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current book(s)

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Well, in the interest of honesty, I still haven’t started read any of my books.  But I do read books with L and “Terrific Trains” is his our favorite.  We read it SO often that we both have it memorized.  No really.  L knows the whole thing.  Yet we still read it.  Over and over and over again.

current playlist
Although I did spend over an hour in the car alone last week (I had a doctors appt.), I didn’t hear any new songs??  A friend of mine recommended that “She’s Crafty” by the Beastie Boys become my new theme song and I’m down with that!  I like to think I am craft and I do love the Beasties.  But the song I hear most is the Scooby Doo theme song.  Make it stop.

current color
Orange.  Bright orange.  No reason.  Just loving it.

current food

You won’t regret trying this!

These Nutella & Go! snacks are amazing.  So yummy.  Not exactly clean eating, but every so often, they are an amazing treat.  I hear that in Italy, you also get an iced tea with your Nutella & Go, so it’s completely round (you’ll get it if you click on the picture).  

current favorite show(s)

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I love Live with Kelly and am still excited about finding out who her co-host will be.  Or will they just always have different ones all the time to keep things interesting?  So far I like Nick Lachey (just because I like him), Michael Strahan (he’s probably my favorite) and Seth Meyers.  I love love love Grilling with the Stars on Fridays.  I have to say, I am leaning towards The Situation’s recipe.  He may be a complete moron but that boy can cook.

current needs
Umm, to go to bed earlier?  Totally my own fault.  Totally.  L sleeps.  W sleeps.  B sleeps.  The furries sleep.  I stay up late and screw around do important work on the internet.

current banes of my existence

If I had a gun……

These stupid birds building nests on the side of my house.  I want those nests gone like yesterday.  Spare me the nature lecture.  I hate birds.  All I need is a super tall ladder and some safety glasses (don’t want those suckers to peck my eyes out) and a stick to ruin their nest.  And maybe 12 drinks so I am not scared.  No, I am not scared of heights.  But I am scared one of those nasty creatures might brush up against me.  I’d probably fall off the ladder if that happened!

current celebrity crush

stolen from: entertainment weekly

Pretty much anyone in Magic Mike.  This movie isn’t going to win an Oscar that’s for sure.  But I think Magic Mike and some fro-yo sounds like a perfect girls night out to me!

current blessing

smells horrible. costs a fortune. W loves it.

Similac Alimentum.  W has been eating so. much. better. since we made the switch.  Sure he won’t be going to college because his formula is so expensive (we are checking with our insurance to see if they cover it), but at least he’s happy.  And really, if he’s happy, I’m happy.  And if I’m happy, everyone’s happy ;).

current indulgence
Monthly subscription boxes!  So I am now signed up for Birchbox, Citrus Lane, PopSugar Must Have (giving it another month), Wittlebee, bluum and BabbaBox.  Oh and my mom signed up for Kiwi Crate for L.  Will I end up keeping them all?  No way.  But I need to sample a few to find out which ones I totally love.  And need to get every month.  Does anyone get Birchbox Man? I wonder if B would like it?

current outfit
Lululemon groove crops, Lululemon tank (that I cannot find online) and my favorite Target v-neck tee.  Pretty much my normal everyday uniform.  And no, I didn’t just come from yoga.

current excitement
Getting a patio!!  I cannot wait.  This is a HUGE deal around here and we are so excited.  I suspect there will be a lot of wine / beer being consumed by B and I on opening night.  

current mood
Happy!  It’s summer.  What’s not to like?

current favorite quote or verse
Still don’t like special quotes or verses.

current wishlist item
Curtains for the house.  Not that I know what I want, but if I did, I would totally want them.  I guess curtains and someone to come over and tell me what I want (and pay for them) are both on my wishlist.  We have lived here for nearly 4 years and only two rooms (L’s and W’s) actually have finished window coverings.

current favorite product(s)

Who knew?

Borax.  It appears that Borax is the go to for all kids craft projects.  I had no idea this stuff can make so many fun things.  Snowflakes, bouncy balls, so much fun stuff.  Look for it all on the blog soon!


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  1. Shannon Dew

    Oh I LOVE watching Kelly! Do you think they’ll even get a replacement? I love me some Nick Lachey but do you think he’d move to NYC? Ahh! I also would love to see Mario Lopez sitting there just b/c I think he’s nice eye candy!

    1. Jennifer

      He’d so move. He wants that job so badly!!!

  2. victoria

    i adore kelly ripa and Live 🙂 i really like seth meyers the best. i was so bummed with the “coast to coast” winner,he was too much for me lol

    cute blog you have!

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