ll probably hang out with my brother & have some beers with our friends

  275. christina

    🙁 i’m working from 11am-9pm, unfortunately.

  276. Natalie

    We are going to my brothers laws for a pool party picnic

  277. Maria

    Fun, Family, Fireworks!!

  278. Crystal

    I’m spending the 4th with my family at the beach 🙂

  279. gary

    I’m going swimming with my grandkids

  280. Michelle

    We will probably go to a local parade, BBQ and watch the fireworks. Nothing to exciting, but very 4th of July-ish. 🙂

  281. Catie

    I’m going on a weekend trip to Montreal, so I’ll be in Canada for the 4th. But I’ll probably have a spangly red-white-and-blue manicure!

  282. Jessica

    Celebrating my sons 12th birthday

  283. Adrienne W

    I’ll be working on the 4th. Boo. We are having a potluck at work that day though, so that will be nice.

  284. Gwen

    Spending time with my family eating good food and watching fireworks!

  285. Rebecca Brewer

    Watching fireworks from our backyard with friends.

  286. Patty

    We’re hosting a bbq. I have to clean!! Thanks for another great giveaway! I WILL win one eventually.

  287. Sarah Dineen


  288. Kathy S

    Hubby’s aunt has a family party at her beach house, so we’ll be soaking in some sun and having some beers. 🙂

  289. Christine

    We live in Germany and will be moving back to the States very soon so we are going on one last trip to the Black Forest. Hopefully we will get a cuckoo clock!!

  290. Jennifer Rushing

    Me and my 4 will be at a water park.

  291. Jessie M

    Having a BBQ.

  292. Vanessa

    BBQ, Fireworks, fun with the family. Can’t wait!

  293. Kindra Frank

    We will be watching the fireworks by the river with friends and the kiddos!

  294. Colleen Boudreau

    I’m going to a friends BBQ.

  295. Diana

    BBQ with the family

  296. Kathy

    We’ll be visiting with family for an extended weekend. I can’t wait!

  297. ana ebright

    we are having a barbecue at our house . Jon ‘s sister and her family are coming in from out of town. so excited

  298. ashley cabell

    We’re going to a fireworks celebration for the family on Camp Lejeune, NC and LL Cool J is performing!!

  299. Stephanie

    For the fourth of July we were going to go away but we decided to stay at home and plan staycation type stuff to do here. We are in the Chicago area so there is a lot around anyways.

  300. Wisconsin gal

    Quiet time, and colorful cocktails. Might catch up w life too. House, yard, etc!

  301. Jennifer

    We are going to a pig roast!

  302. Alexandrea M

    I’m starting a week long catsitting on an island in a house with no TV, so I guess I’ll be drinking a lot of beer…

  303. Jennifer Pittman

    Getting ready to go to a wedding on next day!

  304. brenda

    to my backyard to bbq and drink cocktails with family !

  305. Priscilla S.

    We’re having a barbecue and then heading out to see fireworks.

  306. MurdocksMama

    If all goes as planned, we’ll be arriving in FL {from IA} after a 24 hour drive with two kids {2 & under}. #SendPrayers! 🙂

  307. Nicole

    have family time, and fireworks!

  308. Carri

    We will be celebrating my youngest son’s 6th BDay. He is so excited and still thinks the fireworks are all for him 🙂

  309. Sara

    ooooh love this giveaway!! i’ll be hanging out with friends on a road trip!

  310. Denise

    We are watching fireworks at the state park by our house and grilling out. =)

  311. Sophie

    I will be working (doing research in pediatric obesity) and studying for a physics final the following monday – hopefully I can get some bbq thrown in there at some point! 🙂

  312. Danyelle

    Music concert and bbq crashing!

  313. Sheena

    Three day weekend and Steaks!

  314. Mandi Thomas

    Going to be on vacation in Chicago with my boyfriend! That night he’ll be dragging me to a Dave Matthews Band concert.

  315. Christine Fortes

    Working in the morning and then watching fireworks with my kids and boyfriend 🙂

  316. Krista

    I’ve been wanting the summer stash bag forever!! I saw it at JCP Sephora for $25 and I passed on it. WHY?!?!?!?!?!? Why did I do that?! Now it’s full price again :/

  317. kathryn

    No real 4th plans yet, probably just relax with friends 🙂

  318. Erin

    Watching fireworks with family while trying to stay cool!

  319. Gloria

    No plans yet. Looks like it may be raining on the East Coast!

  320. Mumzie

    We are spending the day celebrating two birthdays. Family and fun.

  321. Jenifer

    Heading to upstate NY to see my in-laws with my 2mo old baby!
    Hopefully she sleeps the whole way from CT!!
    Then it’s a hand off to Nanny! (Except for feeds) 😉

  322. Sarah S.

    Hiking in the am and bbq with the family in the pm. 🙂

  323. Crystal

    Nothing! Just how I want it. =)

  324. Gina G

    Maybe having fun indoors because of the effects of Hurricane Arthur.

  325. Sophie V

    Working 🙁

  326. Beth

    Going to the parade with my sweet little guy, it’ll be his first one!

  327. Gerlinde C

    Laundry and Movies.

  328. Dena B

    Home with my husband <3

  329. Jessica

    Going to work. But its raining here anyways 🙁

  330. Courtnie

    We are doing our own fireworks show.

  331. Jordan M

    For the Fourth, we took an extended vacation to Oregon and watched fireworks in Lincoln City. It was beautiful!

  332. Rebecca

    Went up to my dad’s place to cook out and watch fireworks over his lake.

  333. Des

    Not a damn thing. It was nice and uncomplicated.

  334. Marissa V

    Family and BBQ by the pool! It was soooo relaxing!

  335. Amy S.

    I worked :S Hey more money for makeup!!

  336. brenda disimone

    bbq, cocktails & fireworks with family & friends !

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