What I Bought This Week (Aldi Edition)!

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What I Bought This Week

We’ve done thredUp, WalMart, Target and Costco, so I guess it is time for a new(ish) favorite of mine- ALDI !  Here are a few favorites from my last few Aldi trips:

  • Mercury Glass Pumpkin Candles ($4.99/each):   I will be the first to admit that the throw on these is not the best, but they are so gorgeous! I am planning on popping tea lights or votives into them when the original candles are finished.
  • Park Street Deli Pumpkin Pie & Sea Salt Dessert Hummus ($3.49/each): I saw pumpkin pie hummus at Costco and regretted not picking it up, so I knew I had to get these when I saw them. Much to my surprise I prefer the pumpkin pie over the sea salt caramel one. The sea salt caramel is just a little too salty and not caramel enough for me. Not saying it was bad, because it was not, but the pumpkin just had a smoother and creamier taste. I tried them with graham cracker sticks and vanilla wafers – highly recommend both with both dips!
  • Stainles Steel Vacuum Insulated Mug ($5.99): I have a VERY similar Yeti mug that was $24.99, so when I saw these (they also came in Navy and Brick Red) I knew I had to pick one up to compare. For the price I am going to highly recommend the Aldi one.  I do not need to keep a beverage of this size hot or cold for hours on end, so this works perfect!


  • Porch Decor: I picked up a mum ($2.99), straw bale ($6.99), mat ($6.99) and reversible sign ($14.99) to decorate my porch with this Fall. I went to multiple Aldi locations in seach of a different sign, but I could only find the Thankful / Happy Halloween one (you can see one of the other ones here).   If you are curious I got the stacked pumpkins at Trader Joes ($6.99/each), the wicker pumpins are from Pottery Barn years ago, the wreath is from Adults & Crafts and the garland is from Micheals.



  • Fall 3-Wick Candles ($3.99/each): More candles! I saw 4 different scents of these, but only grabbed the two I loved.  Aldi is my new go-to for candles. The throw on these is much better than the mercury glass ones and only $3.99!!!

That’s it from here.  What did you buy this week?  Have you snagged anything from Aldi lately??  

Note: A few tips if you have never been to Aldi
~Bring a quarter for a cart.  You will get the quarter back when you return the cart.
~If you see something in the Aisle of Shame (aka where I got most of these items) or one of their Special Finds and want to try it, do not wait to buy it.  It may not be there next time.  Things move quickly.
~Bring you own bags.  And be prepared to bag your own items.  The cashier scans your items and puts them in a cart.  After you pay you move to the bagging area and bag it all up yourself.  It really helps the line move! 

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  1. Cindy

    My imitation Yeti from Aldi was $5.99 ?

    1. Jennifer

      You are right!

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