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Although it has been a long week, I am still kind of surprised it’s already Friday again. I feel like I just did one of these posts yesterday?? Oh well, on to the recap:

1. L is totally obsessed with big dogs.  If you’ll recall, he plans on getting a big dog “when Buddy dies”.  His words, not mine.  Luckily for him our neighbors have two golden retrievers.  One of them (Gucci) comes and visits and our yard all the time and L will “walk” him home.  It’s so sweet.
2. For whatever reason, kids will eat their food better when you make it interesting.  This is a FACT. Sandwiches cut into shapes (okay I use the cookie cutter, but I am sure some super mom out there does it by hand), muffin tin meals, you get the idea.  Make it fun and they’ll gobble it up.
3. WB is modeling one of his Wittlebee outfits.  WB spends most of his time looking away from the camera when it’s in my hand.  Or, he looks at my iPhone case.  One day he’ll smile for the camera without me having to trick him.  One day.
4. L and I cleaned out the sand / garage toys this week.  Of course, L did more playing than cleaning, but whatever.  He turned that tub into a mini swimming pool.  I love the ideas that kids get!
5. You can kinda see it, but here is my attempt at color coordinating the bookshelves in the choo-choo room.  I have to admit, it is very visually appealing.
6. I posted this to Instagram, but I had to post it again here.  How adorable does WB look in that huge chair?  I wish I would have had this chair before he was born so I could take his monthly pictures in this.  And since I am so OCD, I can’t even consider switching it up now.  NO WAY.
7. I got my iPhone cover from Casetagram yesterday and it’s even better than I expected.  I am totally in love.  It took just shy of two weeks to receive it from the date I ordered it.  Not too bad.
8. Just WB being WB.  B saw him playing on the floor this week and was like wow, he’s really good at rolling over.  Umm, yeah, I know.  I wish the playmat had sides to contain him.  Hmm, now that’s an idea….
9. I bought drawers for my EXPEDIT bookcases and I was thinking I would need to go to the store to get a little organizer for them.  Instead I went in the basement and stumbled upon these two little ones (bought a few years back at Target), which fit perfect.
10. L is still loving the IKEA chair box.  Thank goodness we got it because I don’t know what I would have done these past few days with him being sick and all without it.  It’s seriously hours and hours of fun.  Yesterday we decorated the inside with glow in the dark stickers (which were $0.10/pack at the Target summer clearance).  And the hole?  Well that is so he can watch tv breathe.
11. In cleaning out my old desk, I stumbled upon a super old address book.  Remember when your friends used to move every two seconds?  Yeah, this book had a ton of white-out in it.  After a while I wised up and started using pencil.
12. And once again, WB is not smiling for the camera ;).  This was from the other day when L and I were cleaning the garage toys.  WB happily watched us and added his two cents every once in a while.
13. So yesterday L was going insane sitting in the house all day, so I told him we could drive his Jeep around the block.  I figured that was low energy and would be rather restful.  And it was until he jumped out of the car and climbed all over this rock pile.  Oh well.  And can you believe Baxter?  WTF is he doing on there?  Oh, and where is Buddy you ask?  At home.  He’s insane.
14. B and his true loves.  The furries.  I catch him snuggling those two so often.  He’s not comfy on the couch unless one of them is right next to him.

That’s it from here this week!  What was your week like?

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  1. Hilary

    L can come visit my parents Great Dane… probably even take a ride!

    1. Jennifer

      OMG, he would LOVE that!!!

  2. michelle

    LOVE, W in the chair! I love when clients have chairs like that so I can use them! So cute!!

  3. Mom

    I think WB looks like B in picture 12.

    1. Dani

      He does look a lot like B in that picture!

  4. Dani

    I should probably get organizers for the inside of my drawers too. So messy!

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