Friday’s Letters

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Dear W, 
I had so much fun with you on your field trip yesterday!

Dear B, I am telling you, I think I’d be a good football kicker.  I know you were impressed with my skills in the front yard yesterday!

Dear B (again), Okay, okay, a cross-country mile is the same as a “regular” mile. I get it.  I also know that when I get “the look” I have asked a stupid question.  LOL.

Dear The Lions, I am glad you have a bye week. I can’t take another loss.

Dear Passengers, You were an interesting movie.  I have many questions, but that aircraft looked very cool to be on.

Dear The Salvation Army, You never disappoint.  Even if I don’t find anything good, I still have a great time looking!

Dear Social Media / Cell Phones, I am so glad you weren’t around when I was in high school / college.  LOL.  So glad.

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  1. Kimm Jones Furlotte

    Look for the app called FLOK and see if you can use it at your Salvation Army… We are thrifters and go every weekend….With the FLOK app every time you go you get a punch on your FLOK card and after 12 punches you get $10 to spend in the store…

    1. Jennifer

      Ohhh, great advice! Thank you!!

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