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1. Does Santa wrap presents at your house? This is one of my favorite Two on Tuesday questions (how often do you wash your jeans is another favorite of mine). I just love hearing how Santa does things at other people’s houses. At our house he wraps everything – including stocking stuffers. He doesn’t label things though. He uses one type of wrapping paper per person. So the wrapped items in your stocking will match your wrapped stack under the tree!

2. Do you get a real tree or a fake tree? We usually get a real tree, but decided to go with a fake one this year. I miss the real Christmas tree smell, but not getting needled in my hair when watering it.

I can’t wait to hear your answers!

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  1. Jennie R

    Fake tree. I bought some scented ornaments that are supposed to make it smell like a real tree, but they lasted like 2 days. I wrap the presents, but not the stocking stuffers. I use kinda ugly santa themed paper and ugly gift tags haha! I like the idea of 1 paper for each kid though!

    1. Jennifer

      Isn’t it interesting how many different ways Santa does it???? LOL!!!!

  2. Lily

    We always do a fake tree but I heard getting a real balsam wreath in the house helps create that Christmas smell without the same watering needs.

    This is our first Christmas with kids (just had her on Saturday) so we’re still figuring out our Christmas traditions. My husband figured out Santa because his presents has the same paper and hand-writing as the rest of the gifts. So there is something to having Santa specific paper….

    1. Jennifer

      eeek!! CONGRATS!!!!! How are you feeling???

      Yes, Santa specific paper is key. Unless you leave paper out for Santa which I know some people do.

  3. Jaime

    We invested in a beautiful Balsam cedar tree a couple years ago, i just hang those sticks that smell like a real tree, other than it being perfect, you can’t tell.

    Santa’s wrap is very different than mom and dad’s. His presents also have special name tags that mommy spends hours doing in calligraphy on brown decorated gift tags.

    1. Jennifer

      Your Santa is fancy!!!!

  4. Amber

    My kids also each get their own wrapping paper! Santa doesn’t wrap the stocking stuffers and he doesn’t write names either. My parent’s are divorced and growing up Santa at my dad’s didn’t wrap the presents. They would just be sitting out in front of the tree. My Grandma writes everybody’s names on their presents with a sharpie and I have started doing that myself instead of tags.
    We usually buy a real tree however we have a 9 week old puppy this year. I bought a 4ft tree and put it on our computer desk.

  5. Jennifer Davis

    My little one is not quite to the “elf” age of understanding, he’s 2. (Maybe next year) And my others are teenagers, one likes when Santa wraps and the others don’t have a preference. Next year though I think our elf will do the wrapping, probably all crazy like…imagine drunk on eggnog elves up all night wrapping what Santa just dropped off.

  6. Jennifer Davis

    Oh and real tree all the way. We made a funnel on a long stick that sits in the tree so we can add water daily without crawling in the tree. It blends with all the ornaments so you don’t see it all.

  7. JacLyn

    1) Yep! Santa wraps presents here. He uses different wrapping paper for each person, too. 🙂 It makes it so much easier to tell whose is whose because we are a family of six!

    2) Fake tree. We just got a new one a couple years ago. It’s in three parts with lights already on it, so you just put it together, plug it in, and decorate. <3

  8. Kam

    1. Each person has his/her own paper. Usually I wrap everything, including stocking stuffers, usually I skip tags. If we are blessed w kids, Santa will likely do his own paper as well. This year, time is short and we’re taking a mini vacatino at some point. Everyone gets tissue paper and gift bags, ha ha.

    2. I love the smell of the real tree, bUT I don’t think we’re even putting up the fake tree this year. I love Lily’s idea of the balsam wreath. So far I’ve got ornaments under the lintel, my 1 ft cheater, already decorated tree, and I’ll put up lights. That’s probably it, ha ha. There’s just too many things going on this year.

  9. Kathy

    I wrap pretty much everything and each person has a different paper. I number the girl’s gifts (not stocking stuff) and they search for matching numbers to open at the same time. They are only 19 months apart so receive some of the same or similar items.
    I always had a real tree until I had children. I love the tree scent, but I love my girls more and won’t take the chance of a fire.

  10. Kimm Jones Furlotte

    In our house Santa never wrapped the gifts! … On Christmas morning when we went to the tree everything we asked Santa for was on display ready to be used or played with…including already having the batteries in or already assembled! My husband on the other hand grew up with gifts under the tree that were wrapped with his name on them and saying “from Santa”…

    It always made sense to me the way we did it because whenever I saw pics of Santa with his toy bag the gifts were unwrapped in his bag and sticking out like dolls, balls, stuffed animals etc… When is he wrapping all these gifts, mid-flight? lol 😉 To me there was just something magical about seeing the gifts wrapped from my family under the tree but Santas gifts out front and ready to go when I woke up…..

    I also know of some people who put NO gifts under the tree until Christmas Eve… that one is odd to me..tree looks so lonely without presents under it…

    (and I wash my jeans once a week!)

    ..and always a fake tree… We have a cat ..last year he really didn’t mess with the tree too much …but this year every day I am finding ornaments on the floor!…lol

  11. Britney

    We don’t have kiddos yet… both our Santas didn’t wrap ours growing up, so I doubt our kids Santa will either… last time I checked Santa hated wrapping gifts! LOL!
    Fake tree, my dad is allergic and I just know my dogs would hike their legs on a real tree. Better to be safe than sorry!

  12. LynnDeanne

    No kids and nieces and nephews aren’t here on Christmas, so it’s just us. If we do a Christmas party, we have a fake tree — I’m allergic to pine, sadly.

    I am a HUGE fan of gift bags. I buy them on sale after holidays or stock up from gift wrap drives and keep a selection in all sizes. Plus, years and years ago, I found really high-quality cardboard gift bags when a store was closing. I re-use those for my husband every year, so all his presents match. I got them dirt cheap, but it would be worth buying full price — they fold down so they hardly take any room to store and have held up beautifully.

  13. Mieke

    Here, Santa only fills the stockings, so he wraps up some of that stuff there in the special (expensive!) wrapping paper. And since they’re only in the stockings, no need for tags on them.

    And fake tree! The one year my mother in law brought in a real tree covered in spider eggs that hatched when they got in in the warm.. there is nothing scarier to me, so. Yeah. Fake tree all the way. Plus, no watering, it’s 15 years old so has to ahve worked off it’s footprint by now, and you can bend the branches up to hold the special (or heavy) ornaments. I’m never going back!

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