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Two questions today…..

1. Of all the Target limited edition designer collaborations, which has been your favorite? And what designer would you like to see collaborate with them next? In case you have forgotten, here is a list of the bigger collaborations they have done (source Huffington Post and Racked):
~Luella Bartley for Target (2006)
~Rodarte for Target (2009)
~Alexander McQueen for Target (2009)
~Anna Sui for Target (2009)
~Jean Paul Gaultier for Target (2009)
~Liberty of London for Target (2010)
~Proenza Schouler for Target (2011)
~Missoini for Target (2011) (Kim K. didn’t break the internet – this did)
~Harajuku Mini for Target (2011)
~Jason Wu for Target (2012)
~Neiman Marcus for Target (2012) (that had a variety of designers in it)
~Prabal Gurung for Target (2013)
~Phillip Lim for Target (2013)
~Peter Pilotto for Target (2014)
~Joseph Altuzarra for Target (2014)
~TOMS for Target (2014)
~Lilly Pulitzer for Target (2015)
I loved the Lilly collaboration (I just didn’t love the mess trying to get my hands on it) and of course, the Missoni one!  The Neiman Marcus for Target one was pretty good too, but mainly because most of the stuff ended up getting marked down to 70% off which made it all much more attractive.  The prices on that stuff were too high to begin with.  But I ended up getting the Tory Burch lunchbox for $5.99 and the thermos for $7.49.  As for what designer I would like to see collaborate with Target next, I am going with Kate Spade.  Although, she did just do a collaboration with GAP so that might be too soon.  Tory Burch and Balenciaga wouldn’t make me sad either.

2. Do you think Target should limit quantities on limited edition collections like Lilly?  I have mixed feelings on this one. I like the idea of limiting quantities purchased to no more than 2 or the same item, but say you want to get your bridesmaids (or whoever) matching scarves?  Nope you can’t because you are only allowed 2 of the same item.  But then again, without limits you had people clearing racks into their carts two seconds after the store opened just to turn around and eBay.  The easiest answer to this, of course, would have been to make more inventory.  Maybe if people knew stores would be restocking a few times between the initial launch and the end of the collaboration things wouldn’t have been quite as crazy!

Now it’s your turn!  Can’t wait to hear everyone’s thoughts on these!



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35 thoughts on “Two on Tuesday

  • HeatherP

    I have a question. I never followed these collaborations, are they usually this difficult to shop? I know this was particularly worse. But i’m just wondering, because next time if its a designer I like, I wont even look. for me this event was very disappointing, but only because I actually planned what I wanted, and mistakingly assumed that Id be able to get it at some point. I thought being up in the middle of the night was a sealed deal.

    • Summer

      Its usually easier. Some pieces will run out and some will be fine. Unless you’re a fashionista, you’ve prob not heard of most of the brands before they’re announced. The bigger names have more of a rush to them so since they have more people wanting them. Lilly is a bridge brand that most people have heard of and the advertising was everywhere so its not that surprising that it went quickly. Most lines will usually go on clearance even up to 70% off as was the case for almost all but Missoni listed above. I didn’t follow the designer collabs before Jason Wu and I have gotten a piece from almost every designer before that accidentally because it was on clearance.

  • Jessica

    What bothered me most were the leaked links and ability to shop earlier on mobile. I was someone who stayed up until 3am on the east coast and when i logged on all of the shift dresses were sold out. I’m okay with the craziness of refreshing a cart and even expected it, but to not have everyone start shopping at the same time seemed like an unfair fight to me.

      • Wanica

        I stayed up to shop Lily and told myself never again………..But, I love, love,love, the whimsy of the regular Kate Spade. Collaborating with target would probably be impossible to miss. I think there should be Black Friday limits. I’m sure if those up at 3 am (me included) and at the store opening, had been rewarded for their efforts I wouldn’t feel negative about the experience. My brother is thrilled when I visit for thanksgiving so he doesn’t have to shop Black Friday. My sister-in-law and I are ready to go with split lists, coffee, handcart, and it’s fun. It’s not fun when you do the extreme and your efforts aren’t rewarded.

  • Carrie

    I think if there is a massive frenzy, they need to make more. Selling out within minutes is rediculous. I completely understand making something “limited,” but the key word is “limited” and not “exclusive.” It’s exclusive to those who either stalked a store at 7am on that particular day or paid $$ afterwards. Either way, I would look at someone wearing a LP for Target dress like they are nuts (not because of the quality or the retail price, but because what they did to get one).

    I completely understand not wanting to keep a limited run on the shelves, but a no-restock is completely absurb. My interpetation of the line is to allow people who cannot normally afford LP an opportunity to have something of hers. It sounds like a majority of customers were left out with a bulk beind resold on eBay. If they restocked the merch, more customers would be getting what they wanted and then the resellers wouldn’t be inclined to swoop up all of the product to put on eBay. I really liked some of the pieces, but I would just rather buy a real LP dress than deal with that headache of a crowd or pay $$$ online second hand.

    Completely disapointed with Target. Oh, and I love that they continue to play LP for Target ads way after all of the merch sold out and there is no plans for more.

    • Jennifer Post author

      A Lily for Target ad popped up in my Instagram yesterday. I was cracking up! No point in advertising that anymore!!!

      • Sneaky Burrito

        Yeah, I went into Target on Sunday afternoon to buy men’s pajama pants (that’s what my fiance said he wanted for his birthday..). There was a massive Lilly cardboard sign hanging when you walked in the store and a huge empty area of clothing racks with a single dress still there. Although stuff must’ve lasted awhile because I saw a lady carrying around one of those green and white jumpsuits.

        I wouldn’t have minded the gold espadrilles but I’m not paying $79-$150 (what my size is going for on eBay right now). I’d just as soon go on Amazon or Zappos or JustFab and find something that looks kind of similar.

        P.S. When I went to eBay just now, the first thing I saw was “Sold out in stores? Shop Lilly Pulitzer here.” Sigh.

        This was the first Target collaboration I ever followed and I’m kind of turned off by the whole thing.

    • Kelsey Ellen

      I didn’t do anything unethical either. My mom, grandma, and I went to Target at about 8 when they opened. There was a guy there with his wife and he had a basket full of stuff and he saw us standing there really kind of just in awe of the crazy and asked what size I was.. he had a dress that was my size that he gave me… I was handed 3 headbands by another woman who had picked them up in the crazy rush and realized she wasn’t into it… and then the same guy that gave me the dress walked up to me when we were almost on our way out and handed me the giraffe bottle opener.. since it was the #1 thing on my list I just about cried.

      Overall it sucked, but there were good people to be found.

  • Cymbre Martin

    I loved loved loved Toms for Target. I wasn’t able to get the Poncho but the blanket and glass wear was on point!
    Honestly I don’t think so. If people can afford to buy all that then resell it I guess that is there business. It may suck for the rest of us but good for them I guess.

  • HeatherP

    Maybe, in view of the extreme popularity fo the Lilly Pulitzer line, Target can consider doing a second collaboration with LP. But instead of the exact same things, a whole different line and better stocked. They can win back the annoyed crowd, and not have to make any huge sacrifices of rerunning a line.
    I feel anything she would create in the future would be just as awesome.

  • Cindy

    Target and collaborator can block eBay sales and yes stores should carry more and limit like black friday..I went at 10..did a return and meandered down the isle where a dress and jumpsuit were both in my size but nothing else..afraid to wear either Carrie..!ol..and I obtained them by sheer luck

  • Carol

    Not sure which design it was, but I think it was Feed. I loved that easy laid back look. As for lily well I can get florals anywhere and since they are marking them up on eBay I can buy the real thing for the same price. I’m not sure why everyone went crazy for this. Lol
    Also Jen. I often cat comment or read them. Not sure what’s up with that

  • Tamara

    1. This is a toughie!

    Of course I love the Lilly collab minus the Hunger Games/Lord of the Flies drama.

    I really loved Harajuku Mini (esp the seimsuits!) and I was so sad when my daughter outgrew the line. I went to Target on the release date for each season and was able to get everything we wanted.

    I also really, really loved Liberty of London (wish I’d bought more!). The coolest part is I didn’t even know about the collab until I stumbled across it in the store so I got what I wanted.

    2. Yes, there should be limits! I also think with all the hype there really should have been more stock. The early mobile access leaked links thing was pretty crummy, too. The whole thing makes me wonder if Target’s CEO owns stock in ebay.

  • PA Anna

    1. Lilly Pulitzer is the only one I shopped. I think I would had loved the Neiman Marcus collaboration.

    2. Yes, I think there should be limits. There are 37,503 items labeled Target Lilly Pulitzer as of this moment. eBay should be made to pull the listings. There also should had been more stock in the stores. The amount of publicity does not equate to the amount of inventory available for purchase. I wonder if we will be seeing items returned to stores because is it realistic to expect items to sell that are marked higher than the regular Lilly Pulitzer line?

    I can’t remember if I post this. I walked through my little Target which still had 2 hammock stands, a few of the big white candle holders, one green jumpsuit and one blue jumpsuit. Also a few nailpolishes.

  • Liz

    Lilly for sure, I got some things of course not all that I wanted, but with how ridiculous it was I was happy to get what I got including items for my girls. 🙂

  • Kelsey Ellen

    Liberty of London and Missoni for sure.
    Liberty I think tops it though. I pretty much made it my personal goal to buy EVERYTHING.
    I thought it was cool because they had guy stuff too – I wear the boxers to bed still (scored 4 pairs for $2.49 a piece)

    Missoni was cool – scored a bunch of storage stuff and a comforter… the shoes were nice too. it just seemed like there was more stuff to go around honestly. I was still finding some of it in Targets weeks after the launch.

    I’ve been trolling for Lilly every day since at the ones here and haven’t found anything yet.

    oh!! I forgot Phillip Lim… the launch for that was really mellow though. I was one of like..3 people waiting for the store to open. Shelves didn’t get emptied until way later in the afternoon.

    And I have to say – after seeing people with carts overflowing with stuff and the ‘group shopping’ that helped people to get around the one item per design limit that the Target I was at set… I have to agree with limits. It was completely ridiculous.

  • Meg

    Liberty of London was my fav by far…I’m a sucker for any and all Liberty collabs (lesportsac!). Unfortunately, I was flying home from HK the day it launched so I didn’t get everything I wanted. But I had my husband stop at Target on our way home from the airport for some jetlag shopping. Lol But it worked out for him since the Liberty boxers ended up being his favs. I also really love the Orla Kiely collections.
    I’m actually glad that Lilly is not my style so I didn’t partake in this madness. But I think Target should limit to only two of each item per person. Haven’t they done that for past collaborations? Or maybe I’m thinking of H&M. Allowing greedy people to buy an entire rack of an item makes me think Target is in cahoots with ebay. That way Target sells through, prices are higher on eBay and both big retailers win. Meanwhile, the customers who were really looking forward to buying these reasonable designer pieces loose out.

  • laura r

    I haven’t really been wowed by any of the collaborations.. but I wish I had bought the Target+PopSugar box! That one was amazing.

    I don’t know about limits on items.. Some places do tickets or time limits on huge sales/items. I think that’s okay. Also in my head is that maybe it’d be more “fair” if they didn’t limit how many things you could buy but you could only have 1 of each item in each purchase and not hold anything.. like I don’t know, someone would have to pick their items (1 dress, 1 hat, 1 purse, etc) and go through the checkout and pay for their items before being able to get more. But that might not be a good idea either- I’m just glad I don’t work there! (I just got a new job and we have some insane sales but fortunately, I’m not scheduled to work the upcoming one!)

  • Summer

    1. Prabal Gurung by far. Loved everything!
    2. I think maybe limit in store and have unlimited online would work better since you have the chance to get as many as you want with more inventory but since some stores get such limited inventory they should limit it just like the pop up shop.

  • Melissa

    You know, I would just be patient. There can only be so many dumb people who would be willing to spend $100 on a $38 dress. I think as things settle down, the e-bayers will be unable to sell their wares and will return them. That, or the prices on e-bay will drop to something reasonable.

  • Tamara

    Did anyone else order the Teak Beach Chairs Sunday and receive a strange email from Target today?

    I legitimately ordered 2 of the Teak Beach Chairs in Boom Boom around 2:30 a.m. Sunday – not as part of the mobile link leak glitch.

    I received confirmation of my order for 2 chairs, was charged for 2 chairs ($120), and received shipping notice for 2 chairs.

    I just now received a notice from Target that they incorrectly listed the item quantity as 2, but they issued me a store credit of $60.

    Does this mean they are only fulfilling one of the chairs I ordered? I am very confused.

    • Jennifer Post author

      Okay, so I think they may have had the page labeled incorrectly and people who ordered just one chair thought they were getting two because that’s what the page said somewhere. Like they thought they were getting two chairs for $60. Anyway, I think you’ll be totally fine. That was really once of them to issue you a store credit!

      • Tamara

        Whew! I hope that is the case – Thank you for clarifying!!! 🙂

        I should find out Friday, if my orders arrive as scheduled.

        I agree with you – if that is the case, then that is a classy move on Target’s part!

        I didn’t ask for a credit, nor did I expect to receive 4 chairs for $120, so they really didn’t have to do that.

  • Stefanie

    I’m just curious about the limit thing- I went to the store before it opened and when they opened the doors the staff made a speech about what people could and could not get. They said you were only allowed to buy 1 of an item with the same number/code. For example, you could buy a dress in a S, M, L, but not more than 1 of each. Just curious if any other stores had this rule, or if it was just mine. Everything still sold out in about 15-20 minutes, but luckily I got the two things I had wanted.

    • Tamara

      The first store I went to Sunday morning had no limits on how many of each item we could buy, but the only thing I bought 2 of in the same pattern were the outdoor pillows. I didn’t really see anyone grabbing entire racks of stuff, though. I don’t know if other stores in my town had limits because by the time I got to any of the other stores, most of the stuff was gone (I went to 5 diff stores – I really wanted a swimsuit for my daughter, but never scored).

      ****I just went to a 6th Target about an hour ago that I didn’t make it to on Sun. and they had about packages of bobby pins in the hair accessory section in an acrylic holder. I bought one package of each color for myself and one of each color for my daughter (4 packages total). I saw these on ebay with bids upwards of $20 for 1 package! Honestly, once they are off the pink cardboard, they look similar to the Vera Bradley bobby pins we already have and we’ll probably end up mixing them up – they are not worth $20+.

      *** I was also surprised to see they had about 4 patio umbrellas left, several vases, 2 of the white ceramic trays, the patio lights and a size small women’s white crop top left in stock (none of which I purchased, so they are probably still there). I wonder if people are already returning things or if they just didn’t put everything out Sunday.

  • Pegi Hoffman

    It wasn’t limited edition like this, but I loved when Isaac Mizrahi was designing for Target! I can’t say I paid attention to any of the limited edition ones.
    Limiting items would probably be a good idea, just to keep it all from ending up on eBay. If you have to shop for bridesmaids, bring your fiance and mother to buy the stuff with you.

  • Sher

    I think limits are understandable, even if I was one of the unlucky ones 🙁 Although I do think that people who buy multiple items specifically to sell on e-bay are scummy.

  • Melissa M

    There is no point of buying the Lilly for Target on eBay for normal Lilly price! Just wait for the semi annual sale! WOOOO best day ever. Also….I watched a grown woman grab 50 scarves (…you have 1 neck…?) and then run over a 5 year olds foot with her cart….so theres that.

    • Jennifer Post author

      Some of the stuff I get the high prices. The plus size, some of the home goods that normally aren’t sold by Lily, etc. But the flip-flops for double the price? I don’t get that! You can buy those directly from lily for the same price!!!

  • Araceli A.

    1. I loved Rodarte, Thankoon (which wasn’t on that list) and of course what started it all Isaac Mizrahi. I love to see Zac Posen or DVF.
    2. I’m mixed on this one too. I think its fair to limit quantities in terms of per purchase. So maybe a 10 item per purchase limit, but not so specific as to limit it to 2 scarves, 2 blouses, etc.