Lilly Pulitzer for Target

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They are just kidding.  You can't really shop the collection.
They are just kidding. You can’t really shop the collection.

Lilly Pulitzer for Target. Where do I even begin?  I stayed up last night waiting for the Collection to launch online.  After all, I NEEDED those pineapple sandals. I knew the Target website would be getting hit hard, but I didn’t quite understand it was going to be as crazy as it was!  If you were online last night, you know what a mess it was, but let me recap it for you if you missed it.  My timeline might be a tad off because umm, it was the middle of the night:

~12:00am EST.  I guess it’s not launching at EST.  No big deal.  It’s still early!  This is so fun!
~Sometime around 1:00am: I discover, through this Facebook event, that there are secret mobile links that are working and people are able to shop.  However, I cannot get any of them to add anything to my cart.  People are starting to get MAD.
~1:30am EST: Target realizes these mobile links are working and shuts them down. The president replies to some tweets confirming that the mobile orders will be honored if you got that in. Says the collection will launch online at 3am EST / 12am PST. We all wait.
~3am EST: The Target website is getting hit hard.  It’s crashing big time.  I can see everything (when it’s not crashed), but I cannot get a single thing to actually go in my cart.  I am trying on my laptop, mobile and through the App.  Nothing.  Now I am getting annoyed.
~3am EST – 4:10am EST: Refresh.  Refresh. Refresh again. Maybe it will work now?  No.  It won’t. Text / Facebook all my other crazy friends who are doing the same.  We’re all getting sleepy.
~4:11am EST: I finally get an order to go through.  For pineapple flip-flops in a half size too small and another pair of flip-flops. Now we are getting somewhere.
~4:19am EST: Another order goes through. This one is for different flip-flops and Espadrilles.  Now we are talking!  Did I mention that you literally have to add one or two things to your cart and check out right away?  Things are selling out so fast there is no time to add more than that. #firstworldproblems
~4:22am EST: I get another order through for a patio umbrella for one of my girlfriends.  The shift dress she wanted was sold-out. In fact, I never saw it available online.  Ever.  I also consider getting a dress for myself until I realize I never before today at 4am have I ever thought about giving a lily dress.
~4:30am EST: I try to add a few more things to my cart.  Everything is sold out. Friends are giving up too.  I go to bed hoping my feet shrink and think maybe I’ll “run to Target in the morning”.
~7:30am EST: Alarm goes off to get up and go to Target.  No way.  I’m too tired.
~9:30am EST: Actually get up and arrive at Target.  Women are milling around Target discussing what a mess everything was.  A see one cell phone case, lace shorts, a few little girls outfits and lots of nail polish / lipstick left.  That’s it.

Lily for Target!
Lily for Target!

So basically if you weren’t online last night and / or didn’t get up and wait at Target at 8am you did’t get anything.  Everyone who I know that went and waited in line in the store said it was a madhouse.  Women were clearing the racks and buying EVERYTHING. Of course, there are a jillion Lily for Target pieces on eBay right now.  Figures!Happily one of my college girlfriends went and ended up with some pineapple sandals in the size I needed.  And the ones I ordered jus

t happened to be the size she needed.  Perfection.  I am *hoping* that there will be some returns and I can maybe snag a tote or something, but I’m not holding my breathe!

Were you able to grab anything from the Lilly Pulitzer for Target?  What’d you get? Was it as crazy for you as it was for everyone else?



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  1. HeatherP

    I was on line all night and still somehow missed out. Im bummed. I wish they did a second go round of this. It was too nice a collection not to 🙁

  2. laura

    Wow I guess a lot of people were desperate for the items. I love shopping too but this is way too out of control! I want to add that although the designer Target collabs all look beautiful that the pieces quality is only Target quality in the end (low). I quit buying stuff at target for the most part as spending more on a higher quality item thru for example Nordstrom or Dillards will get you further since you can actually wear it a lot more before it falls apart. Cost per wear is better especially when you shop their sales.

    1. Cindy

      Laura the shift I got very hi end lily quality and 38.00

      1. Cindy

        Target lily was my shift..hi end

    2. val

      I agree with you. After the quality of the Jason Wu things, I have been over these collaborations. Plus if you go to Nordstrom Rack you can find a real Lilly Tunic for about $40 which isn’t that much more than the target collection was selling for.

  3. Ellie

    I gave up at 3:30 am when it didn’t look like it was going to really launch any time soon. I tried back at 6:30 am and was able to buy flip flops and shorts. I figured what the heck let me run to the local Target 5 minutes away and at 7:30 I was about the 40th person in line. It was really crazy and they had very little merchandise in the store. I was able to pick up a dress, towel, blanket and raffia tote but just barely. People were snapping up 3-5 of the same items which probably ended up on Ebay this morning.

  4. Sindhu

    I woke up at 7am and went only for those pineapple sandals and my target didn’t have any 🙁 I did snag a jumpsuit and the bowls set as well as towels. Not sure which ones I’m keeping yet.

  5. Sindhu

    Also, so annoying that people are buying multiples just to sell on eBay. I hope no one buys on there.

    1. Wanica

      That really bothers me also. Why does target allow people to even buy 5 of each online? Much less the whole rack at the store. I think Black Friday rules should apply since they know the items are just going on eBay. Anyway I got a pair of the flip flops and 3 dresses. I did what Jenn did bought 2 things and went back in and made another order.

    2. chrissy gallo

      YOU SAID IT!

  6. Linda

    Well, I started at midnight as you did. I was going after the espadrilles only. I tried until about 4:30 this morning and never was successful. I went to the store this morning at 9:00 and everything was cleared out. As I suspected, most of it, especially the home goods, are on Ebay now. Sad and bummed to see the subsequent hoarding and pricing gouging going on Ebay right now. I just wanted a piece of Lilly to wear and enjoy!

  7. Kati

    I went this morning for those pineapple sandals and it was a fiasco! I didn’t get my hands on a pair but i did get the pink tote and pink towel.if anyone had those in 6 or 7 I’d be willing to trade. I’m that desperate!

  8. Sindhu

    I want to trade for either the pineapple sandals or the starfish sandals in 8. I have the pink bath towel and a white blanket with the gold. Please email me at

  9. Amanda

    I got 2 dresses, the blue tote, both sets of bobby pins, and a beach towel. It went fast, but my Target limited what you could check out. You could only check out with one of each item. So of course there were a bunch of people waiting by the dressing room. They would let you take 2 different sizes into the dressing room and people were waiting to see what wouldn’t work out for others.

    1. cindy

      which 2

      1. cindy

        I went at 10 after not being able to get online saw fern jumpsuit xxl passed it up and 2 sec later it was snagged even tho by that time store empty..went back to dressing room got navy fish shift..very top notch and my size.perfect for the fourth of july…cked other areas store for lots of women cking all floral lily looking type items….said it was worse than black Friday,,,and was not even in their ad today… and yes sadly there are over 10,000 items on ebay this morning 3000 already and lily can block this from happening..didn’t even check amazon..

        1. cindy

          do they sell lily fabric

      2. Amanda

        The nosie posie maxi (which I desperately wanted) and the see ya later shift dress


      I just wrote to Target and suggested they limit items – the fact that your store did so certainly puts a new spin on it. I wasn’t that interested in the collection (have enough Lillys) but thought I would check it out. Was amazed that the store had been picked clean by the locusts. The fact that the moneygrubbers reselling on Ebay is where much of this ends up, and it isn’t the first time, Target should realize that it ends up with loads of ill-will when it hypes something, doesn’t produce much, claims it should be there for “at least a week” (their spokesman said) and then allows people to buy the same dress, shoes, and tops in every size as well as every beach towel. So obvious these are for resale.

      Ironically, those who complained that the real Lilly would be devalued by the Target collaboration – you might as well go to a Lilly store and pay $200 for the real thing rather than whatever a marked-up Target version is on ebay as, quality and price compared you are getting more for your money, especially if you there’s a sale at the Lilly retailer. Yes, irony that the Target pieces will end up being rarer.

      Whoever said it above is right: PLEASE don’t patronize these ebayers.

  10. Geneiveve

    Decide to hit a Target that I didn’t think the neighborhood would care about the Lily collection and apparently wasn’t the only one. I got to the store at 8:04 and there were 5 other ladies who literally grabbed EVERYTHING in the store. The employees were totally miffed. One told me a lady walked up to the sun dresses and took every single one off the rack. But they really didn’t get much stock at all. They never received any shoes except for flip flops. At check out one of them spent $600 dollars. I’m sure it’s part of what’s on sale on Ebay. I bought E a pair of shorts in the toddler section and that’s it.

  11. joanne

    Epic fail Target!!! They knew it would be in high demand & if the stores had enough merch than nobody would want it on ebay! It’s too bad they didn’t plan better, just think of all the money they lost!! We were in line at our Target & 7:30 and we were 50th or so in line. I was afraid we might get trampled!! It was insane! We drove to 5 other Targets and they were all sold out, too!

  12. Jennifer H.

    I was so bummed to wake up and see all the toddler and girls items gone. Better luck next time.

  13. Cay

    I tried to get a few items for close to 2 hours and the website never worked for me. I was so frustrated and annoyed (and tired! LOL) I finally gave up. I tried again this morning and of course everything was sold out. So I just bought a, “Real,” Lilly Pulitzer tote from Nordstrom. I spent the same amount of $ that I would of spent for the 5 items on my wish list from Target. So I guess in the end it all worked out for me 🙂

  14. Linda Flick

    I still see that my store shows availability for some items, wonderful if this is wrong! I can’t get there until tonight:)

    1. Cindy

      They r probably buried in stock room or walked out without being paid’s what target customer service told luck

  15. Cindy

    As we speak and for sometime now target restocking the online store easy to get most items now keep trying and don’t eBay or amazon

  16. val

    Rather than buying this stuff on eBay, I recommend waiting a week or two and the unsuccessful ebayers will return the items to the store and you can find it that way if there is something you are desperate for. I did that with the Mossimo line when my mom wanted a tote and I found it about a week after the launch. This launch seemed as bad as that one was.

    1. Cindy

      2 week return policy on lily items..sign..but not on receipt..looking for espidrills 7 and hesdbands

      1. Cindy

        And totes

  17. Stephanie R

    I was watching the hashtag for this event on Instagram and wow, it looks like if you literally weren’t one of the first that you got nothing! I would have loved to have had some of the stuff, especially the outdoor stuff (like those gorgeous chair things) but there was no way i was going to fight off a bunch of crazy ladies at Target.

  18. Kelsey A

    OMG best thing/most annoying thing ever last night! Luckily, I live on the West coast so when the madness was going on at 3 am EST, it was only midnight PST and I was still on my A game so I nabbed everything I wanted online last night. The pink eyelet shorts, 3 cute tanks, a make up bag, flip flops!
    Then I went to the store in my town today–there were about 15 ladies milling about outside. All went for the clothes immediately so I stocked myself, my sister, and my mom up in bags (the canvas and straw for each of us), the most adorable gold giraffe bottle opener ever, and some more make up bags for my ladies and me. I went back for a second run around and topped it off w some of those super cute LP bobby pins and one of the headbands. Have I ever worn one of those big headbands in my life? No. Will i wear it like a badge of honor from #Lillygate2015 –hell yes, I will.

  19. WendyinCA

    Sometimes it pays to live in a town where jeans (with sparkles on the butt) & a T is dressing up. After a fail online at 6am, I strolled into the store about 10 am (thinking there would be crickets only) and bought a long sleeved blouse, the green pants & orange cosmetic bag. There were maxi dresses, most things in XS, flip flops in most sizes and lots of bags, phone covers & cosmetics left. Cray.

  20. Sara

    So I was like the rest of you waiting and refreshing online at midnight…

    Even though I don’t even have a twitter account (srsly!) I decided to check out the #lillyfortarget hashtag to kill time and see what others were thinking and suddenly I found all sorts of lovely ladies tweeting out links that went live before the official launch so I was able to purchase a few items for myself before the launch! It was pure chaos from beginning to end…

  21. Amy

    I wanted to buy some plus size stuff because I never see Lilly Pulitzer items in plus sizes but when I found out it was just going to be online, I was bummed because I need to try things on before I buy them unless I’ve purchased things from that company before.

    I would have really liked a bag and some pouches as well as a cell phone case and scarf but oh well. Money saved is a good thing! 🙂

    1. Cindy

      Plus size l.p. was avail at my target and they run large very generous

  22. Barbie

    I was reading some comments on FB about the sale and one girl said she managed to snag a pair of shorts and a couple small items and women were going up to her tell her that her shorts would look ugly on her! Trying to get her to put them back. How disgusting of people. Events like this and black Friday just make me sad. So many greedy rude people out there.

  23. Nicole

    My husband works in a suburb about 30 minutes outside of Portland, OR. After getting nothing online last night because of the crashes he surprised me by stopping in on his 11AM lunch. Store was fully stocked and I got everything I wanted. It pays to have access to a non fashionable community lol

  24. Amanda

    I am soooo glad that’s over! I got nothing online due to the crashing, and started checking at midnight like everyone else. I did manage to snag a couple of things in store, and some of that was thanks to some ladies that teamed up with me, and we helped grab sizes for each other as items were returned to racks from the dressing rooms. I am so thankful to live in PA, because of the Lilly warehouse sale. It has always been worth it to me to go, but this confirms it. The line is long, but there is stuff for everyone. I saw a girl get scratched today at Target over a makeup bag, that never happens at the warehouse.

  25. Laura K

    Just one of the many reasons I don’t shop at Target. How many collections like this do they have to have before they up the quantity so things can last at least a few days? They also need to limit how much someone can buy. If I were a stockholder, I’d be ticked that they’re throwing sales away.

  26. Tamara

    I am so disappointed in Target – They really should have stepped up their IT game for this one – especially after the epic Missoni fail!

    I started trying the site around 11:30 pm CST and of course nothing was live, but I want to say I started seeing people share the mobile links around 12:15 CST. I saw that a few dresses were available, but when I tried to add them to my cart, the page spinner kept going and going until it timed out. I was trying on my computer, phone and iPAD. When the full site went live around 2:15 CST, I started ordering 1-2 things at a time in between crashes and was able to order a maxi dress and pants for my daughter, some beach towels, makeup bags and the girl Nosie Posey espadrilles with the gold toes.

    I finally got some of the women’s shorts and the white lace top in my cart, but then by 3:30, it crashed big time and I was utterly exhausted so I gave up. 🙁

    I got up at 6:30 checked online and everything was sold out, and my cart was empty, I had hoped to avoid going out to the store…

    I checked item availability online and I looked for the store with the most available items and headed out. I went to a Super Target and was about 25th to 30th in line and I must say, the ladies (and 1 hubby) in line with me were so awesome! Most of us had been up all night and looked a total mess and we traded war stories about the online shopping while we waited for the store to open.

    Once the doors opened, it was every woman for herself. It was like locusts descended upon the poor employees – everyone grabbed whatever they could get – I snagged a few girl shifts and a romper and some little purses with wooden rings while I speed walked to the women’s section, but I was too late – the entire women’s inventory was gone in the 5 minutes it took me to get there.

    I was able to snag a weekender bag, the pineapple sandals and gold flip flops, the green beach tote, a few scarves, the dessert plates and some beach towels -The employees gave up and just let us go through the boxes ourselves and I’ll be honest, I didn’t really look to see what I was grabbing out of the boxes. The ladies at my Target were so sweet, though, because once we all stepped back to see what we had, if anyone had doubles or something they weren’t interested in, we passed the items on to the other ladies.

    After that, I hit 2 more Targets and managed to get a few more accessories and houseware items and then I came home and took a long nap.

    My daughter and I actually headed out to a 4th and 5th Target about an hour ago, out of curiousity. At the 4th one, there was nothing on the floor, but I asked at the Customer Service desk and they had a couple lipsticks, the beaded pink headband (which I bought) and a few other things I wasn’t interested in. We also hit the fitting rooms to see if there were any rejected dresses, but all they had were the blue seashell? pants and the leaf jumpsuit, so I passed.

    Then, miraculously, at the 5th Target, they had a bunch of scarves, phone cases and even some clothes still out on the floor! They said they hadn’t been busy all day. My daughter got the white eyelet top and I snagged a shift – it is the dark blue one with the fish that I was completely uninterested in online, but I will wear it proudly! This will be the Target location I hit for any future collaborations – although they didn’t show all the stuff in stock at 6:30 a.m., the fact that they still had some items at 4:30 was promising! Also – they had the Goofy Tsum Tsum my daughter has been wanting (if you are keeping up with the Disney Tsum Tsum mania!)

    The shifts that my daughter and I got seem to be really good quality. My daughter immediately put her pink alligator print shift on as soon as I got home this morning – it’s really pretty and the detail of the pineapple on the zipper is super cute.

    I am so disgusted with the eBay thing, too! I really hope people don’t buy from them at that markup!

    I plan to check out a few targets in 2 weeks to see if people return stuff they couldn’t sell. I will probably also check back on line often – I couldn’t score any of the swimsuits or the online only dresses that I really wanted.

    I really wish I could quit Target, but I am totally addicted, so I don’t plan to make any empty ultimatums, but I did send a polite email expressing my disappointment in the online fail last night.

  27. Katelynn

    The one thing that I really wanted was the starfish sandals and I managed to get them at 12:30am EST. I saw someone tweet the link for the espadrilles so I googled the starfish sandals and the first result was the link to the sandals so I was super excited that I got them. I did stop in my Target today and all that was left was a towel, a beach blanket and a set of glasses. It didn’t even look they put anything out. I work in the mall that my Target is in so I’ll probably check back and see if anything gets returned. It was definitely an interesting experience. Hopefully Target will learn from this.

  28. Rebecca

    Hi Jennifer,

    What is the online return policy? does it start from the date of purchase or shipping?

    1. Amber

      I read that the 14 day return policy begins the day the item is shipped. If this is true, I hope shipping does not take forever.

  29. Maddy

    So is that it???? Will they not be bringing Items back??It was a one time shot???
    I didn’t realize how popular this was. I wish I would’ve taken it more seriously. I rolled into Target around 2ish… I figured if didn’t realize how popular it was little Orlando wouldn’t either. I was very wrong. Lol

  30. Stacie Seidman

    I didn’t stay up, but I logged in at 7 am and nothing was available. I was all… OK I’ll go to the store. But I really didn’t expect to have to go early. (Idiot.) So I got there at 9:10 and there was nothing left. Not a single item. NADA! They had even taken the display down already. I asked the sales girl and she said people had been waiting in line since 6 AM and there was literally nothing left. Not even a lipstick. Crazy.
    Currently they’re still airing the commercials on tv. That’s just mean! I can’t believe they’d stock so little when they had to have known this would be super popular. I think it’s a pretty big mess up by Target. I mean I get that they want it to be exclusive, but there must have been very little there at the store to be completely gone in 10 minutes.
    At the end of the day, it’s not REAL Lilly. It’s Target Lilly. I’d much rather buy real Lilly than pay double or triple for Target Lilly on Ebay.

  31. faith

    I got the Nosey Posie dress, something?? fan dress, and a candle holder. Very happy. Stopped at 1 Target and EVERYTHING was sold out.

    1. faith

      I got mine online

  32. PA Anna

    I started poking around on the internet at 12 and realized that there was backdoor links. I started adding the items into my cart and kept doing that instead of checking out. They shutdown the links so I lost the cart.Then when it officially launched I wasn’t able to add anything to my cart. It spinned and spinned or signed me out. Later from 4-5:30 am it said the website was down although others could purchased. I read later that they did that to slow down the traffic.

    I went to my boring little Target at 9:15. My husband let me sleep in instead of waking me up! Very little left. They only had one rack of woman’s clothes for the sale which was empty except for a couple of jumpers and white shorts in my size. No accessories, scarves, shoes, and almost no home items. There were a couple cosmetic bag. I got the shorts, bowls, a weekender bag, and a double zipper cosmetic bag which will be a gift for my sister. I didn’t bother going to the big Target because it was already late. The sales clerk told me that my little Target had 50 people waiting at the door. People started coming in from the big Target down the road to see what was left at the little Target. They were telling me that there were 200 people lined up at the door.

    I’m disappointed. I wanted to buy things for myself to wear or for my home. There are 27,010 items on ebay for Lilly Target as of right now. Ridiculous.

  33. Lauren

    I live in Arizona and it was only midnight but I couldn’t get anything! It was so frustrating! I wanted to shop online so I could avoid going to the store. I didn’t go to the store and I ended up with nothing. It just seemed like a huge mess!

  34. Gina F.

    It was insane. Nasty people grabbing entire racks and dumping them in their carts. Some people had their little kids running to other sections to clean it out while they mobbed one area. It was ridiculous.

  35. Elizabeth

    which Lilly shift did your friend want? It seemed like there were a few dresses online that never seemed to be in stock from the get-go…


    For the e-bay gouge prices, ladies, you can buy REAL Lilly on her website and not be wearing what everyone else in your town is wearing. My wardrobe is almost exclusively Lilly and I never paid so much for what are in reality pieces of junk. I say that because the colors are dimmer, there’s no hidden “Lilly” nor any hidden animals. Buttons and metal tags are off. Lilly’s not a pineapple, she’s a palm tree. DO NOT spend money on Target version. At $10 it was a steal, at $50 a beach towel is a rip-off.

    1. Amber

      There actually are hidden Lilly’s in the patterns. I agree people shouldn’t pay the outrageous prices on Ebay, but I don’t think it is fair to call them pieces of junk. I also own a lot of Lilly and know I will get lots of wear out of my Lilly for Target pieces as well 🙂

  37. Marilyn Conklin

    I have an extra of the Giraffeeey beach towel (orange and pink); would love to trade my extra for the Giraffing Me Crazy beach towel (hot pink). Amazingly, an online order went through. Didn’t know that when I was in-store and was able to buy the duplicate towel.

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