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Dear Magic Mike Boys, I hear you are hinting at a sequel. That sounds fabulous. How about for this one there’s less talking and more dancing. If that’s possible.

Dear My Health Insurance Company, Don’t be all denying my claims for WB’s formula after you already approved half of them. Nothing’s changed except for the person that looked at them the second time. Let’s get that same person who processed them the first time to look at them again okay?

Dear WB, Speaking of your formula, you’re done with it. Your doctor (who I adore) thinks you’ve grown out of your allergy and I think he’s right. You’re doing okay with it and I am happy!

Dear B, I know you are busy and all, but let’s hurry up and get that antenna installed in the attic so we can watch some live tv. I feel like I’m living off the grid not being able to watch the news. I know I have the internet. But still.

Dear My Football Squares, Even though you are the crappiest of crappy numbers, I hope you win for me. I’ve never won squares before and I feel like this should be my year.

Dear Wallpaper, Are you making a comeback? Because I feel like you are. At least you are in my head anyways and I want to put you up in my bathroom.

Dear Stella & Dot, I was SO EXCITED when I got an e-mailing from you yesterday congratulating me for making my sales goal! I felt like you were so proud of me and you know what, I was proud of me too. Until I realized, uhh, I don’t sell Stella & Dot.

Dear L, If this is the only illness you get this winter, I’m going to be one happy mama.  I can handle a few nights of not sleeping and some crabbiness.  Heck, I don’t even sleep anyways and I am crabby myself sometimes.  And I’m not even sick.

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  1. Kayleigh

    Wallpaper can be so pretty, but… it is a paininthemfbutt to get off the wall. Our house had wallpaper in 3 (of the biggest) rooms. I am still having nightmares about it. Not to mention it destroyed the wall and had to be fixed and painted over 12 times. If you aren’t ever planning on taking it down, then I say go for it.

  2. karen

    Make sure you get a good antenna, just got the broken wire fixed on ours and now have lots of channels but still wouldn’t give up the Direct TV, just maybe a receiver.

  3. Michelle

    I still havent watched Magic Mike yet I really should get my perve on!
    Yes to the wallpaper, do it do it 🙂
    Hope you have an awesome weekend x

  4. Found you via Friday’s Letters and had to laugh! Seems someone at Stella & Dot was confused? Sickness is taking everyone down this winter – I hope your crew stays well!

  5. Kristin S.

    Ha! I got the same email from Stella and Dot yesterday! Oops! 😉

  6. MurdocksMama

    Hi Jennifer!

    Thanks for finding my blog…sorry it took me to so long to get back to you {I’m traveling for work} 🙁 But you’re added to my reader now! 🙂

    Adorable boys! I’m pretty sure I’ll be looking for advise after our first boy arrives this Spring! 🙂

  7. Karen

    You can buy material or sheets in a pattern you like and roll liquid laundry starch on wall, cover with material and let dry. removes easily and walls clean up fine when you are ready for anew look. Saw this idea on TV show

  8. Jill

    I’m so glad you call them football “squares!” The BF always laughs at me because I call them squares and he says most people refer to them as “blocks.” Umm last time I checked they were squares and not 3 dimensional blocks! 🙂

  9. Erika

    I don’t know if wallpaper is coming back or not, but I’m doing my bathroom anyway!! They make paintable beadboard wallpaper!!!!! I am doing it and all I have to do is add a chair rail! SCORE!!!!

  10. Sophia

    I hopped over from Stella & Dot, no, I mean The Sweet Season. Sorry about the email, but I am glad we both found you.


  11. Kim

    Hey Jennifer.
    Stella & Dot – too funny. Did you demand your check? Wallpaper, yes. Wallpaper in the bathroom, be careful. Steam, not wallpaper’s best friend. Although it does make it easier to take it down to change it out. This is all said from an experience ages ago, they probably have products out there that help with that now.

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