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~The weekend To Do List didn’t get finished (it never really does), so I need to do some running around this morning. The list includes grocery shopping, finishing up L’s fundraiser stuff and getting a bunch of care packages shipped out.  Oh and I need to get my phone fixed.  I was going to leave it all cracked, up considering I cut myself replying to an e-mail, I *probably* need to do something about.  So irresponsible.

Do you think he could fix it?  (image credit: Uproxx Tech)
Do you think he could fix it? (image credit: Uproxx Tech)

~Let’s see, what boxes do I have coming this week? I should be getting Nerd Block, Jr., MSA Quarterly, Mantry, Kiwi Crate, Escape Monthly, The Bride Box, bluum, Candy German and hopefully FabFitFun! I know FFF is shipping this week and hopefully it’s sooner in the week rather than later ;).

~My attempts at going to bed early have been a complete fail.  My Go To Bed App is not helping.  No, I just hit snooze on that too.  If I can just get myself to go to bed after Jimmy Fallon I think that would be perfect.  Is anyone else as obsessed with Jimmy Fallon as I am?  He just seems like the most fun guy ever.  He’s having a fantastic time every night and it shows.

~Speaking of shows, are you ready for this week?  I am excited for The Voice, Black-ish, Modern Family, Parenthood, Shark Tank and The Amazing Race!  I’ll probably watch some other shows as well, but those are the ones I have to see.  Does MTV have anything new out?  Is there a new Challenge coming soon or anything?

Shark Tank Premier!
Shark Tank Premier!

~Thank you to Jessica for the heads up on the LUSH Halloween and Christmas lines!  You can check out a sneak peek a here and here.  They are from a UK blog, but I believe we generally have the same items.  It all looks fantastic and I can’t wait to check it out in person!  Is it October yet?

~Dare I ask if anyone has started their Christmas shopping yet?  I’ve been thinking about getting started (thinking about it, not actually doing it) so I am not rushing around at the last minute.  I think I went to the mall on christmas Eve last year.  NOT happening this year.  If I were done by the weekend after Thanksgiving I think that would be incredible.  Someone ask me about this goal in a few weeks so I don’t get off track (like I do with all my other goals)!

What’s up for your Monday? Any big plans this week?  And of course, what subscription boxes are you expecting?

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  1. Chrissy

    As weird as it sounds, I shop for Christmas all year! I have a list of who I’m buying for (including work Secret Santa, etc) and throughout the year I grab things as I see them. It makes the holidays easier because I am out less money all at once!

      1. Chrissy

        I like to say its because I’m organized. My husband likes to point out its because then I have more $$ to spend on holiday sales for myself, lol.

    1. Jennifer

      That’s not weird, it’s smart!

  2. Jennifer Hughes

    I am dying to try those bath bombs. Talk about a nice way to wake up in the morning before work. Wondering if they have a coffee scent, but I love eucalyptus or peppermint? I hit my snooze button on my alarm clock thanks to a 3 AM wake up from the one year old and almost did not make it to work in time 🙁 Sleep deprivation …ugh.

    1. Jennifer

      Ugh! That is rough! Who invented snooze? I was so tired this morning I thought my snooze button was in a different language on my phone.

  3. Laura R

    I thought fff said they’d ship today? That’s what I’m hoping! I go to bed really early, like 9pm. Sometimes I will go to bed after jeopardy, which ends at 8. I’m not even old, lol. I cut caffeine off by 11am and don’t bring any technology into the bedroom, we don’t even have a tv in there. I might stay up to watch the season finale of under the dome tonight though. Jimmy Fallon episodes are up on hulu the next day so if you don’t mind being late to watch them, that’s always an option. I’m usually done Christmas shopping before thanksgiving but last year I didn’t even start until black Friday! We used to do presents for the whole family (13 people) but that got too pricey since most of us kids were students. Now we just buy for the actual children (5, though my SIL is due soon so there will be 6, including a baby which are the most fun to shop for!). Oh, and we still do “full” Christmas with his family but he’s an only child so we only need to buy presents for his parents. I usually get my parents something too. And there are 4 December birthdays (3 in a consecutive row) so I still get/have to buy a ton of presents.

    1. Jennifer

      I read that it was shipping the week of the 21st. I hope it’s today though.

      I kind of have to stay up late to get things done. I suppose I could get up early, but I am not a morning person. By the time the kids go to bed and everyone is settled, it’s past 8pm and then I have reviews to write, trashy tv to watch, etc. LOL!

  4. Chris

    I JUST started my Christmas shopping list yesterday! Got some really hard ones to buy for this year.

    Also, my brother broke his IPod screen (TWICE) and I replaced it. I couldn’t figure out even with the youtube videos how to get the glue to unattach, and the first time around I broke the Wi-Fi, but even after fixing the Wi-Fi, fixing the entire thing came out to ~$40 and being yelled at for fixing his IPod screen but breaking his Wi-Fi. I bet B could do it though–totes worth looking into!

    1. Jennifer

      I was going to do it myself and get the kit and B just looked at me like I was crazy for even suggesting it. LOL.

      1. Chris

        LOL–as long as you have tiny tweezers and the super small screwdriver set, it took about an hour to figure it out but it was easy. You can also ship it to people to fix for <$100.

        1. Jennifer

          The thought of being without my phone for more than 30 minutes makes me very very nervous!!!!

  5. PA Anna

    My goal for Christmas shopping is to be done by Thanksgiving weekend. I don’t enjoy crowds and prefer to concentrate on other things in December. Online shopping makes a difference, but still you have to keep in mind shipping and weather concerns.

    I’m hoping that my MSA and Arianna Huffington Quarterly boxes arrive today. Kiwi Crate, Escape Monthly, maybe Petit Vour and FFF. Also I think my mini Dottie box from the sale should be shipping this week.

    1. Jennifer

      I want my MSA box to arrive today too! I need to check the tracking. IT hasn’t updated in days!

      1. PA Anna

        I’m convinced that it is taking the long way to my house. My sister lives 1.5 hours east of me in the country, and she received her box on Saturday!!!

        My Arianna Huffington Quarterly box arrived today. Thank you to the person who posted the spoilers so I could enjoy while waiting for my box to arrive. I do like the box. It has her newest book (I think) Thrive which is an annotated copy of the book with post-it notes. I’m curious how it works with the post-it notes because the book in 1000 Places had notes in it. Is there a printer that can do this or did someone have to hand-write them? Plus imagine making sure that each book has the correct note in place? I’m looking forward to reading the book and notes. I like the mask which is from Perpetual Shade The material is Self:100% polyester, contrast:100% silk, lining: 100% silk, internal: 100% lamb’s wool and it is made in NYC. It feels soft against my eyes. I will be handwashing it today and trying it tonight! The AVEDA Stress Fix concentrate helps alleviate stress and has a light scent. There are 2 which means I may give one to my sister. There’s a BRAUN travel alarm clock for those that suffer from bedtime procrastination. The alarm will remind you to go to sleep. There is a one moth access past to headspace which is a daily 10 minute meditation which doesn’t interest me, but it does fit the theme of the box. Lastly there are 2 packages of Organic Mother’s Little Helper tea which has valerian, lemongrass, peppermint and chamomile. I opened up, smelled it, and wanted to eat it. I’m going to make some as potpourri so the whole family will enjoy. I might give a bag to my sister.

        Perfect considering my husband’s travel schedule changed and it is now crazy 🙁

        1. Jennifer

          I have a bedtime alarm on my phone. It never makes me go to bed.

  6. Lindsay R

    I start my Christmas shopping in like July! LOL. People think I am crazy but both my little ones have December birthdays (19th and 24th) so we have to do Santa, Christmas, and Birthday presents for the boys and then presents for family as well, if I waited until the last minute I think I would be crazy stressed.

    1. Jennifer

      You have your hands full in Dec!!!!!!

  7. Erin

    Start shopping early! We are done by Thanksgiving because we have to be, everything has to be sent back to NY, but it is so nice to not rush and relax!

    Also you are going to LOVE the MSA quarterly, it was amazing!!

    1. Jennifer

      I wish my tracking would update~ Maybe it will just appear!!!!!

  8. Caitlin

    Ahhh so many great shows start this week. I can’t wait!

    I don’t even want to think about Christmas shopping. Yes To had an awesome Black Friday last year (all items were $2) and I seriously ordered their whole site. I think I’ll need making Yes To goodie baskets for the ladies in my family.

    Oh, and my last iPhone looked like that. It seriously had shards of glass coming out of it. With my current iPhone I got an Otterbox Defender case. It’s bulky but it’s the BEST. My phone has been chucked, dropped, thrown, and even has been a chew toy for my 1 year old and it’s in perfect condition. The Otterbox cases are pricy for sure, but they’re well worth the investment.

    1. Jennifer

      I really should use my Otter Box because I so need too. I feel like it adds to much bulk and takes away from the fun of the phone though!

  9. Sue

    I am also obsessed with Jimmy Fallon! I don’t think anyone is funnier than him and I love how he cracks even himself up! If I need a little laugh all I have to do is watch a few minutes of his show and I’m all set. Friday night thank you notes are my favorite!

    So excited for the new shows to start this week! Do you watch Scandal? It’s my absolute favorite!

  10. Lauren

    When I bought my S5 a few months ago I was talked into a tempered glass screen protector. If you drop your phone the glass protector is supposed to break instead of your screen! Well I’ve dropped my phone a few times and broke the protector and I’m sure glad it was the $20 protector that broke and not my phone! I’m not sure if the protectors break more easily, but I like it so much better than the thin plastic covers that get all scratched and gross. I definitely recommend getting one!

    Have you ever used Lush’s Rose Jam? It is my favorite smell on the planet but they only offer it during the Christmas season. I can’t wait to stock up again this year!!

    1. Jennifer

      I will check that out!!! I so need it. I have broken it way too many times.

      I haven’t used that one!

  11. Hannah

    I’m so glad you’re getting the MSA box! I was wondering if you were since you didn’t mention it (as far as I know…) I got mine on Friday & it was great opening it up! Now we just need you to curate a Quarterly box & every subscription box addict will be set 😉

    1. Jennifer

      Mine is like MIA somewhere!!! It shipped the 17th and tracking hasn’t updated since. I hope it just appears! I probably mentioned somewhere I was getting but I probably didn’t do a post on it. I should do a post on all the quarterly boxes. I get confused on there!

  12. Kimm Jones Furlotte

    I am so ready for all my favorite shows to come back “The Blacklist” , “Modern Family”, “Person Of Interest”, “The Middle” ,”The Voice”, “Pitbulls & Parolees” & “American Horror Story” (Oct)… also checking out a few new ones “Black-ish”, “How to Get Away With Murder”, “Stalker” (Oct), “A to Z” (Oct), & Lisa Lings new show on CNN …. also really enjoying Meredith Viera’s new talk show. 🙂

  13. Lisa

    I did a little Christmas shopping this past weekend! I thought I was weird!

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