July 2014 Socialblis Style Box Review #TheStyleBox

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SocialBliss Style Box
Cost: $47.90/month ($39.95/month + $7.95 shipping).
Ships To: United States.
July 2014 The Socialbliss Style Box
July 2014 The Socialbliss Style Box

Yay! My July 2014 Socialbliss Style Box arrived today! I so wanted to hide when the mailman arrived because of all the packages I have gotten the past few days, but of course I was outside when everything was delivered and had another big stack of things! He must think I am crazy.

If you aren’t familiar, the Style Box by Socialbliss, is a brand new fashion, lifestyle and accessories box.Boxes contain items which may be featured on the Socialbliss site, along with others that are emerging hot items not yet available to the public. Boxes are $47.90 ($39.95 plus $7.95 shipping) and promise a monthly value of at least $100.

July 2014 The Socialbliss Style Box
The Box

Socialbliss ships via USPS Priority Mail and took only two days to arrive.  I think they ship in batches so I don’t think everyone’s went out at the same time, but they all should be coming soon.

July 2014 The Socialbliss Style Box
First Look

I had peeked at some spoilers for this month on MUT and I had been following the spoilers that Socialbliss had been posting on Facebook, but I still was anxious to dig into everything. It’s always more fun to check it out in person than to just look at pictures.

July 2014 The Socialbliss Style Box
The Information Card

The July 2014 Socialbliss Style Box theme was “Summer Metallics” and included the following pieces to help give you a dash of glitz and glamor the season:

~Metallic Melie Bianco Anastasia Clutch ($110): This clutch is huge!  You can fit a ton of stuff in it and could use it as a night out bag or just with jeans and a tank.  It’s also got a gold chain strap in case you want to wear it on your shoulder. From the looks of the picture on the information card, Socialbliss sent out blue, pink, silver and gold bags.  I am pretty pleased with the gold because it will work with nearly everything.

July 2014 The Socialbliss Style Box
Metallic Melie Bianco Maven Bag

~Oscar de la Renta Espirit D’Oscar Summer Scent ($25): My first thoughts of this scent were positive, but I also should probably wait a few days and see what I think once my cold clears out!  It’s got a mix of “Egyptian jasmine & iris” and “tonka bean & musk” and is a rollerball form which I like!

July 2014 The Socialbliss Style Box
Oscar de la Renta Espirit D’Oscar Summer Scent

~Bombshell Jane Body Chain / Necklace ($20): I am going to have to wear this as a necklace because I am not a body chain kind of person!  I would be unable to pull that off for sure.  But as a necklace I am pleased with it!

July 2014 The Socialbliss Style Box
Bombshell Jane Body Chain Necklace

~Drop of Gold Bead Earrings ($10): Totally love these!  They are plain and simple without being boring.  They rank up there as one of my favorite pairs of subscription box earrings to date.

July 2014 The Socialbliss Style Box
Drop of Gold Bead Earrings

~Fit to Flair Lashes ($2): I am sure that someone who knows how to use these properly loves them, but I just don’t have the patience to figure it out, so I will probably gift / trade them.  I feel like false lashes (and even more so individual ones) would be best left to a professional in my case!

July 2014 The Socialbliss Style Box
Fit to Flair Lashes

~Bonus Gift: Justin & Taylor Bracelet: This month’s bonus gift was a bracelet from Justin & Taylor which I cannot seem to find online.  I believe it was for entering a code on a certain date or something along those lines?  I always try to enter the codes in my account when they post them because I love getting an extra gift in my box!

July 2014 The Socialbliss Style Box
Bonus Gift: Justin & Taylor Bracelet

All totaled I came up with a value of $167 for the July 2014 Socialbliss Style Box!  I liked the bag in this month’s box which I think made the box a good one for me.  I also must say that I have heard nothing but good things about Socialbliss’ customer service and I love that they selected a bag that has a chain because that seems to be what people like based on the month they sent a bag with only a top handle.

What do you think of this month’s box?  If you subscribe, what color bag did you get?  If you are interested in subscribing (boxes are currently $47.90/month including shipping) click here to get signed up!

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

Disclosure: This complimentary box was received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.
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This Post Has 30 Comments

  1. Jodie

    Of course the month AFTER I cancel I love the box! Standard.

    1. Jennifer


    2. marilyn

      Same here. I take comfort knowing I’m not the only one who cancelled a think *this* box is great.

  2. Jenny

    Very nice box. I would have loved any color of that bag I think and I would need the chain since I would for sure set down one that was just in my hands. LOL

    1. Jennifer

      I would probably hold it at the beginning of the night and have to use the chain at the end of the night so I didn’t forget it. I think the number of drinks I have would determine which option I used.

  3. pualani

    Looking forward to my new favorite sub box…thanks for the updates!

    1. Jennifer

      What color bag are you hoping for?

      1. pualani

        Partial to gold or pink 🙂

        1. pualani

          …and it’s gold for the win!

  4. Liz

    I read that the price is increasing. Do you know what it’s going up to? And do existing subscribers get the old rate? I see they raised the shipping $2, is that the increase? $10 is a bit much for shipping. Popsugar is a superior box and costs $10 less. And though I do like some of the items in the box, they can be pretty low quality. My ring from last month unraveled within 3 hours. I really loved it so I swapped for a new one and that one had a “stone” fall out at my work within 4 hours (couldn’t find it.) I contacted CS about the first ring and they were very clever and said they’d be happy to ship the replacement ring in my next box. I know they were 1. Trying to save shipping costs. And 2. Trying to ensure that I stayed subscribed, but I didn’t really need the ring right away so I said that was fine.

    Anyway, I’m kind of over all of these summer themed boxes. I think I’ll save my money in August and rejoin for my favorite fall months.

    1. Jennifer

      You know, I don’t know. I recall reading about a price increase but I never heard anything else????

  5. Liz

    Oh, I forgot to say.. I really hope I get the blue or silver purse. Gold or pink will be swappers for me. So, 50/50 chance.

    1. Jennifer

      I am going back and forth on trying to swap for the pink. I thin I love it, but I need to see it in person first which obviously won’t be happening unless I do swap for it.

  6. Stacie

    I LOVE that bonus bracelet! So pretty. If you ever find it on line let me know so I can get one!
    And agree on the lashes. I had a professional use those on me for a wedding, and they looked amazing! But definitely not something I am mature enough to handle on my own.

    1. Jennifer

      I love that you said mature enough because I am so the same way. I cannot handle it.

  7. Laura Diniwilk

    I am new to socialbliss and I was getting a little nervous about what I had gotten myself into when reading so many negative comments on MUT. It’s nice to see an honest blogger giving a positive review; makes me feel a lot better about spending my money. Fingers crossed for any purse but the pink!

    1. Jennifer

      I like the clutch. It’s such a nice size and can fit SO much.

    2. Liz

      Yes, the MUT ladies don’t like this box much. In particular there are a few who HATE it. I think it’s because it is so pricey, so it’s a very big disappointment if it’s a bad box. Personally, I’ve been pretty displeased with the quality of the items, even though I like many of them. I also think the customer service is lacking. It’s time to cancel for me, but I do like the boxes enough to know I’ll have pangs of regret when I see some of the reviews. (Honestly though, for $50 a month I can buy myself a cool purse every month and have money left over. Or better yet, save the purse money and buy a really nice one every 4 months or so.)

  8. Kacee

    This was my last month as the previous months were disappointing and I know this month would be better. I love everything in the box I received. I got the same gold bag as you. But I think Popsugar has spoiled me with the value and quality of products I receive for the price. Though the items are nice, I don’t see the value. Maybe if I didn’t have to pay for shipping and had to wait longer to receive it, I would consider keeping it. I traded it out for FabFitFun!

    1. Jennifer

      I think I keep PopSugar in a separate category away from all the boxes. Nothing can compare for me.

  9. Crstina

    This was an awesome box. I love the Melie Bianco clutch….. i think it’s time for a giveaway, lol jk

    1. Jennifer

      I should have bought an extra box!

  10. Cori

    I was hopeful. Three out of the four I liked. I got pink. I hate pink. Sigh. Oh well.

    1. Jennifer

      Maybe you can trade????

      1. Cori

        Yeah or else I will be giving away another to one of my cousin. I guess I will check the swap sites.

  11. Jay

    I really like this box. I’m a fan of the bonus bracelet too. The only thing that will go to waste will be the lashes. Lashes in general scare me for some reason. I would love to see what the clutch looks like in pink, silver and blue. Interestingly, the shipping costs do not bother me as much…especially when it takes only 2-3 days to receive the box.

    1. Jennifer

      I would seriously pay more for PopSugar if they sent it Priority Mail!

      1. Jay

        Me too! The week and a half shipping with Popsugar is killing me.

        By the way, I tried the body chain today and I love it. Even my husband thinks it is cute.

  12. shoppergirl

    For those of you who got this box, is the purse heavy? I am thinking about getting it and wearing it with the strap but I don’t like heavy purses.

    1. Jennifer

      I didn’t think it was heavy at all!

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