October 2014 Nicky Hilton Fancy Box Review

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Nicky Hilton Fancy Box
Cost: $46.95/month ($39/month + $7.95 shipping).
Ships To: Worldwide.  Additional shipping costs apply to shipments outside of the US.
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October 2014 Nicky Hilton Fancy Box
October 2014 Nicky Hilton Fancy Box

My October 2014 Nicky Hilton Fancy Box arrived this morning. It’s one of the newer fancy boxes and it’s been kind of all over the place, so I had no idea what to expect from this month.

Just in case you aren’t familiar, Fancy, which is $39/month (plus shipping), has a “regular” Fancy Box full of cool goodies and celebrity curated boxes which include a collection of the coolest products hand-picked by Nicky Hilton (which is their latest celebrity collaboration) Jennifer Love HewittVerbalKelly RowlandCoco RochaSnoop DoggT-Pain and / or The Rockettes. They also offer a Fancy Food Box (which I love), a Culinary Box and Fancy Mystery Boxes.

October 2014 Nicky Hilton Fancy Box
The Box

Fancy Box ships via FedEx Home. I got a tracking notification for this box on Tuesday and it arrived today (Thursday).  I was really happy to see that they used a different sized box this month because I absolutely hate when they use giant boxes and they are 1/8 full.  So silly.

October 2014 Nicky Hilton Fancy Box
First Look

Ohh, the first look was a pretty good one.  I was really hoping that the little black box was what I thought it was.

October 2014 Nicky Hilton Fancy Box
The Packing Slip

For whatever reason, the October Nicky Hilton Fancy Box didn’t include an information card.  It had the normal packing slip, but not the card.  Oh well.  Here is what it included:

~Eva NYV Healthy Heat Ceramic Styling Iron ($80): I don’t believe I have ever gotten a flat iron from Fancy before.  I know I have gotten a curling wand, but never a flat iron.  My hair is absolutely stick straight already, but I am sure there is another use for this.  If not, it will make a fabulous gift!

October 2014 Nicky Hilton Fancy Box
Eva NYV Healthy Heat Ceramic Styling Iron

~NEST Candle (Japanese Black Currant) ($14):  Eeek!  This is exactly what I was hoping was in that little black box!  I love candles and I really love The Nest candles.  They are expensive though, so I don’t buy them very often.  This one smells incredible and I am thrilled with it.

October 2014 Nicky Hilton Fancy Box
NEST Candle

~Cat Ring: I need to figure out who makes this and get a price on it.  I was thinking it was a Catbird ring, but they are expensive and that would make the value of this box insane.  As soon as I find out I will update!

October 2014 Nicky Hilton Fancy Box

~Bunny Ring Holder ($8): I am cracking up because I thought this was just a bunny figurine and was like, ohh, Nicky Hilton must like knick-knacks.  Umm, no.  It’s a ring holder which makes much more sense.  One of my bunny’s ears was broken (it was’t packaged very securely), so I need to contact Fancy about getting a replacement.

October 2014 Nicky Hilton Fancy Box
Bunny Ring Holder

All totaled I came up with a value of $102 for the October Nicky Hilton Fancy Box.  I thought this was a great box and liked it much better than last month’s box!  I am now REALLY excited to see what she does next month.  Maybe we can get some beauty products??

Did you get the October Nicky Hilton Fancy Box?  What’d you think?  Did you have any variations? If you are thinking of ordering this or ANY of the Fancy Boxes, click here and get on it! If you can’t find the Fancy Box you are looking for, I suggest just doing search for “Fancy Box“. It’s much easier than trying to navigate their site and you’ll be able to find all the fancy boxes there, as well as, the Mystery Boxes.

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 10.35.35 PM

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  1. kathryn

    Oh man, this box looks amazing!! I would love to get that flat iron in a sub box! As someone with curly/wavy/thick hair, a good flat iron is always needed!
    Everything else in the box looks great as well, such a cute ring!

    1. Jennifer

      It was a really good one!

  2. Carrie

    Use the Flat Iron to make super cute curls!. I use mine a lot for that.

    1. Sneaky Burrito

      I came here to say that. My hair is kind of wavy these days so I can use a flat iron for either straightening or curling and it works for both!

  3. Macy

    I love this box! If anyone is selling theirs, please let me know!

  4. Adriana

    Wow this box looks awesome! Wishing I could’ve gotten this one…come on popsugar give me a flat iron! Lol

  5. Callie

    I adore that ring!! Can’t wait to find out who makes it!

  6. PA Anna

    Send it to me 🙂 Maybe I still have a NG shoe somewhere I can send to you. Fancy and I are in disagreement whether I should be receiving the October box.

    1. PA Anna

      The flat iron LOL.

  7. Kayla

    I have stick straight hair as well and I find that when I curl my hair with a curling iron it lasts longer since normal curls just don’t last.
    I cannot wait until you find out who makes that ring, it is SO cute!!!

  8. Jennifer

    This is my fave box I have ever seen from Fancy….. that ring looks like it MUST be Catbird!

    1. Jennifer

      I think so too! But seriously I did they really send such an expensive ring? There is NOTHING on the box saying where it is from, no tag on the ring, nothing!

  9. PA Anna

    I don’t understand the reply that I received from Fancy. My box hasn’t shipped, I ordered in time, and their response is that I will receive a box at some point. Even my sister can’t tell what they mean. I emailed them back for more information. I wouldn’t care as much except I would love the flat iron. I always wanted one, but it isn’t something I would buy for myself.

    Anyone have this problem before?

    1. Jennifer

      What does it say?

      1. PA Anna

        Jen – I am leaving soon for a weekend retreat so please know I am not ignoring you if I don’t respond. It’s time for some R&R!!!

        I hope this email finds you well. I?m XXX, I work with Fancy, and I?m happy to say I can give you some more information about your order: everything is functioning normally.

        Allow me to share some information from the Nicky Hilton Fancy Box subscription page, found here:

        Orders placed before the 16th of the calendar month will ship on the 21st of the same month. Orders placed after the 16th of the calendar month will ship on the 21st of the following calendar month.

        My records indicate your payment was taken October 15th, so your box should be shipped by the 21st of next month. You should receive a shipping confirmation e-mail containing a FedEx tracking number and estimated time of arrival as soon as it?s on its way to you. We hope you?re excited as we are!

        I hope this information helps, but if you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us again. Thanks for being a Fancy Box subscriber, and have a great day!

        1. Jennifer

          Uhh, yeah, that makes no sense! According to this e-mail you should get this month’s box. Then they go on to tell you ordered too late. It makes no sense!

        2. PA Anna

          Yahoo doesn’t believe in downloading all my emails onto my phone so I had to wait until today to find out what else is going on. Maybe I will still receive a box.

          Hi Anna,

          Thanks for your follow up and for bringing this issue to my attention. My apologies for the oversight on my part!

          That said, you are 100% correct, your box should have shipped out by the 21st, but since I do not see record of your order being prepared for shipment, I wanted to let you know I?ve reached out to our warehouse regarding this issue and I will let you know the moment I hear information about how and when we can get you your October Nicky Hilton Box as soon as possible.

          Again, I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, and I appreciate your patience regarding this matter. I will be in touch soon, but If you have any other questions or concerns before then, please let me know and I?ll assist any way I can. Thanks for ordering with Fancy, and have a great day!

        3. PA Anna

          They put together a box for me!!! I’m not sure if it will be the same box or not, but it is on its way to me 🙂 . I am going to cancel and resubscribe the 1st or 2nd of the month to avoid this problem in November. Can’t wait for this box!

          1. Jennifer

            I am confused? Why cancel and resubscribe? I think that’s what gets them even more confused.

            Let me know what you get!!!

        4. PA Anna

          I’m concern that the whole issue is that my billing date is now the 15th. I don’t want to go through this again with Fancy. I’m hoping by changing my bill date to the 1st or 2nd that this shipping problem will be avoided. I will let you know what is in the box!

          1. Jennifer

            That makes sense!

  10. Jenny

    I really like the box this month. My hair is stick straight too but I use a flat iron sometimes when I want that kindof look. It gives my hair a more finished look then my normal straight hair. LOL It also helps with the flyaways.
    Poor bunnies 🙁 Did anyone else get a card? Maybe theirs will tell who the ring is by. It sure is cute though.

    1. Jennifer

      I hope someone else got a card!

  11. mari

    flat irons are good for ties or collars or spots a regular iron can’t get to, if you do that sort of thing.

  12. Andrea

    I found that bunny ring holder at Target for 90% off after Christmas last year.

    1. Jennifer

      That’s a great deal!

  13. Angela Hiteshew

    From the different Nicky boxes there have been, it looks like it’s getting better and better. I’m interested in possibly subscribing in the future!

  14. Lori

    If you order, will you still get this months box?

    1. Jennifer

      No, your subscription would start in November.

    1. Jennifer

      Ohh, that would be it!!!

  15. Christine fortes

    I’ll gladly take the flat iron off your hands 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      LOL! You and everyone else!

      1. Christine fortes

        I had to try. 🙂

  16. Amanda

    Just received my box and I love it! The ring holder is going to get gifted but everything else I’ll be using. I was also unable to track down the maker of the ring. It definitely looks a lot like the design on Etsy someone linked to but the one that came in the box seems to just be painted gold; mine has some imperfections compared to the seller’s pictures. I still think it’s adorable though!

  17. PA Anna

    Fancy came through! I’m now a proud owner of a flat iron. Everything arrived in one piece although the bunny was not in its bubblewrap. I gave the ring to my sister because it fits my pinky finger only. I’m very happy with Fancy Customer Service.

    1. Jennifer

      That’s awesome! I never even e-mailed them about my bunny. I just hot glued the ear back on. You can’t tell unless you get that close.

  18. Lindi

    I finally received my Nicky Hilton box and absolutely loved it. I was really hoping that I received the candle and styling iron but thought there might be some variations of the box so didn’t get my hopes up. I did receive the same box as you and am so happy!

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