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1. If you have children when do they get out of school for the year? I think we’re in the minority here, but we’ve still got over a month to go! Ack. We start school late (after Labor Day) and get an assortment of half days, an extended holiday break and then a full week off for both Winter AND Spring Break, so we pay for it at the end of the year. I would love to switch to the year round school with 9 weeks on, 3 weeks off, but I doubt that would ever happen in Michigan.

2. Do you take a daily vitamin? I know everyone is different and has different needs, but I am curious to hear everyone’s thoughts on this. I personally take a gummy multivitamin and Vitamin D supplements each day.

That’s it from here! I’m looking forward to hearing your answers.

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  1. Jennifer Davis

    Our last day is May 25 but school starts like August 8 for us. We get A week off for Thanksgiving and two weeks off over Christmas and New Year’s break. We also get a week off during Mardi Gras and the week after Easter. If we have to close for hurricane days then they’ll take some of the days from the other breaks away.
    I’ll pop a Flintstone every now and then, so I should have the energy of a three-year-old right?

  2. JacLyn

    1) We still have a month to go! I just want the weather to stay nice, so we can put the pool up. XD

    2) I take a gummy multivitamin and I bought more of the hair/nail/skin gummy supplements we got in the FabFitFun box a bit ago. I take them at different points in the day because I feel that spreads it out a bit? I don’t know. All I know is that my complexion seems better after adding in the second gummies, so that’s good enough for me! haha 🙂

  3. Rachael C

    We get out in 13 days after today. We start the 21st or the start of that week in august. Next year we only get three days for spring break.

  4. Jill

    Prek gets out here on June 15th, but regular school gets out on the 20th.

  5. Zelene

    I am trying to take a fish oil vitamin at day, they are supposed to be super good and help to your exercise workouts, well at least is what my husband sold me hehehe 😀
    Here in Tx the last day is May 25th and usually school starts around the 3rd/4th week of August, we have 2 weeks of in Christmas, 1 for TG, 1 for Spring break, ~ 1 half day each month and the regular holidays, so for us it is almost a 3 month summer vacation, not that the kids mind this hehehe. But ask me around end of july 😉

  6. WendyM

    No multivitamin but I take vitamin D, B12 (energy), potassium & magnesium since I do sweaty work-outs. And p.s. I had insomnia for years but since I’ve added magnesium it’s gone! A miracle.

  7. Jenny Louthan

    We go until June 30th but they are just tracking back in tomorrow after their 3 weeks off. This is our last year of year round though and we will be on a regular schedule next year. 🙁 They built a new school in our neighborhood so we couldn’t not switch when we could in theory walk to the new school. I’m going to miss having my guys home with me every 9 weeks though.

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