Silent Sunday

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Baxter and Buddy had a rough weekend.  I think they are still nervous!
Baxter and Buddy had a rough weekend. I think they are still nervous!

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  1. Terri Q

    Waffles did a little better this time than she did on New Years Eve, but she still spent part of the night trembling in my lap. Having a terrified dog really changes how you view fireworks. Hope your furbabies are back to their normal selves by now!

    1. Jennifer

      They are okay soon after they are over. One dog in the neighborhood barked for 3 straight hours last night. I am guessing it was home alone and totally freaked out??

  2. Laurel

    One of the only good things that comes from my darling 13 year old boarder collie/Australian shepherd mix getting old and going deaf is that she no longer spends hours alerting me and my sleeping children to the fact that the world is ending (or the aliens are landing) on the 4th of July and New Year’s Eve! It was even worse a couple of years ago, before I lost my two goldens… one was 15 years old and one was 8 years old. They never lost their hearing. When I had all three, you should have heard the “alarm system” in my house!

    1. Jennifer

      OMG I am cracking up. My dogs don’t bark, they shake. Well, Buddy does. he’s just scared out of his mind. I feel so bad for him.

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