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~Good morning!   B and the boys all have the day off today so the weekend continues!  B has a dentist appointment this afternoon and then his brother (one of them) will be in town for the night.  Fun!!!

~We went to the big mall (Somerset) in our area over the weekend and I stumbled into a giant Lululemon sale.  They had a bunch of racks of sale stuff (normally I see like one sale rack) and all the pants/leggings were $39 and the tops/jackets were $49.  If you shop there you know this is huge!  I still want to try and make it to an outlet store in the next few months to compare the deals!

~The 100 Mile Challenge is still going strong.  Yesterday’s run (5 miles) felt GREAT!  I have 49 to go and it’s feeling very doable.  The Ab Challenge seems to be doing better as well.  I am not quite as sore and the moves are getting somewhat easier.  I also forgot what day I started, so I think I am going to do it thru 2.10.18.

~Did anyone watch the Vikings – Saints game last night?  OMG.  I didn’t care who won either way, but that game (and that finish) was incredible. Also, incredible?  This Target Touchdown sweatshirt.  I need!

That’s it from here.  Have a great week!

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  1. Lisa Hagan

    I am jealous that you hit the LuLu sale!

    1. Jennifer

      Bryan was not overly excited. He had to come with me though so I could get that extra 15% off. LOLOLOLOL

  2. Lauren

    Holy lulu sale!! Guess where I?m heading to this morning now…..Rochester also had some really good racks a couple weeks ago but mainly only sizes 2 and 10. I was bummed.
    Where is heee and outlet? Orlando is the only one I know of. We?re going therenin April and this time I?m going to make it there… uber if I have to!!!!

    1. Jennifer

      Let me know if they still have anything!!!! There is an outlet near Niagara Falls. And one in Chicago. I think those are the closest to us!

  3. Jennifer Davis

    The Saints/Vikings game made me want to puke!! It was so disappointing (obviously, I’m a saint fan). Speechless…..that’s how we all were and still are….just speechless.

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