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~Ahhh, Monday! How are you here so soon? We had a busy weekend here which began with making gingerbread houses after school on Friday and then Painting with a Twist on Friday night (I’ll have a review up on that soon). Saturday was errands and fro-yo and holiday stuff with the little boys since B had drill. Sunday was their unit had a holiday party so I brought the kids up there for a while. And then L and I decorated the tree while WB napped and after B got home we all went out to dinner. Phew. It was fun one though that’s for sure!

Weekend Recap
Weekend Recap

~We also made a quick trip to see Santa this weekend and yeah, WB was not a fan. He didn’t totally lose his mind, but he was not too thrilled either. Luckily (?) he’ll have a few more chances to change his mind about the big man as we have some more (a bunch actually) of events coming up that Santa will be at! And it will give L a chance to tell Santa what WB wants as he was too nervous to tell him and is very concerned that Santa won’t know what WB wants (a fake dog and an Elmo) unless he tells Santa for him. How sweet is he?


~If you were looking for them, I am sure you have seen them by now, but spoilers are up for the PopSugar Limited Edition Boxes (For Him and For Her) and also for the December Box! So much PopSugar this week. So much!

~I ran into April (who I ran into one before at the park), who reads here and lives so close to me, at Target this weekend.   I looked like I got hit by a bus (those mini wine bottles from the night before gave me quite a headache) and clearly she’s ready for people like me as she took one look at me and was like hh I have something for you and handed me a Rodan & Fields Mini Facial kit!  Thanks April!  I cannot wait to try it!  I will totally report back on how I like it!

~In all my fun this weekend I didn’t get a chance to update the subscription box list.  But I should (?) have some time to get that done this week.  There are some new additions, but not a ton!

~That’s about it from here this morning.  What’s going on for you this week?

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  1. Sarah

    It’s sad that WB didn’t like Santa! I was terrified of Santa when I was little. Once, my Mom tried to take my younger brother to see Santa at the mall and I freaked out and made a scene. Kept screaming “GET MY BROTHER OFF THAT STRANGER’S LAP!!! Of course, I was like 4 at the time. My Mom was mortified, but it makes for a great story now!

    1. Jennifer

      LOL!!!!!! How funny!!!!

  2. Bethany

    When do kids actually start to like Santa? I keep seeing people’s instagrams of their screaming babies in Santa’s lap. Apparently when I was four I told my mom, “I have enough stuff,” so I wouldn’t have to go up to Santa.

    1. Jennifer

      LOL. I think my older son didn’t like it at 18 months and then was okay after that! He gets nervous now still because Santa is such a big thing!

  3. Catherine F.

    We have a busy week. My husband has his final exam tomorrow and we’re having our friends over for dinner to celebrate that and her birthday, oldest child’s Christmas pageant is Wednesday, we have a date night (finally seeing Catching Fire) on Friday night and Saturday is just insane. Tis the season.

    1. Jennifer

      Totally!! It never stops!

  4. Alexia561

    Apparently we were unusual in my family, as all of our Santa pictures show us smiling. I don’t really remember sitting on his lap, but I have photographic proof! Maybe my mother bribed us?

    1. Jennifer

      LOL. Maybe!

  5. April K

    I practically live at that Target. It’s a mile from my house! My husband was painting and Silas and I decided it was too smelly to stick around!
    Glad I saw you though! Enjoy the facial! The microdermabrasion paste can last 3 times, you don’t have to use it all at once!
    I gave one to the cashier who rang me up, she thought I was weird handing her a gift! Haha!

    1. Jennifer

      That is the BEST Target around. Everyone is so nice there!!

  6. Elizabeth

    My daughter is the same age as WB and isn’t thrilled with Santa either. My 4 year old is very concerned that Santa doesn’t know what her little sister wants so we had to write an extra letter to Santa to make sure he knows 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      Isn’t that the sweetest thing that she is so concerned with what her little sister wants? I love it. L basically just decided for WB and I think it’s so cute that he is so concerned for him.

  7. Lauren A.

    I think this is the first picture of WB that Ive seen that he isnt smiling!

    1. Jennifer

      Ha! He doesn’t always smile!

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