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~Happy New Year!  I looked back and realized that my last “ramblings” post was ALL the way back in May.  I for sure thought all this would be over by now back in May, but we are!  I’m always curious how different parts of the county are handing things, so I thought I would share what’s currently open / closed in Michigan:

Technically school is allowed to be open, but our district (and many around us) have been fully virtual since the start of the year.  W (3rd grade) did go back hybrid (every other day in-person) for slightly over a month, but he has been fully remote since after Thanksgiving.  L (7th grade) has been fully remote the entire time.  We are SO hoping 2021 brings us lots of in-person school, but we shall see.

~I swore I wasn’t going to hit up the Target after Christmas clearance, but I caved.  Twice.  I found a few things (70% off) that I will actually use (blankets, duvets, comforter sets, candles, lip balm, deodorant, etc.) and think I did pretty well.  I went after I took down and put away all my Christmas decorations (including the tree), so the temptation to buy more holiday stuff was gone. No way was I about to put more stuff away!  Did you get any Target clearance goodies this year?  The clearance typically hits 90% off on 1/1, but it didn’t today, so this may be the year that Target actually stops 90% off. I hope not though!

~Like everyone else, I binge watched a million tv shows last year including Tiger King (best gift of 2020), Queen’s Gambit (SO GOOD), The Flight Attendant (loved the show, hated the ending), The Undoing (again, great show, didn’t like the ending), Emily in Paris (LOVE), Ted Lasso (I have never heard B laugh so hard) and so many more.  We are currently watching ALL the seasons of Shameless and will move on to Bridgerton when we finish.

~I would like to say we all discovered new hobbies during all this time at home, but I would be lying.  L has mastered Fortnite, W is the king of Roblox and I spent way too much time on TikTok.  I had foot surgery in May (and then another one in September which is a story itself) and am finally feeling back to normal. We did finish the landscaping in the backyard (ok so that was mainly B), which was a huge project.  After the pool / concrete was finished we had basically no grass and every sprinkler line was destroyed.  B did such a great job and isn’t going to know what to do with himself next summer with no projects!  The kids loved having the pool and seriously, who knew when we signed a contract last December just how incredible it would be to have a pool in out backyard in a year when everything we closed and we were all home all the time!

That’s it from here! Hope you are all safe and well!

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