Friday iPhone Dump

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1. I have a few pictures like this from years ago when the furries were actually taller than L.  And now?  He’s so big compared to them :(.
2. Although W can only “drive” backwards (L used to only be able to go in reverse as well), he does love his car.  W likes anything standing up.
3. So I let L sleep in his box (from my IKEA chair) the other night.  He loved it.  Perhaps I should have closed the windows before I yelled “Get back in your box” though.  I can only imagine what the neighbors think.  I am expecting a visit from CPS soon.  LOL.
4. I am totally in love with my Kate Spade super sale bag.  I have always wanted an orange bag and think about the orange Celine Boogie Bag on a regular basis.  And now I have my own (much cheaper) orange bag.
5. After Jessica Alba linked to my blog post about The Honest Company I got more blog hits in a day than I have ever gotten.  I know all you popular bloggers out there get way more hits on a normal basis, but this was big for me!
6. My boys playing together.  W is practicing sitting up (he has a long way to go) and I love watching them play like that!
7. Aww, the Thomas costume from the trash strikes again.  I have to admit, whoever made that did a great job.  I can tell you I couldn’t even make it half as well.
8. I’m not sure what these two were talking about, but it looks serious.  WB has been watching L (and the furries) so much lately.  They are all such interesting creatures to him.  I wish I knew what he was thinking.
9. A sneak peek at the patio!  It needs to be power washed and cut today and then tomorrow they will seal it.  And then Sunday we can use it.  So exciting.  The color won’t look the same when it’s all said and done, but the pattern is the same.
10.  L’s cubby at school.  Look at how big it is!  I really think he’s going to love school.  At least now when I ask him he sounds sort of into it.
11.  B and WB!  Do you think they look alike?  I’m not sure?  But I do know that they are both super cute!  Oh and you’ll stop seeing WB in the same outfits every day because I finally found all of L’s old 3-6 month stuff.  I thought I had it all out, but when searching one day and found a bin full of stuff!
12.  My smiling WB.  He’ll smile for my iPhone, but not for my big camera.  Stinker.

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  1. Dani

    I love how L and W are holding hands while they talk too!

  2. Tiffany

    Hopefully this isnt creepy!! but i searched your page for kate spade i could of swore i saw you had one.. how do you like the quinn bag?? Im looking at buying one but looking for opinions! do you own any other kate spade.. have a favorite??

    1. Jennifer

      LOL. It’s not creepy. I have had / have a few Kate Spade bags. I always like them. Worth it! I don’t even know all their names. I tend to shop during their amazing outlet sales.

      1. Tiffany

        Oh i need to figure out how to find the outlet sales!!

        1. Jennifer

          Sign up for their e-mails! They might be called Secret Sales?

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