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~Good morning!   It’s been a bit of an odd week here.  Everyone was off Monday for MLK Day, we had a few Science Olympiad practices (still not too sure about that), B’s brother was in town for a night and now here we are.  B and I also snuck in a date night this week.  We tried a new place which ended up being fantastic.  Warm rolls + crab cakes for the win!

~I mentioned it a few months ago and then never mentioned it again, but I (finally) ordered my aligners from SmileDirectClub. Up until I had my boys, my teeth were straight – I never had braces when I was younger either. But now? Not so much.  It’s not awful, but I notice it and am self-conscious. So anyway, I went and got a scan at a “Smile Shop” and will be on a 4-month plan.  I guess it takes about a month for them to make your aligners and I will make sure to report back on how things are going!

~The January 100 mile Challenge continues!   I have 34 miles left to run and I am feeling good!  The first 15 minutes and the last 2 minutes always feel the best, but you get the idea.  I feel stronger and love the way it clears my head!

~I have posted about my love for The Ordinary line a few times on here and I stumbled on these two links (here and here) which I have found to be very helpful in figuring out what to use and in what order. I am still perfecting my routine, but I can absolutely tell a difference in my skin.  It’s not breaking out plus it’s brighter and smoother.  I am sure it helps I am drinking less Diet Pepsi and more water, but The Ordinary is playing a part too!

That’s it from here! Have a great day!

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  1. Lynne

    Thank you for the links to the ordinary regime. I?ve been trying to find one for mature skin.?

  2. Jennifer

    Have you ever done any research on the Korean 10 step skincare routine? Its very interesting and has me so intrigued. I think I’ve got to give it a try. Best part is I had the “western products” to start the 10 steps now and will replace with natural “korean products” when I am ready.

  3. Lisa Davis

    Woot woot, I’ve ordered some of The Ordinary do to your IG story….I’ve been watching you tube channels trying to figure out what to start first, what not to mix … It’s so ordinary but confusing at the same time….thanks.

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