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You know the drill, I am stealing Jen’s Sunday Sentiments button and idea and making it mine tonight!

~It was just WB and I here this weekend (L is up-north and B is still gone) so I don’t have too much to report. We’ve been taking it easy, enjoying the weather and playing trains. And L is having an amazing time up-north (as usual) and is probably plotting his next trip up there.


~I mentioned a few weeks ago that I ordered some Prize Candles with a Plum District voucher I had and they came yesterday. I’ve pretty much been on a mission to burn one so I could get to the prize ever since it arrived. I got to it today and found a silver ring with a yellow stone. It’s worth $10 (according to their appraisal online) which is just about what I expected to get! I can’t wait to burn the other two I got now ;). If you want to order from them use the code “WINPRIZE” to Buy 1 and Get 1 free!

The Ring
The Ring

~Oh Kim Kardashian, thank you so much for sharing your marriage wisdom with us.  So glad that you will always in the honeymoon period with Kanye and that talk to him 24-7.  I’m so sure.  I want to bang my head against the wall when I read this.  I believe she actually was still in the honeymoon phase when the first two ended no?  Stop it!!!

~Has anyone been reading The Vacationeers?  I am hoping to finish it up (for real this time) in the next few days.  And if you are reading or have read The One & Only, umm, what do you think about it?  I am still just a tad disturbed and trying to imagine that actually happening in real life!

~The World Cup!  I am so into it and find myself watching the most random games.  I probably could name three soccer players – total, but I don’t care.  It’s so exciting!  And I get so nervous watching.  The ending of tonight’s game was the worst!  Ugh.  On to the next game!

image credit: FIFA World Cup
image credit: FIFA World Cup

~Does anyone still watch Pretty Little Liars?  I was so into it a while back and am thinking I need to get caught up again.  What season are we on now?  Do we know who “A” is yet?  If so, don’t tell me!

That’s about it from here tonight! How was your weekend?

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

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  1. Sabrina foust

    I think pll just started part 2 of season 5. We know who a is, however, knowing the show. It’s not really a. I don’t think we will kmow the whole story for some time. It got renewed until sometime in 2017. I heard they are doing abig time jump though after this season to take them to after college. Hopefully they will solve the whole a thing, they part ways for college and something new brings them back together. I just need to know what happens.

    1. Jennifer

      They better solve it when the show ends and not leave it as a cliffhanger.

  2. Jenny

    Yes you NEED to catch up on PLL. I’m watching it as it goes (well I haven’t watched last weeks yet) but I do love binging it so usually at the end of the season I will binge for a second viewing. The A stuff is a hot mess and seriously I love this show. It was just picked up for 2 more seasons so lots more PLL to come.

    1. Jennifer

      Ahh, I need like an entire weekend of PLL!

  3. Bethany

    We are in agreement on One and Only. I need a new book now! I used to watch PLL but fell off the wagon.. but I want to get back on! Is it on Netflix? I’m currently getting into Covert Affairs, which a friend recommended. I like it so far. Those prize candles are so fun!! I need something like that.. but with brownies. I probably go through brownies like you do candles. 🙂

      1. Bethany

        Oooh good to know. I’ll add that one to my list. Maybe you should add a tab to your site called something like “If you like boxes, you’ll like these” then list all your favorite books and movies. And Target products. 🙂

        1. Jennifer


  4. Elizabeth

    I’m hoping to finish The Vacationers tonight. I ended up liking it more than I thought I would! I used to watch Pretty Little Liars all the time but I haven’t watched for a couple seasons. I’m thinking this summer I’ll be catching up

    1. Jennifer

      I also like it more than I was expecting!

  5. erica

    Pretty Little Liars just started their 5th season–if you have Netflix, the first four are on there so you can catch up!

    1. Jennifer

      I think I have two seasons to catch up on…

  6. Hilda

    I just finished The One and Only and was disturbed as well. I kept imagining myself in that situation and the ick factor was too high. Lol! It was an easy read and overall enjoyable to read. I heard the author’s other books are very different than this one. Have you read anything else written by her?

    1. Jennifer

      Yes, I have read most of her stuff. I really like her. This was for sure her most “different” book!

  7. Janaya

    I love pretty little liars and have been a fan since the beginning! And no we still don’t know who “A” is 🙁 It has gotten pretty juicy, but I just found out that they are planning a 6th and 7th season. I think that’s a bit much! I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep watching for two more seasons because I feel like the producers just want to drag it out since it’s become so popular. I just want to know who “A” is already!!!

    1. Jennifer

      I get annoyed with those girls for not telling someone. Or having the police follow them. Or something.

  8. Leanne

    We do know who A is.. kind of! I won’t go further JIC you want to catch up! I am not caught up but I”m like 3 episodes behind the current one!

    1. Jennifer

      Is it really who A is? Or do they just think they know/?

  9. cindy

    yes/no films giving away the lego movie this week and an applebees gift card for 60.00

  10. PA Anna

    The prize candle link doesn’t work. I want to check it out to see if it is something my sister will like for Christmas. Kim Kardashian cracked me up with that. I want to read Vacationers. I need to see if the library has it. I haven’t finished The One & Only. Enjoy your time with L. I will be having a similar week later this summer. My little boy is planning all kinds of stuff for us to do.

    1. Jennifer

      Have a great week with him!!!

  11. Val

    I believe Pretty Little Liars is on because the teenager who checked me out at Babies R Us went on and on about how I really need to watch the show because it is SO good. I don’t think they know who “A” is yet… I think that every season everyone thinks it’s someone else. This is what I gathered from her. Oh, and Twitter is cool. I tried to get into PLL when I was on maternity leave and it just didn’t take. I think I burned my brain from too much teenager based TV after watching all 108 (or whatever) episodes of Gossip Girl while my son had his days and nights confused.

    1. Jennifer

      I bet that was a funny conversation!!!! I didn’t know that teenagers thought Twitter was cool!

  12. Tiffany

    Its on season 4 on tv right now.. But honestly its not as good as it once was.. last weeks episode.. or 2 weeks ago we found out who A is…….. supposibly.. i mean you know how that goes.. LOL But its still keeping the same suspense..

    1. Jennifer

      I think we have found out about 3 times in just the episodes I have seen who A is!

  13. April

    Hi! I finished The One and Only and towards the beginning I realized where the book was headed and wondered just how that was going to pan out.

    Yes–it is awkward and more so because of the close family connection. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone–but I know exactly what you mean.

    As for the ongoing background of sports–they did a good job not letting it take over too much. I have zero to mild interest in sports, but it wasn’t too bad.

    However, this is not a book I’d revisit–and I re-read novels like no ones beeswax–just wasn’t my kind of book.

    1. Jennifer

      Exactly. It was almost creepy.

  14. Lisa

    I’ve been watching PLL. It’s really gone downhill. It’s just so weird and none of the plot twists are believable or satiating. I think it’s a sunk cost for me (like gossip girl was LOL), I just have to keep watching to get to the end. Also your Prize Candles link doesn’t work

    1. Jennifer

      Thank you! I fixed!

  15. JacLyn

    The ending of last night’s game was crazy! Talk about last minute!

    I watch Pretty Little Liars on Netflix. I’m still on season three, though. I think it’s on season five now? You find out who A is at the end of season two, but they have accomplices. 😮

    1. Jennifer

      I *think* maybe I finished season 2? Maybe. Clearly I need to rewatch since I cannot recall.

  16. Lia

    I watched Season 1 & 2 and maybe even 3 of PLL pretty religiously but then missed a few episodes, had forgotten to dvr it, and they weren’t on Hulu so I just dropped it. Now that whatever season that was is probably on Netflix maybe I’ll catch up. It’s a total guilty-pleasure show but since NOTHING good is on tv right now I’ll indulge a little.

    1. Jennifer

      This is exactly how I feel. But with Big Brother starting maybe I don’t need to watch?

  17. Linsey J

    SCORE!! I have been wanting a prize candle for about a year now.. they are just so expensive.. if I get a 10$ ring, I still payed 10$ for a candle that I may not even like the scent of.. AAAND my husband always starts about two months before my birthday (august) on what I want. So i just placed an order, he got me two prize candles for the price of one. Just wait untill he finds out 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      Yay!!! He is just a smart shopper 😉

  18. Krista

    Just a heads up, i noticed that when i went to click on the prize candle link, it went to a 404 page.. nothing shows up.

    Just thought you should know.


    1. Jennifer

      Thank you! I will fix that!

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