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1. When do you turn on your heat for the season? It’s getting to be that time around here (it’s downright COLD at night), but we’re trying to hold off on turning the heat on. Pretty much because once it goes on, it won’t go off again until like April! When I was younger my friend’s parents didn’t turn on the heat until November 1st. That was like the rule at their house. November 1st.  I am going to give it a try this year and see if we can do it.

2. What’s your Fall coffee drink? I know I have asked this in the past, but I also feel like people change their drinks based on the season. I have been avoiding Starbucks as much as possible lately (mainly because my favorite fall drink – the Salted Caramel Mocha is like 1/3 of my daily WW points), but when I do go I get a skinny vanilla latte.  It still feels like a treat, but has way less points!

Looking forward to hearing your answers!

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  1. Zelene

    Fall for me means is time to start preparing ponche (mexican drink), it has cinnamon, apple, guava, raisins and prunes, and you can use sugar or any sweetener you prefer and (it can be really sweet or not it depends how you like it), I love it, it smell to my childhood and bring a lot of memories back, so as soon the temperature starts going down (as down as texas can be hehehe) I start to prepare it, the liquid part feels awesome and the warm fruit taste very good with the cinnamon and the sugar. I usually prepare a big pot so I can drink/eat for the week 😀
    If it is something I have to buy I like the white mocha with raspberry in Starbucks, pretty good but super sweet.

  2. Kelly

    Year round, skinny vanilla lattell. How many points for a grande?

    1. Jennifer


  3. Kam

    1. We’re Nov 1sters too. Often Halloween night bc Spooky plus cold sucks. Though we must be old, as we have a heated mattress pad, and I also have dish heaterso.

    2. I used to like mulled cider, then I took microbiology. I used to like mulled wine, then my body said, “haha, eff you, migraines.” I usually do one PSL for the season (and there had best be actual pumpkin in it). But tea is my go to. Harney & Sons Tropical Green. Aka Unicorn Tea bc you can’t find it any effing where.

    1. Judi

      Yes to actual pumpkin! Even though it would seem obvious, I’m sure that 99.9% of people just assume “pumpkin spice” means actual pumpkin (as in, I’ll get these pumpkin spice Oreos because it’s healthier).

      1. Jennifer

        LOL! That made me laugh!

    2. Jennifer

      Why is it so hard to find??

  4. mary m

    We’ve had ours on once or twice so far? We’ve had a few days where it doesn’t get above 50/55 and it’s rainy and windy. But for instance we didn’t have it on this morning, and it was only 42 when I left for work…so it just kind of depends?

    I love a good dirty chai. But I’m not a huge fan of hot drinks, so I haven’t had any yet this year.

    1. Jennifer

      We had a freeze warning here the other night! But I feel like we’ve still got a chance at an 80 degree day too. You just never know.

  5. Brianna

    1) In my condo, the steam heat seems to kick on full blast anytime it dips below 70, and stays 78 in my house all winter. We have the windows open very late because it just gets too stuffy in here! I think it’s an old building and has trouble regulating temp.

    2) Fall is germ season here, ugh. So in the evening a nice lemony hot toddy is where it’s at. Otherwise hot cider and cocoa are popular too.

    1. Jennifer

      I wouldn’t mind the 78 in the winter, but I think my husband would have to sleep outside.

  6. Britney

    1. It just depends in Texas. We light the fireplace during the day well before we light the heater for nights, and we haven’t even done that yet. We’re still running the AC during the night right now, but I want to say typically the heater goes on sometime after Thanksgiving.
    2. Regular apple cider!

    1. Jennifer

      I did turn on the fireplace last night!

  7. Beth Rang

    I turned on our furnace on Sunday. The house was down in the mid-50s, and I’d spent the weekend freezing.

  8. Kam

    Re: actual pumpkin, I know!!! It’s not pumpkin spice if there’s no pumpkin, then it’s just nutmeg and cinnamon.

    Re: Tropical Green Tea, no clue. Every other Harney flavor under the sun is in stores, but that one I have to order online.

  9. Kelsey Ellen

    1) We never turn it on. That sounds weird but we pretty much don’t get seasons. It’s still 88 here and it feels really cool – which scares me that i’ve been changed this much… I am however looking forward to ridiculously low power bills over winter (think $50/mo for my 1005 sq ft place)

    2) I’ve been trying REALLY hard not to drink coffee/tea period. It gives me insane heartburn and the calories are intense like you mentioned… tho I am a sucker for the occasional hot chocolate but it’s nothing fancy.. the stuff at work in the powder kind with mini marshmallows.

  10. Amy S.

    We live in ND and that heat stays off until Nov 1 too. It’s kinda rough some nights but you’re right it’s on for so long, we gotta draw the line!

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