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It’s time for another Thursday Thoughts! If you are participating in this Thanksgiving Edition of Thursday Thoughts make sure to throw your link in below. I’ll be making my normal rounds later in the day to visit / comment and see what everyone is thinking about today!  And if you want to participate, but have no idea what a link-up is, you can check out my explanation of it here.

~First of all, we saw Santa yesterday. LOL. WB? Yeah, he wasn’t a fan of Santa. At all. He was so annoyed. But L? He did amazing. He sat and talked with Santa on his lap long after the picture was taken (it wasn’t busy when we went). He told Santa what he wanted (a megazord that shoots bullets, a bunk bed and umm, “a camper that you can go potty in while you are driving”) and listened intently when Santa was telling him how he should listen nicely to his mom and dad, do well in school, etc.


~Today is the 12th and FINAL day of the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways, which it appears, are quite the popular giveaways and I couldn’t be happier you are all loving them!  I’ll announce the winners of ALL the giveaways after today’s ends next week (you can also see them announced in the Rafflecopter widgets on the individual giveaway page, but here the winners of days 1 -4:
Day 1Ciate Mini Mani Month: Mandy J Hi***an
Day 2Stella & Dot Pieces: Bethany C.
Day 3Favorite everyday beauty items: Jill Pa***an
Day 4$100 Target Gift Card: Sabra Pa***co

~I spent part of last night getting caught up on RHOBC and Brandy still cracks me up.  Does anyone still watch?  She’s a complete trip.

~One of my Erin Condren acrylic trays arrived yesterday (along with some EC holiday gifts which I was starting to think would not arrive in time) and OMG I love it.  The second (which is my holiday one) is scheduled to arrive today (they overnighted it to me because it ended up shipping like 3 weeks after the original date it was promised) and I am now even more excited for that one.  I am actually even thinking about ordering another for the living room (this is going on my nightstand)!

Erin Condren Acrylic Tray
Erin Condren Acrylic Tray

~After hemming and hawing for far too long, I finally look the time to work on my nail wrap technique.  I still need a LOT of work, but I think I did a fairly good job.  Just like my painting from last weekend, they look better from far away.  I think the main problem I had with them was that they really don’t “stretch” as easily as the instructions say they do.  Maybe with a little more work they will?

Holiday Wraps
Holiday Wraps

~I don’t even update you on all the boxes I have received / am expecting this week because it’s been quite crazy around here, but I do think my Wantable Intimates box is coming today and I am SO excited to see if it has those slipper socks I am lusting after in it!  I am also excited that FabFitFun is shipping like today or tomorrow!!!  I can’t wait!

~So L had Santa Shop yesterday (I volunteered but left by the time his class started) and instead of waiting until Christmas to give everyone their gifts, he did it right away.  I always want to do exactly the same thing and he was SO excited about it so I totally let him.  Oh, and L lost his second tooth yesterday, so it was quite a big day ;).

~How is your Christmas shopping coming along?  I haven’t even thought about mine in a few weeks.  Oops!  I NEED to start wrapping or I am going to be in major trouble coming up soon!  Are you done shopping?  Just started?  Have you done any fun holiday activities yet?

That’s it for now!  What’s on your agenda today? Any big weekend plans?

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  1. Kati

    Poor WB! But how awesome is that pic?! I love it!

    1. Jennifer

      I know. WB is so mad and L is just cheesing away!

  2. Caroline

    That picture is great!! & I watch RHOBH and Brandy is my absolute favorite! I love her!

    1. Jennifer

      She’s such a trip!!

  3. Glenna

    I love that Santa picture!

    And I am almost done shopping. I need something for my father in law and some food items for other members of my husband’s family, but otherwise I think I am set. And I wrap as I go, so I am feeling good about that! Good luck to you 😉

    1. Jennifer

      LOL!!! I need luck! It’s going to be bad if I don’t get started soon!

  4. Andrea S

    Are the mukluk slipper socks the ones you are hoping for from Wantable? I got my first Intimates box yesterday (I signed up with their black friday deal) and it had them and I was SO excited until I put them on. My pair are oddly way big for my feet but then super small/tight around the ankle/calf. I am still using them because I want to love them so much, but the fit just isn’t right for me 🙁

    1. Jennifer

      They are! I actually got them today! I need to try them on, but I really really want them to fit!

  5. Brian H.

    (they overnighted it to me because it ended up shipping like 3 weeks after the original date it was promised)

    That’s one way to say it. Another would be that they overnighted it to me because I
    RAISED HELL on their Facebook page.

    1. Jennifer

      Not even!!! I had to e-mail them to really find out what was going on!

  6. Things have been crazy around here too! I have all my shopping done, but NONE of the wrapping. I ordered some nail wraps on clearance yesterday. I have never used them before, but my neighbor swears by them….I hope I can do them! I really want a mani that will last through my holiday travels.

    We are going to get a tree this weekend, stamp some cards on Sunday…class parties next week…and wrapping and baking and packing oh my!

    So funny that you little one is always smiling but he is screaming his head off for Santa! It looked like it only made L smile wider.

    1. Jennifer

      He was so mad about Santa! I couldn’t help but laugh! As soon as I took him off Santa’s lap, he was fine. he wasn’t even crying. Just MAD!

  7. Jacqueline

    The Santa pic!!!! I love it! Their outfits are adorable and the opposite facial expressions is priceless. And it sounds like L and Santa had a cute little conversation!

    1. Jennifer

      They did! He was so serious talking to Santa. It was awesome.

  8. Lauren A.

    I really hope you ordered a BUNCH of those Santa pictures, they are hilarious! WB looks super mad and L is just smiling so big! I thought WB’s smiling pictures were cute, but I think this might be cuter!

    And we are already done with Christmas shopping, just waiting for things to come in the mail and we are wrapping them as they come! But of course me and my sister are pretty much grown now, so we dont get as much.

    1. Jennifer

      I bought the digital download!!! I had too! Even Santa’s helpers taking the pictures were cracking up.

  9. Kristie

    My daughter (age 1 and a half) is not a fan of Santa either! I have a picture of her screaming and crying on his lap and my nieces smiling away. It’s my favorite picture! She’s fine when you hold her by Santa, but as soon as you set her on his lap it’s waterfalls. You pick her up and she stops immediately.

    1. Jennifer

      Ha! That’s exactly the same here! It’s so funny.

  10. Margaret

    Hilarious photo. They are too cute! It looks like WB is pointing at you and yelling “you did this!”

    1. Jennifer

      He is TOTALLY yelling at me!!!

  11. Jenny

    I’m loving all your pics. Santa, tray, nails all are AWESOME. C didn’t love Santa either but he did get on his lap this year. That is a major improvement over last.

    1. Jennifer

      I really want my other tray to come today!!!

  12. Tabitha

    That tray turned out amazing; it’s so cute! I just checked out the options on the Erin Condren website and I’m in love, but I don’t think I can spend that much on it.

    I started wrapping gifts last night. Made a pretty good dent in the gifts but still a few more to go.

    1. Jennifer

      They offer 50% off their tray sales every once in a while. Totally wait!

  13. Jill

    OMGosh! I won Day #3!! I am so excited!

    The boys Santa picture totally cracked me up – it was the cutest ting EVER! You are going to get years of enjoyment and laughter out of that picture!

    1. Jennifer

      I e-mailed you!!!

      Send me your address ( when you get a second!

  14. Pattie

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Santa Picture!! Big Cheese L on one side and Poor WB – his little finger pointing toward you – demanding YOU come take him to safety. Its a classic – I certainly hope 20 years from they “re-create” this picture for you! That would be so awesome!

    1. Jennifer

      Isn’t it hysterical?? I would LOVE if they recreated this in even like 10 years. It’s perfect!

  15. Bethany

    Haha I love the contrast between WB’s and L’s expressions. WB just looks angry, not scared like some other kids. Hilarious. Also, super excited about winning Day 2!!! Best giveaways ever!!

    1. Jennifer

      Congrats again! Let me know when your goodies arrive.

      And he was ANGRY! So mad at me for that!

  16. Alexia561

    Poor WB! He’s usually so happy in pictures, but Santa made him angry for some reason. And the smile on L’s face is just too cute! Best Santa picture ever!

    1. Jennifer

      He was just not happy about that santa thing AT ALL!!

  17. Kristina D Moya

    Ok I could not stop laughing when I saw the Santa pic. We took our girls last week, ages 5 and 15 months, and our photo was Exactly the same! The baby was crying and the oldest would have had the most perfect pic with Santa had her sis not been there. It is probably my favorite Santa pic ever!

    1. Jennifer

      LOL. It’s totally my favorite Santa picture. L and I look at it and just giggle.

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